The University of Tennessee-Chattanooga Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga is the variety of clubs and organizations to join. They are a great way to make friends and connect with others that share similar interests with you.


The teachers here are really great. They are always willing to help you. They make themselves available to their students in many ways so that the students are always able to reach them if they have any questions or need anything. A lot of my teachers have found students internships and have even offered to be listed as a reference for job applications. They all seem to really care about their students.


The location. Chattanooga is like a city that grew out of the mountains. The setting creates a tranquil overcast while the city and student population keep us on a level mindset. A side note, we have a public bike system on campus which I thought was very cool.


The best thing about UT Chattanooga is the smaller classroom sizes. It allows for the student to have more one on one time with their professor and they possibly get to learn in a way that they did while in high school. I also believe that the campus is especially great for first year students because its big, but not over whelming, so it’s a great transition for students to get use to if they’re coming from home.


I honestly believe the best thing about my school is the campus itself. Chattanooga is a beautiful area and The University of Tennessee's campus showcases just that. The school itself is not big but while walking around you need true beauty and many people miss that about this University. Al


The best thing about my school is the attention to detail. The architecture and landscaping is beautiful. The classes are just the right size. The services offered are great and fit well with Chattanooga. So far the professors are excellent with a clear passion for what they teach. I visited other campuses and none impressed me as much as UTC.


Financial aid, they are always on time with paying my cost and getting information from me in a timely manner


How relaxed UTC is. Whether it is the faculty, to the students, to the laws, and so on. Plus their business school is ranked by Forbes as in the top 100 in the nation.


The school I am planning on attending projects a great campus and includes mostly a friendly environment to learn under.


I think the best thing about my school is the campus. It's pretty and just the right size. You can walk anywhere within 10 mintues!


I was very excited about coming to UT at Chattanooga because it seemed like the perfect balance between the large college expereince and small college academic focus. Once I arriced I rushed and am currently in a sorority but am still disappointed in how my expereince turned out. Unles you are a heavy drinker weekends here are boring and the campus empties out. I wish someone would of been honest with me and told me that UTC is essentially a suitcase school, but on the upside I love my classes and proffesors.


The best thing about school was being able to learn. To feel that your teacher was not going to let you fail, but that they did care about you as a person, not just another pay check provide by Mom and Dad.


I joined a sorority as soon as I got to school and I do believe the way that they welcomed me and showed me the ropes is the best thing about this school. Most people on this campus are kind and welcoming, if you give them the chance. They were all in the shoes of the upcoming freshman at one time so they know what it is like. It is very easy to make friends here (even if it?s just your roommate) and to build relationships. I do believe that is the best part about this school.


The best reward received when one attends the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga is the interaction with the peole on campus. There is always an activity on campus no matter what night it is. They are positive activities and a great way of meeting new and interesting people.


The best thing about my school is a hard decision between the campus and the teachers. I love the campus because it is easy to walk to all of my classes, and everything is so convenient. I also love the teachers because they care if you come to class, and they also are willing to help a student out if needed.


The best thing about UTC is its size. The university is a small school, but with just the right amount of people. This familiarity among students encourages friendships that are made even stronger by the intimate size of the the campus. I often hear from my friends who attend larger universities that it 's difficult to get to know anyone. You hardly see the same person twice, and the daunting number of people create feelings of isolation, lonliness, and anonymity. I'm quite grateful for the "just right" size of UTC, and for my friends because of it!


UTC has a very friendly and active environment that encourages friendship between students and an active lifestyle both on campus and in the surrounding area.


What I consider the best thing about my school is the education. The education at my school is excellence in teaching, research, service, and their dedication to the students. In fulfilling their mission, they are commited to our core vaules, like preparing us for the future, education and engagement,and postive institutional environment. They provide Student Help Centers, for the students in case some students are having trouble in any courses. In addition to, they provide tutoring, advising ,and counseling to help students. My school is a great school, the faculty cares about the students!


There are plenty of things about the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga to brag about. Take for instance the size of the school. UTC has between 8 and 10,000 students meaning plenty of one-on-one time with professors, small enough campus to get around without breaking a sweat and just enough people to get to know. Considering the cost, which is a huge factor when deciding colleges, is easy. Tuition is low as far as 4-year Universities go and most activities around campus are free!


The campus is good for students that like the city but can get to the country in a short amount of time. Chattanooga is surrounded by a ton of outdoor activities.


The size and location because its just the right amount of people and the location because there is so many things to do in chattanooga.


the location. the size, and the atmosphere. they try to teach you to be the best at what what you are.


The drive that students get from hearing about the succcess of former UTC students. I think it encourages the students that they too have the opportunity for great success.


The Chattanooga community is integrated into the school. A "college town" is ruled by a bunch of 18-24 year olds that are there to be fed into the college demographic marketing machine. However, in UTC you feel like a part of something, ready to take on the community and the world. You can gain a broader network with the beautiful city. You can gain perspective. Some like urban campuses and some don't. I happen to like it.


The friendlieness of students, facaulty, and proffesors


The atmosphere at my school is the best thing. The people here are really sociable and and are willing to meet new people and make new friends. Also there are many avenues for students to get involved in campus life and make a difference in the college community and the community of Chattanooga as well.


the teacher are healpful


I liked the size of the campus. It was not too big or too small. I felt comfortable with the class size. I did not feel like I was just a number to my professors (almost all of them knew me by name). On the other hand, there were not only 10 people in my classes. That would have made me uncomfortable.


The best thing about my school is that it is a nice size campus...not too big and not too small. It doesn't take long to learn your way around.


The best thing about my school is the teachers. I have encountered very few "bad" teachers. Almost all of the teachers that I have had have been amazing. They were always avaliable for questions and were more than willing to work with you about extra credit assignments and attendance issues. You could tell that they really cared about you being there and wanted you to succeed.


It's a great small university in a fantastic town. It's a beautiful city and the people are friendly. If you are looking for a university that is in a city with some culture and in a beautiful setting, this is it.


The people. Everyone is friendly


that its the just right size. its not too much going on that you will loose focused but its enough acitivities going on that you wont give up on college


I consider the best thing about my school the resources that the students have to excell and the housing arrangements. My school has a feshly built library with three floors and many books. It also has a counseling center for students who are struggling with grades, classes,social life, or different emotions that the seek help in. My school offers tutoring from peers and teachers are always willing to help. The housing is very clean and accommadable. It offers appartment style with four other roommates, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a common area. There is plenty space.


The best thing about my school is the cost-effectiveness of my education.


It offers a lot of different classes and extracurricular activities.


The best thing about this school is that it's small enough where you can interact and meet people, but big enough to where you don't know everybody.


campus life. we all know that the purpous of coming to college is to learn a skill or profession to get a job. but there is also so much to do on campus, concerts, mixers, "coffee house" discussions, formal, guset speakers, field activities, outdoor recreation, and so much more that I cant think of right now.