The University of Tennessee-Knoxville Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The one thing I brag about to my friends is the school spirit. When I arrived to The University of Tennessee for orientation, the student made me feel so welcomed. There were posters, signs, and flyers displayed all over campus welcoming the incoming freshman. The upperclassmen taught us our school song, Rocky Top, and different dances. They made us feel prepared for the upcoming school year.


I love that my school is big and very involved. Not only is it an SEC school and big in sports, but it is always advancing in the academic sceme of things. It is currently in the middle if a "Big Orange, Big Ideas" campaign. The University of Tennessee is on it's way to becoming one of the Top 25 Colleges and Universities in the nation. I take pride in knowing that I attend a college that is so committed to its image.




I always talk about all of the activities and things to do in Knoxville. I come from a small town with very little to do, so Knoxville blew me away. There is always a lecture, concert, play, or any other form of entertainment. I love going out after class and visiting open mic night or going to a lecturer from another university come and speak about politics or a subject related to my major. Of course, there are always sporting events and activities on Pedestrian Walkway (a large walkway where all advertising and campus groups organize).


My experience at UT has been positive and rewarding. The University of Tennessee strives to accomodate every student as an individual and offers numerous services, resources, majors, minors, advisors and councelors to help make the college transition easier and college years more successful. I am proud to say I attend the University of Tennessee and will be even more thrilled when I can say I earned my degree from UT after I graduate.


I don't really brag, but I do talk about how I like the atmosphere of the campus. There are lots of things to do on campus and if you sign up for a newsletter, you get a list of events and concerts that happen on or around the area. The professors that I have encountered are nice and quite a few of them are even humorous.


The perks of going to a large school. It wasn't my first choice, but it's so nice to have the freedom and choices that a large school brings. There are thousands of different clubs and things to do. You can't beat the free Chick-fil-a, Sbarro, Petro's, Subway, Ihop, and Starbucks that comes with any meal plan, either. Dining dollars rock!


Our athletic program of course :) I also love to talk about the feeling of academia you get when you step onto campus. There are many students hard at work here and many brilliant professors eager to teach what they are most passionate about. We have access to anything you would need as a college student here. A great library, career services, study abroad opportunities, on and off-campus living, great restaurants and recreation in Tennesee's mountains and rivers, gyms, religious organizations, etc.!


intermurals. i like to tell others how awesome it is to play flag football, basketball, dodgeball, and so on. it really helps to take your mind off of school a few nights a week so you don't get burned out.


The staff is fantastic about helping with whatever problems that may arise in college. It's also an in-state school, so the tuition is a lot better than many of the out-of-state schools that my friends are attending. Since I live within an hour radius of my school, it's easy to maintain contact with my friends and family.


The University of Tennessee has an extraordinary essence. Everyone at my school has the Volunteer spirit, which means he or she is a driven intellectual willing to help others in need, honor our University's history, and give his or her all for Tennessee! At The University of Tennessee, we work hard everyday and reward ourselves through our activities, such as supporting our football team at Neyland Stadium, participating in clubs ranging from Greek organizations to the UT Outdoor Program, and staying in shape at the Tennessee Recreational Center for Students. It's great to be a Tennessee Vol!


The University of Tennessee is school full of spirit. Academics as well as athletics are very important and allows everyone to find something they are interested in. The school is surrounded by an excellent city that allows lots of activities and oppertunities for students both on campus and off campus. The faculty is supportive as well as available for students to reveive help.


I brag about the love and spirt our school shows towards the university. Recently, the head football coach Lane Kiffin decided to leave UT unexpectedly, and it was as if the entirety of the school had lost a role model. As a school, we left hurt and betrayed by Kiffin, but when the time came to rise up from this hurt, students and faculty alike rose together as one- as Volunteers.


I brag about our school's traditions a spirit! Even though,UT 's football didn't do great this season and we lost our coach, it really showed the devotion and spirit of the school's students and staff.


