The University of Tampa Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


UT is a great size! You can meet with your professors one-on-one, participate in many activities on-campus, make friends pretty easily, and there is a great night life in Tampa.


UT is composed of 5K students which makes it perfect because after a while you get to know the faces and most of the names of everyone around you. I consider the weather to be perfect. The place where I spend most of my time is either the pool or plant park (when not studying). The people is very nice and outgoing and just in a semester I have made tons of friends!


The best thing about Tampa is the campus. It's beautiful, and really condones going outside in such a nice environment. If I could change anything, it'd be I wish there was more school spirit. Our school is the perfect size, just enough to meet new people all the time, but also you get to see the same people over again which makes it familiar. When I tell people I go to Tampa, they are jealous, because I too am from the Northeast and all my friends wish they had gone away to some place warm. On campus I usually am in the dorms, which are spacious and new, or in class, or at the pool. One of the best things about Tampa is the fact that there are things to do besides just go to school. There's the beach, movies, bowling, shopping malls, restaurants and nightlife: Ybor, Channelside, Hyde Park. Tampa the city and UT the school are growing and it is exciting to see all the changes and additions. The reputation of both is going to be out of this world in a few years.


Tampa is perfect in my opinion. The size of the school and the campus are perfect. Not too big, not too small. The diversity of the campus is also a big plus. We have a large international population and it is refreshing to go to school with so many different types of people. Most students live on campus, we have great housing options and it is very convinient to live on campus. The only thing most students complain about would be the lack of parking during busy hours.