The University of Tampa Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


At the University of Tampa there is a place for everyone to fit in. There are so many different types of people who attend this school and everyones interests seem to be supported by the community and the university. People who are religious have their own chapel to go to, there are pagents, hundreds of different clubs. Some clubs include photography, psychology research, greek life, and some that even teach about different religious practices. Students are allowed to start their own clubs, so if there isnt a club available, there is always an option to start what youre interested in!


If you are looking into colleges and want to have that big school and lots of school spirit feel, do not come to UT. UT is a small, private university that strives on it's small and intimate classroom experience. UT is there to help students who want to learn with 10 other students in the classroom and have a lot of one on one time with their professor. UT does not have a football team and therefore lacks some school spirit. They do though, strive in academics as a lot is placed on them.


A person that does not enjoy the sunshine or heat and humidity of Florida should not attend this school. Someone that does not like a small campus or a small classroom should not attend here. Someone that does not like friendly people or engaging professors should not attend this school. Also a person that does not like to take advantage of extra curriculars or resources that could aid in finding a job after graduation.


The only kind of person I can think of that should not attend the University of Tampa would be someone who does not enjoy warm weather. The University of Tampa is great in all areas including financial aid awards, housing, and free tutoring for students. This school would be great for anyone, unless you don't like the area, living downtown in the city, or in warm weather year round.


To be honest I think this school is perfect for everyone! It is very culturally diverse and there is all kinds of on-campus organizations that you could join.


The University of Tampa is full of students who are interested in engaging with others and their community. We are all free spirited but are always interested in giving a helping hand. There are many volunteer programs throughout the university and other ways to become involved. A person who is planning to play football in college should not attend this school because of the lack of a football team, but if you have passion for the game of football the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are less than 10 minutes away and we are always able to get cheap tickets!


Students who do not like warm weather or living right next to the city should not attend the university of tampa.


A person who prefers not to show up to class all the time, and likes bigger class sizes.


Anyone who can't handle themselves and control their school work and partying. There are a lot of fun things to do in Tampa and at the school. It is important to be able to keep a balance so that you do not go down a bad path freshmen year. It is very easy to get caught up with other things and let your grades slip. To be succesful at Tampa you have to be mature, responsible, and organized or you will most likely do very poorly and be unhappy at the end of the year with your academic performance.


The type of person that shouldn't attend this school is the type that hated the movie Mean Girls. I love this school, but it reminds me so much of the high school; especially with the separation of jocks vs. the geeks. It's where sun tan lotion meets a calculator. If you can't handle that, this school isn't for you.


The type of person that should not attend this school are those who don't have a good work ethic and those who aren't ready to have a good time and make the most of the campus and everything it has to offer.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend the University of Tampa is someone who is looking for the big college experiance. The University of Tampa is a small private school with that doesn't have a football team so the person looking for all of the tailgating and big campuses would be disappointed with the school.


Those who are just looking to have fun and not focuz on school academics.


If you are looking for a big time athletic party school, this is not the place for you. The Greek organizations are not that strong here either.


Students who are not prepared to work hard and study in order to earn good grades should not attend this school. The school is adament in reinforcing its policies on plagerism, cheating, and dishonesty. The professors are often tough, but fair. Students who generally did well in highschool and feel ready to pursue a career should go here. If you have direction and focus you can really succeed at this school.


If you don't like to party then you should not attend this school. Partying and clubbing are very big at this school. Also there is zero percent of school spirit. Students hardly know about the any events going on at campus until it is too late.


The only people who shouldn't attend this school are those not willing to put in the effort to succeed on their own. Students must be self motivated to complete their projects and homework. There is no hand-holding at this university but there is plenty of aid for those who request it. Students must be able to use computers and put in the time in the labs if necessary.


People who do not like warm weather and/ or small campuses. University of Tampa is small to medium and does not have a sorority/ faternity housing on campus. Further, you have to be focused or you will falter so if you are not serious about it, University of Tampa is not for you/


Very liberal students, students who do not like to go out at night or on weekends to party at clubs/bars. Also, students who like large universities would not be happy here.


Someone who cannot get active with the school. For example if you dont get involved you will be very bored ad get annoyed and eventually transfer.


This school reminds me of high school. There are several cliques. People that like to wear sweats to class all the time may feel a bit awkward.


The only kind of people that shouldn't attend this school are those who do not like the heat! I feel as though a majority of the students fit in well with everyone else.


people who are less social


Someone who does not already have at least one friend who is attending the school.


People who don't have enough money to get in and don't qualify as much for financial aid. People who don't plan to start here as a freshman. People who don't plan to live on campus. People who don't drink.


Learning disablility, mental disability, someone who wants to study hard core and not be bothered


Someone looking to go to a big school with lots of things to participate in.


A person expecting a multicultural and diverse college experience. Most students envision college as a place where they will grow and be exposed to people from all walks of life. The University of Tampa isn't ethnically diverse at all and there are few opportunities for minority students on campus as far as interesting extra activities. This school seems to cater to it's majority, which is wealthy, non-minority students.


Someone who's intolorate of international students should not attend this school. The University of Tampa has students from all over the world and I love the diversity.


focused people who want a good balance between work and play.


Poor People who love sports games People who want a sorority/fraternity house