The University of Tampa Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about attending University of Tampa is not having any free transportation services. Although we have cab services that take us from the university of $3, it is hard to find a cab that will return students to the university on the $3 charge. A lot of campuses provide students with free shuttle services, but we do not have that option at the University of Tampa. This frustrates me because I want to and from school everyday as late as 8:30 at night because I cannot afford cabs every day.


The most frustrating thing about my school is lack of coordination with students as far as the administration offices are concerned. These offices include Financial Aid, Bursars, Administraion, and Academic Success. There were multiple times throughout the school year where I was requested to fill out paper work or pay for something that I was unaware of until the last minute. Another thing includes the failure to provide decent dining places that serve healthy food. Most of the facilities serve high carb or high fat food.


The most frustrating thing about the University of Tampa is the lack of parking. Although freshmen are allowed to bring their own personal cars to campus, there is barely enough parking spaces to accommodate all of the cars that commute to my school. Additionally, the security guards are very strict when it comes to parking, and they are not afraid to give someone a ticket for parking in the wrong space, even if the person is in their car getting ready to leave. The University of Tampa is trying to address this issue by building a new parking garage.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of school spirit and the lack of campus morale in conncetion with sports and events.


Most frustrating thing would be having busy days with classes, clubs, and work.


The kind of people that attend this school. Many of these student's are not fully serious about their education and are only concerned with their social life which includes partying and clubing. It is very hard to get a long with many of the students there when I'm trying to pass all my classes and focus on my education when all they want to do is party and sleep around. It's frustrating to deal with students that don't have much self discipline.


I am not attending yet.


Although Tampa has many positive aspects, you won't realize the negatives until you are enrolled here. For one its size can be great if you like small universities but you will tend to see same people since there are only around 7,000 students. Also for a tuition in the thirty thousands you would wonder where exactly all of the money is going to. There is no football team and our basketball team is not the best either. The university is located in the city so you have to watch out and know where you are going.


That I no longer attend!


There is no school spirit.


The University of Tampa is a very small school which causes every major and minor event to fall on the same day. There is so much to do all the time, but you're never able to do it all because volunteering will occur at the same time as the dance performance, at the same time as the homecoming parade, and so on and so forth.


The lack of variety in the curriculum for my major and the professors' methods of teaching in the classes that are offered. In the art discipline, you either have the innate ability of creation and design, or you don't. Because the classes in my field are offered also as a way to meet general ed requirements, the professors limit their teachings in order to support those students that do not have those innate abilities. If there was a way to separate those classes, that would be the most ideal possibility.


It sometimes is sad that some of the class elections are small and are mainly built around all the majors. That I cannot help and overall still offer and range of things to take. The only other thing is that this school, because it is private school that can attract he wrong social crowds and place people who are not ready for college into classes full of hard working students. Other than small setbacks this school is amazing.


There isn't really anything that is frustrating at the University of Tampa. If I had to come up with some, I would have to say I wish their film equipment was a little more sophisticated for the price of tutition.


Once people have made a solid group of friends they tend to only be friends with that group and its hard to make friends outside of your group.


The most frustrating thing about the University of Tampa is it's location. The school is located right in the middle of downtown Tampa. It gets very frustrating trying to learn the one-way streets and the obscure layout of the city.


Nothing :)


that there are not much of parking spots available


The curriculum as well as the atmosphere of this University are wonderful. It is upsetting but true to say that the most frusterating thing about the University of Tampa is not the school itself but the people. Although there are diverse people from classes, those that stand out the most are from upper middle class families. They are obnoxious and most of all ignorant.


The most frustrating thing about my school has to be parking. For some reason, there just is never enough parking no matter what administration says. One reason for this could be the construction occurring that required many spots around campus to be taken away but, parking is always an issue every year.


It is a lot like high school. The people at this school can be very immature, rude, and stuck up. Majority of the students are wealthy, so people tend to be stuck up and high maintenance.


It is hard to meet new people as a transer


There are a lot of rich kids that get everything that they want from mommy and daddy. Most of them tend to be rather sheltered when it comes to knowing about other cultures and races. Those same students also tend to do the bare minimum and don't contribute like they should for group work.


They make you have a meal plan if you are living on campus.


Cliquey students, unfriendly students


Financial aid isn't very timely and tends to loose important papers such as students' FAFSA's and such.


The parking and making schedules