The University of Tennessee-Chattanooga Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The most important thing I've gotten out of my college experience has been the realization of what it really means to "be on my own". Living away from home has been a real challenge for me, and I've learned more than I ever thought I would. Being dependent upon myself has taught me a better sense of responsibility and made me more confident in my life decisions. Attending the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga has been an extremely valuable experience, not only because of what I've learned in class, but what I've learned about my life. I feel more confident about tackling whatever the future holds and I know I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to.


The some things I have gotten out of my college experience so far would be the fact that I had to change and be more independent since my parents aren't around anymore, and also to be more social. When I was in high school I hanged out with the same girls for four years straight but since I went away for school, I have to learn to be more social and meet new people.


My experience in college so far is how well everyone gets along, and how the school work is all in my hands. That it doesn't matter if you do it or not. If you don't do it you will suffer the consequences. The most thing I have came to realize is college is a whole new ballgame, I must do as much as possible for a good grade as in; go to teachers and ask questions., take more time outside of class than I do inside of class, and never think I have enough time to work on something that I must finish it as soon as possible.


My college experience has been valuable because it truly shows who you are as a person. You are finally living out your life and pursuing your dreams and goals. You are among people that think like you and have similar interests. You learn so much about yourself and the experiences you gain in college build the foundation of who you will be out in the world. It is unbelievably valuable to figure out who you are as a person and college encourages and enables your freedom to learn things about yourself.


the world is a starnge and interesting place. everyone you meet is different with there own values and view points about life. you can travel , learn new thing and about new culture. make friends you thought you never could. prepair youself for your own life and what you expect from it. college not only educates your brain in book knowledge but also in people skills and adventure. the professors help you understand that if you really apply yourself you can be and do anything.


Simple, it helped me understand the importance and power of education and focus. As a child, all i knew to do was make good grades, but i did not understand why. Now, I do. I realize that without education and focus, I'm setting myself up for a long, hard, and unsuccessful future.


I have discovered that i have a knack for writing and critquing others work. This has been valuable because it validates that my writing ablilities are stronger than i thought. It gives me more assurance in myself.


My college experience has been more life altering in 3 months then the entire 18 years I spent on this planet before hand. I have always been a planner, I knew exactly what I wanted to do and had a timeline for which I was going to have it done by. Since I've arrived at college I've learned that I need to stop doing that; my intended career has been changed since in 2015 there will be no Masters in Nursing programs, I learned college tours are advirtisements not reality, sororities and fraterenities aren't about family they're about making ties and knowing people. I've learned that whatever your expecting in college, just wait because it's going to rock your world. I have also learned that everyone was right, college is what you make of it, just as life is. Getting involved has made my time spent here enjoyable, even if its only Monday-Friday. I have learned to take everything how it is and stop expecting so much, just enjoy whats put in front of me and make the best of this college experience.


My college experience has been GREAT so far! I have learned that there is indeed a huge difference between high school and college! College has taught me to work hard and to not be afraid to make new friends because that is a part of your key to a successful college career! College has also taught me discipline and responsiblilty and also just how to manage my time wisely!


I have learned that education is invaluable. It is extremely costly but worth evey cent because it is an investment in yourself and your own future. It is very hard to get to the top without a high level degree and a great deal of hard work. In today's society it is even more difficult to raise a family and build a retirement. Your earning potential is much greater and your job security and quality of life is higher. I have found it to be character building as well. It is not easy to overcome the hurdles and obstacles of attending school but I have also had to do it while working a job 120 miles away. I believe the more education I obtain the more I can help those around me and that is my greatest motivating factor.


In the fall of 2009 I attended The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Out of my college experience so far, I have learned to never procrastinate and to always strive for the grade you want not the grade you think you deserve. It can be very easy to slip and its very hard to pick your self back up if you dont have the patience and determination to do so. It has been very beneficial for me to attend UTC, because I'm able to focus primarily on my studies and not fall off track. The things that has been the most helpful are the student support services and tutoring that they offer on campus and the library having everything you could possibly need to fufill the needs of those English teachers. Attending this University, was the wisest choice I have ever made and I hope I'm able to educate my self to the fullest in order to achieve all of my dreams and not only to make my family proud but also to be an inspiration to other African American females that look up to me as a big sister. Thanks for listening.


