The University of Tennessee-Chattanooga Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


They are great. Challenging, but professors are always there to help.


Academics are wonderful at this school. In most of its majors the school has at least one big name professor employed. The professors are helpful and intelligible about there subjects. This goes for every class except general education classes, more specifically basic Chemistry. I absolutely hate the way the teachers teach this subject. That being said all around the school has impressed me with its effectiveness, especially being a state school. My major, biology, is represented well here. You can take any variety of classes from Geology to Mycology, all of which are taught by passionate professors that usually allow for individual study with them outside of class. The amount of studying also varies from class to class, which I assume is like most college campuses. With this in mind, if every state school had the academics UTC had they wouldn't receive such a bad rap.


Classes are not too big or too small here. The teachers get to know your name easily and class participation is becomes better and better as you ge tin higher level classes. I am a business major and love the business deptment and building. It has a good location on campus and a cafe where you can spend your mocs bucks. It has multiple computer labs and great classrooms.