I mostly brag about the atmosphere of UTK. Physically the campus is beautiful and a lot of time has obviously gone in to it's beauty. I love the setup of the campus because everything is within a decent walking distance. In order for students to be happy and proud of their school, i believe that atmosphere is everything and the University of Tennesseee knows that.


Most of my friends from high school went out of state for college, but I think staying on campus was the greatest choice I could have made. The resourses found at UT are unbelievable. Lots of people have the idea that a state school means a less impressive education, but I have been provided with things like free tutoring and a close commute if I want to go home for the weekend. I feel so lucky to have chosen a great education without leaving myself in debt for years after graduation.


The University of Tennessee in Chattanooga has the academic excellence of a large school and the one-on-one attention needed for students of a small school. The facilities are state of the art, the requirements for excellent for competency in the job market and the "real world" after graduation. Regarding the students at this facility, they come from all walks of life - regarding race, age, gender, socioeconomics and religion. I feel free to express myself and have meshed with an outstanding group of peers. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending my school to others.


We are ranked in the top 100 best schools in the nation. We have so many chances for people to get out and learn in their field of study by classroom lectures, studying aboard while earning credit towards your degree, peer study groups, a writing center that helps you in the right direction when writing papers, and of course, we have the best women's & men's basketball coaches you will ever find. The University of Tennessee might be a little costly, but it is worth ever penny you are investing into your future.


While I'd love to brag about our amazing academics or even the fun and continually offered extra-curricular stuff, It would be hard to top our amazing sports programs. Our basketball program is top notch! Even after loosing four of our players to some rather unfortunate circumstances, we were still able to succeed on the court. I'll fight for our football as well, even if its looking a little precarious. Loosing our head coach, Lane Kiffin, is definitely detrimental , but I think our basketball team has proven how tough we can be. GO VOLS!


How easy the course work was compared to highschool.


There's no greater feeling than standing and chanting in a stadium alongside 100,000 screaming fans and gazing at the rolling tide of an orange sea. Faces painted and chests bare in the chilly autumn, these students and alumni represent the deep love and support for one of the greatest SEC football teams. The University of Tennessee Vols unite a campus of 30,000, inspiring and encouraging teamwork and excellence. Our exclamation "I am proud to be a Tennessee Vol" echoes with my peers and draws people from all states who wish to proudly chant its sacred syllables.


I usually brag about the school spirit that everyone has on and around campus. On game days all you can see is the color orange! Some people even call it "the sea of orange". Everyone gets very involved in the activites on campus. Our Alumni continue coming back and supporting the Volunteers! The first college I attended was very small and the student activites were slim. When I transferred to UT the first thing I noticed was how envolved everyone was and all the activities that went along with being a Volunteer!


I brag most about my off campus experiences or going to football games.


It's big and there's always something to do.


How fun it is!


I talk about the organizations Im in and the people I have met.


Partying, football, good friends.


I brag about the diversity of classes to choose from and the developement of my school's athletic programs. Sure, UT is known as a "sports school" , but our buisness school is one of best in the nation and our opera, physical education, engineering, and career internships are more developed than I expected them to be.


The football, the surrounding area, and the people. It's a great university for your dollar.


Football, outdoors, and ladies


Football. It's the only thing that SEC schols have over ACC schools-- I left a heavy ACC area to go to an SEC school. Despite the fact that we didn't have a great season, it gives me an in on the Christmas conversations of my uncles.


sporting events, concerts, finishing school within my 4 year plan


The bunch of classes you need to take to complete your bachelors degree that has nothing to do with your major, I wish they had a more concentrated curriculum.


I don't brag about my school.


Campus, Sports, Sorority and fraternity life


Our school spirit and how much every student gets involved in football season. Football season is HUGE here and I love seeing the waves of orange when looking down the street, it's great!


Mainly I brag about my quality of education and honestly our sports are also amazing.


Our athletic programs as well as the recreational facilities available to students


I brag about everything the beauty of the campus, the great people I've meet how much fun I have, and like any true Tennessee Volunteer I brag about our sports teams more than anything else.


The campus social life, football games, how many friends I've made, etc.


Mostly about the quality of the education for the cost and the availablity of resources.