I am 40 years old and began taking on-line college courses starting in October 2009. After I graduated from high school I married young and had two children; unable to attend college. Deciding to enroll in the University of Phoenix later in life to obtain my AA degree is for personal growth and has been something I’ve regretted not doing after high school. I was excited and nervous to embark on this journey; I have been able to manage my work responsibilities, home life and other daily hurdles while pursuing this goal. As stated, I have been in the work force for over 20 years; since graduating high school. I have done fairly well for myself considering I never obtained a college degree in my field. I attended many seminars over the years which greatly improved my knowledge of specific subjects. Now I am looking to improve myself even further by attending college and striving to obtain my Associates Degree (and hopefully beyond). I chose to obtain my degree in Psychology as it relates to many aspects of what the Employee Relations & Recruiting part of my job (HR Management) entails. College has been such a motivating experience.


While attending UTC I have grown as a person both in my education and in the extra curricular activities that I do. I go to class and work hard, and after that I am a member of various non-profit groups that work on things like Invisible Children and sex trafficking. The university has given me the ability to join in with these things and meet people with similar interests. More than anything I will appreciate the people I have come to know here, they are a diverse and intelligent group of people that drive me to do my best, and I do the same for them.


The most important experience I have gotten out of my college is learning how to interact with an array of different people including my own professors. From quarter to quarter I met so many different kinds of people and quickly learned how to interact with them but was also challenged on quickly learning who they were especially if I had to work in a group with them. The reason it has been valuable to attend was because the first year I went there I had no idea what I was really doing, being a freshman and all, but the professors were understanding, and so were the advisors. They worked with me from quarter to quarter and I eventually was able to get the hang of it. Sometimes I still struggle but help is always available no matter where I am trying to find it.


I have not attended yet. Will attend this Septmeber.


College is a challenge in itself. It shows who is ready to move on with their lives and who still has some growing up to do. I've learned that it's not easy living on your own. For the first time in your life you are able to do more on you own without the consent of your parents. You experience freedom in a whole new way. I have gained the knowledge and the strength to finally be able to say "No" a lot more than I use to. I've learned that there's a price that comes when you go out more than you should, instead of focusing on the real reason you are there; to get an education. I've seen many drown or try to keep their heads above water, but the truth is that you can't have your cake and eat it too. In other words, you expect to party all night and be successful in all your classes.


I have been able to further my education in a well environment, and been able to meet new people and make new friends. this has been valuable to me because it makes it easier living away from home and focusing on the important things to help me acheive my goals.


Friends. Excersice.


My mind did a back flip the first day I attended college a month following graduation from a Catholic high school; what a transition. No uniform; the option to decide what I study; and most imperative of all, the decision to attend. The list for what I have received from attending college is escalating. I begin with what has affected me to the highest degree: increased confidence. College has revealed what I can accomplish; I have come to know how to handle stress, deadlines, and difficult and different people. With this knowledge came admiration for coffee and ?five hour energy drinks.? It has been a journey filled with lifelong friendships, unforgettable memories, late night study sessions, and an experience that offers preparation and increasing exposure to the ?real world? adults discuss. I have become more established as a human, while being introduced to a variety of personalities, cultures, challenges to overcome, and goals to accomplish. In meeting new people I have come to value other?s opinions; which has in turn widened my own perspective and planted the desire to travel and further expand my knowledge. Thank you for your time and consideration.


I have gotten a lot out of my college experience and I have only been here for a year. I have made some of the best friends that I could have ever asked for, some of which will stay in my life forever. I have gotten the experience of living on my own and taking care of myself. I lived off of the money that I had and learned how to manage it very quickly. I was raised in a very privileged household and I now know that things are not always going to be handed to you. I know the meaning of getting what you deserve and trying your hardest on everything you do. College is a tough situation if you are unsure of what it is going got be like going into it. The things that I have already learned and everything else that I can?t wait to learn are very valuable to be because it has taught me how to take care of myself. It has taught me how to get priorities in line. It has taught me a lot of responsibility along with so many other things.


