The University of Tennessee-Chattanooga Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person who should attend this school is somone who wants the feel of a small school, with the variety of a large school. You get the advantages of a small school such as a more personal connection with peers and professors, while also getting the advantages of a large school such as a large variety of majors, classes, clubs, and also diversity.


This a great campus for someone who is dedicated in their work and major. Also, one needs to be somewhat fit to be able to get from class to class as the campus is very big. I think that people who love the outdoors and like to enjoy all seasons outside would feel at home in this school.


I believe that this school really is for everyone and anyone. I don't think there is a specific type of person that can go here.


The kind of person that schould attend this school, is the kind if person; like any other person or persons, who wants to be successful in life and learn the fundementals needed to succcede in the forfullness of their poitential; and be great doing it. The kind of person who says, "I believe now, more than ever that it is imperative to get and education, because without it, I will get nowhere in life". And not let anyone or anybody come in the way of them and their education.


Any person that is interested or has the desire to pursue his or her education at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. There is no specific person that should attend. It is a great school for anyone.


This isn't a school for someone who likes to coast through life. If you want to do something positive with your life than UTC is the place for you.


What kind of person should attend this school? I think anybody should attend this school, this school is great! The faculty helps prepare all studnts for the next step in life. At this school, you can meet with your Instructors one-on-one, tutuoring, anybody who wants to get to know their professors, they should attend this school. This school accepts all kinds of ethics here, it doesn't matter, as long as you want the education you will get the education that you need! What kind of person should atten this school? I think anybody that wants an education!!!


Someone who likes to be outgoing and is going to work hard on the things that they are assigned.


people who like small classes


Someone who is looking for an atmosphere that allows them to totally focus.


any and every... its very diverse


The type of person that should attend this school is a person who is ready to meet many new people and become a part of something larger than themselves. The campus life here is active and a person who is considerinng this school should be prepared to come in contact with people who are physically active. Whether people are playing sports or just horsing around on the the volleyball court or new recreation center, fun can be found anywhere.


The type pf person that should atted this school is someone who likes to be around friendly people. Also this person would need to be a person who actually wants to learn but also knows how to have fun while learning. This person would also need to be the type of person that would take advantage of all the campus has to offer, because this campus offers tons of services, and it would be crazy for no one to take them up on it, free services as a matter of fact.


someone who likes to hang out with friends on weekends and go do stuff outdoors. Until you turn 21 there isnt much to do if its not with friends at someones house


Someone who appreciates the beauty of the city; from the old downtown buildings to the endless span of mountains. It is a diverse place that can be enjoyed by dreamers and deep thinkers. People who are accepting and open minded and enjoy art..


I think there is a wide range, no typical "type"


Someone that loves doing outdoors activities would thoroughly enjoy this campus. Also, if they like to hang out with friends or occasionally go out for a night on the town would find this school perfect.


Someone who wants to live close to home and interact with a small amount of people.


Anyone and everyone. This school has an incredible ammount of oppurtunities for anyone. UTC is very diverse. I've met kids from India, the ghetto, and suburbia. Its a great place and I would recomend it to everyone.


The kind of person who likes nature or like the country life or from small towns.


Any person would fit here since UTC is a diverse school.