The University of Tennessee-Knoxville Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Party school, huge football fans


We drink alot and party atmosphere. We have a large campus and community.


UT is often not categorized in a league with other top state schools such as UVA, UGA, USC, and UNC. It's students are, in effect, typically stereotyped as not being as smart as students in those other universities.


When I was a freshman it was that we were a good party school, but after working for the admissions office with Orange Pride I found out how we were actually competing academically too.


I never really heard any stereotypes coming into college.


They are partiers.


That UTK is a huge school and you wont ever meet anyone, you'll just be a "number". thats not true!!! I have met more people that i would ever think!


wild, lots of partying. proud of their school.


I didn't feel like there were any specific stereotypes associated with UTK students until I went to a conference this last weekend for orientation leaders across the southeastern states. The students at UT Chattanooga did not have good things to say about our campus or our students. They said that their school did not want to be associated with our campus, because our campus thought we were better than everyone else. None of the orientation leaders, who were supposed to be leaders on their campus, had great things to say about UTK.


I moved here my Junior year in high school and ever since I have heard that UT can be a party school.


Honestly, I don't think that there are UTK stereotypes. Or maybe I am just not aware of them...I think we have a quite a diverse campus, really something for everyone here!


Growing up in Tennessee, a lot of people just assumed that UT was a party school and that everyone and their brother attended there. It's also well known for it's sports programs.


THat Its a huge party school. Its an easy school, not big on academics. Typical SEC school.


A stereotype that I have heard about UTK students is that we are all just a bunch of hillbillies.


People think UT is a very typical Southern school. They think it's very Greek as well as very preppy. We are ranked pretty high up on the Major Fraternity and Sorority Scene Schools according to Princeton Review. We also have a huge party school reputation considering we are always on the Top Party Schools list. Huge football school


Stereotypes of the student body as a whole are that we are all southerners who are somewhat close-minded. Also we are known to obsess over our sports teams- especially football and basketball and many people believe that our sports are more important than academics.


Party people. Very school spirited


A lot of people think that UTK is a big party school and that we are loud and obnoxious and that all we care about is football.


Party school, good students, prideful


UT is a party school. Classes are easy. UT is all about sports.


UTK is a big party school


huge party school; rednecks; annoying fans


A lot of people believe that UTK is a huge party school and that no one is really here for an education.


no diversity, party school, only care about sports


I feel as though many students look at UT as a "redneck" type school. People from outside east Tennessee and more specifically, the state of Tennessee, view our school as a southern, country institution. Some could view UT as not very diverse or lacking in cultural and ethnic diversity. Most importantly, and the most wide-spread belief is that UT is a party school. Apparently we do nothing except party, get drunk, and go out.


Football-obsessed partiers. And super-Greek.


Party school, country and very southern.


We're from the south. UT and the overall state of TN gets stereotyped in general. For students Im not really sure, there's your typical sorority girls that everyone thinks about (usually blonde wears pearl earrings and has a pastel lacoste polo for every occasion with Vera Bradley bag to match). Frat guy about the same without the vera bradley, and ray bans instead of pearls. Thats only the Greek stereos, I really couldn't say much about the student body as a whole. Art students aren't all liberal hippies thats for sure, I should know. *note: all statements are not to be taken personally just as observation


party school. that we are stupid and less educated.


Real southern kids that are all from tennessee


UT is a party school, and fraternities and sororities run all student activities. UT students are sometimes seen as irresponsible and wild.


Extremely liberal for SEC southern schools. Very traditional sports program, very heavy drinking, very big party scene. Underrated educational system because it is overlooked and replaced by party scene and sports.


I think a stereotype about UTK is that you have to be Greek affiliated to participate in certain organizations on campus such as SAA or SGA.


Although there is no single stereotype that applies to UTK students, they are often described as heavy partiers. However, this is a stereotype applied to most college students, not just students at UTK. UTK is typically seen as extremely sports-minded and less focused on academics.