College has given me a since of self empowerment. I feel as if I am coming into the world as improved version of myself. At first fear almost kept me away from college but with the help from friends and my teachers, nothing can hold me down. College is for everyone, this process helps open young minds to what the world is and what you can do in it. I can't see why anyone would want to pass on the opportunity of a life time.


My college experience has been valuable because I can see how much I am growing. Everyday I learn something new. The professors constantly challenge us to think outside of the box and to be open to new and different ways of looking at things. I love hearing the perspectives of other people when we discuss different topics. I believe this really contributes to each individual's learning process. It helps us to expand our thinking. It helps us gain knowledge, and it often helps us make a decision on how to apply the knowledge that we've gained. This level of open mindedness that professors expose us to helps individuals learn about their likes and dislikes. It helps a person to find out what he or she stands for. It helps us to truly define who we are and to love and appreciate the person that we have become. That is why my college experience is so valuable. It helps me gain knowledge, and once I apply my knowledge, it becomes powerful.


While attending college, Ive found my experience valuable because I went into college fresh out of highschool not having a clue what I wanted to study or major in. After researching schools in general, I realized your first two years of school are just basic courses anyways, so during those two years it gave me plenty of time to decide the direction I wanted to go in based on my interests in the courses I was enrolled in. Not only have I decided my direction, which is to pursue a bachelors degree with a major in business management and a minor in psychology, then apply for grad school, to further undergo my career as a psychologist, but the college experience is very important if you want to succeed in life and get a great education!


College was always something I was going to do. But when I chose to attend the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga is when I began my new beginning in life. I have gotten a lot out of my college experience. I now can manage my time more efficiently as well as my money, and I am more open with people and trying new things. Going from a small town to Chattanooga, has made this experience even more valuable because I am able to explore new things on a more regular basis.


My Name is Brittany Pacheco . Attending College America and going into the medical feild has open a range of oppurtunities. Not only has it open the door for pursuing education, it has that gold pot at the end of the rainbow. I finally have the chance to help people who actually need and who will appreciate the help I will be soon to offer. So many times have I missed out on that chance to better my life, it took a life changing miracle as well as a tragedy to make me open my eyes and see the world and how even the little things can effect our tommorow. So many different ways have I expanded my mind and realized my great potential I have been waisting. I see the inside, no longer worrying the appearance and bad expereinces I've dealt with on the outside. College America as well as my expereinces has this women blossoming into the most extravegant flower there can be.


Choosing to continue my college education, I have to say, was the best idea that I had ever made for myself. Being in a college environment, I learned to keep my head straight and proud even when I fell down. For me, being in this all new atmostphere is a dream come true, simple because with the financial need that my sister and I have to pull through every year just to be able to attend classes was no joke. I remembered the feelings late at night after a long day at work and still needed to finish my homework for the next day,was a total disaster. But I kept on going. Because I know that, I am very blessed to have the opportunity to study and become someone that my friends and family can count on and trust, I would be a complete fool to not try my hardest everyday and hope that day will come.


College has been challenging to adjust to. Diversity has been redefined in my mind and the way I approach every situation has adapted to what I have experienced and learned through my college career. My social networking abilities have increased significantly, as well as my overall ability to adapt to rapidly changing situations.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior knowing what I know now, I would say take chances, explore more options, be dedicated, believe in yourself, keep your faith in god, don't assume, get a job, and do not procrastinate! Since I graduated, I have learned a lot of things about who I am and who I want to be. The transition to college was a bit of a challenge since my parents did not approve or fully support me in the first place. I am financially supporting myself in college so that also taught me true responsibility and is also why I would have told myself to get a job asap. I have always been a big procrastinator so I wish I would have changed that long before I came to college. I definitely don't live out of regrets so I will just take what I wish I would have told myself last year and turn all of it into a reality for the next.


I would say to my high school senior self, " I know that you're worried about college, and I know you're especially worried about people. You think that, even now, kids are making decisions you don't agree with- drinking, smoking, having sex, and just trying to grow up too fast in general. It's frustrating! They're not bad people, but you just can't seem to get over their bad decisions. It seems that, unchained from their parents, people are only going to get worse in college, and you'll be surrounded by them. Adam, I want you to know that people are just that- people. You may disagree with some things that they do, but there's more to them than that. They have just as many thoughts and feelings as you. It is wrong to judge them because they act differently than you. Accept them, talk to them, be their friends, and you'll find that... well, it's hard to find a bad person! You're going to find many great friendships in college if you see past differences instead of fight them. See people as people, and treat everyone as your friend."


I turely wish that Icould go back in time to tell myself to not be lazy. I beleive the cut off point for everyone to be lazy is the senior year. The things I used to do or should I say didnt want to do, came back and hit me in the face. I wish i could tell myself to be super prepared for every class, assignment, even study time, weeks ahead. Also I wish I could tell myself a year before to feel out a housing application. It make things easier to get to class and have the resources with in walking difference. Since this is my first year in college, there are things that I will progress in as the years come but the simple things I explained earlier would make a difference to my academic year.


After talking to many of my friends from high school after our first semester in college, we all agreed on a few things. First, no matter how good grades were in high school, we were not prepared for college. We were ready to live on our own, independent from our parents' houses, but we were not prepared for the actual amount of studying that is required to be successful in college. My best advice to high school seniors is to learn how to study now and don't wait until you get that first test back before you take that class seriously. Learn what works for you, whether you need to make flash cards or find a special place to study, but learn that now so you can start your college classes with a proactive approach. Be confident in your abilities. College can be intimidating, but having the confidence that you can tackle that project or tough professor will allow you to relax and be successful. Second, appreciate living at home. The independence is great, but we all miss eating at home and clean clothes!


i would tell myself that college is nothing like high school. focus on your grades and not only on friends. college is very hard and not all your professors will hold your hand through thr process like high school teachers. your grade and success depemds on going to class on time and the amount of studying you do.


Do not go into college thinking solely about the party scene. Make sure all of your grades are in order before you set foot in the clubs. It is very easy to get off track. The hardest thing to do is bring up your GPA, yet it is so easy to decrease it. Be friendly to everyone becasue you never knbow what benefit it may serve you in the near future or even in the long run.


The only advice that I can percieve giving to the High School Senior version of myself is not to worry. It may seem rather cliche, but if I had not stressed about college so much throughout my Senior Year then it would have went by much more smoothly, and with an infinite amount less of emotional breakdowns--struggling with the ideal of college level work, and crying over tuition costs--had all been for not. My college offered me grants, work study, and loans to help cover some of my costs. In addition to that, a free-tutoring lab is almost always open on campus for all students in need of assitence; and the friends I've met at college I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I would have forewarned myself about the constant...inconviences of dormitory living--such as leaky faucets, and moldy shower curtains--and would have strongly cautioned to bring a cell phone, as they come in handy during emergencies. Oh, by the way, self? Your 11th Grade History teacher was right when he warned you about the strict essay gradings of college History professors. Keep on moving, you can do it.


If given the chance to travel back to my time as a high school senior, I would tell myself that upon entering college I should keep doing the things I love. Just because you are no longer playing a sport for a varsity team does not mean that you should give it up completely; join a club team or play intramurals. Also, be yourself in every situation; let people see you for who you truly are and they will respect you and the decisions you make. Try new campus activities; they help you to make new friends and network with other people on campus. Do not be bashful about asking someone to room with you; if you do not ask a friend, you may be stuck with someone you do not get along with well. Classes will sometimes frustrate you and you will have more work than you think possible to handle, but do not be discouraged; persevere and you will succeed in the end. When you know no one in your classes, branch out and introduce yourself to those around you; you never know who might become one of your best frineds.


I thought that the transition to college was going to be a lot easier than it was. From the scholastic aspect, it was very easy. the emotional transition was very different. If i could go back to my senior year, I would tell myself that I am going to have to put myself out there more than I ever have before. I have always been a people person, but it was not so hard to be a people person when I was in a place where every one knew me. I upheld many leadership roles in high school like Beta club president and Class secretary, but I was leading a group of people that I had went to school with and grown up with for years. Coming to college put me out of my comfort zone in that aspect. I was not mentally prepared, so I ran to the group of friends that came from my home to the same school as me. I would tell myself to venture out and not be afraid to take chances. Now in the spring semester I am getting settled and more comfortable with college life and meeting new people.


Ciara, when you are accepted to UTC, you will have to venture outside your comfort zone. In order to know what is waiting for you. You have so many options and you must take your classwork serious. You can socialize, but do not forget your schoolwork comes before anything. Especially, before your job. Do not worry about how school will get paid. If you leave it in God's hands, he will make away. School can be fun and learning experience. Enjoy yourself and balance your priorities.


Do not be afraid to let loose a little bit, but just not too much. This is something that every high school should hear before going to their first semster at college. Every part of college is new and can be a little intimdating, especially if you have come to a school where you dont have any of your friends with you. You have to be able to experience new things, and if you dont do that your college life will be less fun and less productive. You can't be afraid to meet new people, raise your hand in class, or go have some fun. College becomes a lot more fun once you have got to know some people, so dont be afraid, just do it and you will enjoy your college career a lot more. Then again you can't always be out having fun, because that happens too often, and, freshman especially, end up not going to class and failing classes their first semester. So have fun, meet some people, and remember why you are in school, and it will be the time of your life.


As a senior you may think it?s all over and done with. What happens now? Do I continue to go to school? This is a critical time in your life. These are all questions that I asked myself and still ask myself today. I can?t quite tell you how college is right now but I can tell you it won?t be easy. You?ll get beat down time and time again. You struggle to get the time, strength, and money to make it happen. Writing essays after essays with a baby on your lap craving for your attention. And you?re thinking to your self, is it possible? Can it be done? I have come to let you know that your stubbornness will work against and for you in so many ways. You are a strong and independent person. With great dedication and determination you will be able to conquer any hard time situation. Your kids will be your motivation. So don?t give up. It can be done.


My road to college was not easy! I hit some bumps, and lost control of the wheel along the way. If I had the opportunity to talk to go back through time as "me" now, a freshman in college, and speak with me at the age of fifteen, a freshman in highschool , I would say to myself wake up and get busy! Knowing how I am I would probably argue with myself as I did with those who tried to tell me to stop dragging my feet ! Then I did not realize how expensive college was as i do now. None-the-less I made it on my own, I simply wish I would have started sooner. I am happy with my choice in schools, but I am displeased with the way i had to get here. Loans are no fun ! If I would have started sooner I probably would have had more scholarships. Not realizong how important my G.P.A. was I slacked off then and I am paying for it now! If I had the opportunity to I would tell myself to work hard and play later!


I would definitely tell my past self to consider all my options for the future instead of only being set on a few choices. I was set on a great school in another state and when I could not attend because of financial reasons, I felt like I settled for a state school. I had reservations about being here but I am very glad I chose UTC and do not regret that decision. I realized in my second semester that I made a great choice and that my choice created the perfect balance in my life. I also would advise myself to be more active in high school. I instantly became involed when I got to UTC and I regret not being more involved in clubs or staying with some in high school. I would advise the past Chantel to take more chances and be more open with others so that I can be more social in college in every aspects. It's never to late to do something different and I would strongly advise my past self to take heed to those words.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I now know about college life and making the transition, the advice I would give to myself is to overcome my fears, be more confidant in my capabilities and potential, and pursue more opportunities or create volunteer opportunities in my areas of interest. Now, I understand the importance of taking chances and trying new things. For example, I was extremely fearful of a high school AP English course. I was concerned about meeting the course?s requirements, teacher?s expectations, and possibly lowering my grade point average. If I could go back in time, I would enroll in that course and take as much from it as possible. My grammar and composition could?ve been challenged and matured in high school, rather than my second year of undergraduate. I would?ve also volunteered more. There are several benefits of volunteering, such as networking, mentorship, applied experience, and insight into a particular field. If I had volunteer experience or information prior to undergrad, I would?ve been positioned for better internships and employment.


What advice I would give myself is study hard. I would tell myself it's okay to go out with friends, but don't forget why you here in college in the first place, for your education. I would say be careful in college, make your choices wisely, choose your friends wisely, cause remeber everybody is not your friends!! If you need any help go to tutor or meet with your tecachers one -on-one, that way they will know you are trying hard! Also, make a study schedule , for everyday, maybe even use a planner, and sit down and plan out how manys hours of days will you study. Study hard and ask questions!!! Be careful , don't leave off with strangers, stay with friends at all times, especially if your in another city that your not familiar with. Never walk by yourself alone! Find a place you can study, if your roomate or roomates are too distracting, I suggest the library! Remeber that you can have fun, but education is always first, remeber that you came for an education. Don't make any bad deisions cause you see the others students are, you just be yourself! Good luck!


If I could go back in time, one year, to when I was a senior in high school, I would mention the freedom that college offers. The ability to live on your own, to do what you want when you want, and learn in the meantime is a wondrous experience. I would mention the fun times to be had in and out of class. But overall I would voice how college is not a joke. I would prepare myself for extended study groups at all times of the night. I would say how difficult post-calculus math can get, and maybe try and teach my past counterpart some mathematical tricks that I know now, just to make things easier. This is what I would tell myself about college if I could go back in time.


Don't worry about college! It is totally doable. It will be challenging at times, but it is nothing you can't handle. Definitely get involved in campus ministries- IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.


study study study. you have your whole life to party and have fun but for the next four years you need to settle down and hit the books. studying equals good grades which equals good job. good job equals good money and happiness. you don't want to get stuck with a terrible job where you're unhappy. bad grades equals loss of scholarships which means to no more school for you.


I would tell myself to save as much money as possible and to work hard because if you don't, you WILL lose your scholarship so fast. Make smart choices, watch out for unnecessary expensives, and pick a school you will enjoy and later classes. I would also make sure to always remind myself that I can do whatever I put my mind to and work hard for.


In my first semester of college I took two hard classes and I struggled in both of them. So, if I could go back I would tell myself to take "easier" classes in the first semester just so I could get a feel for everything that college brings. I am currently in my second semester and I feel much more comfortable with my situation. But because of my struggle in the first semester, I feel like I am already behind. By taking easier courses I would have been able to transition a little more smoothly. I am currently retaking those hard classes and am doing much better because I feel much more comfortable where I am.


Dear myself, Make the best of your years that are coming soon for they are going to be the best of your life. And stop taking life so seriously because no one else does (other than your professors, of course). Study hard, enjoy learning and don't spend a Friday night catching up on work you should have been doing 2 weeks ago, instead go out and meet new people! Your potential is great and expectations of you are bigger than ever so whatever you do, don't disappoint yourself because only you know what you're made of. Be someone that you want to be not who you think you should be or who others think you should be. Relax, because you'll fall but I'm almost sure some one else has tripped there before....Have fun, YOU'RE IN COLLEGE! Love, Your future self P.S. - Get back to studying! You're not in college yet...


The main difference between high school and college is time management. In high school, over half of my waking hours was school. With only a few hours a day of class in college, I have been faced with long hours of nothing to do. It is important to use one's time wisely, getting everything I needed to do out of the way first, then have time to relax and hang out with friends. Another thing I would highly recommend that goes hand in hand with time management is a personal planner. They are invaluable during a class in which I would need to quickly write a homework assignment or important reminder. Another thing I would highly recommend is to find something not relating to school work, for instance a sports team or club. More importantly than that, however, is finding something outside of school completely. Several nights, my friends and I would ride bikes all over the empty city streets, over the river, to the park, we could go anywhere. We felt free from the daily routine of school and work. It truely made that first semester more bearable.