The University of Tennessee-Knoxville Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?




The best thing about this school is that it is easy to hide in the crowd. If you're simply wishing to get away, there are multiple spots on campus that allow you to do that. There are three common complaints about the campus: One is that there are very busy roads dividing the campus into two halves, which detracts from the overall feel of campus unity. The second being an ugly sculpture right in the middle of pedestrian walkway. The third is lack of green space. I would change all three of these, and currently the campus administration is planning to do away with the roads and as well as plant more trees and such. The student body is too large for me, but for one who wants a large campus feel, it would be just right because the student body (being around 20,000 students) is small compared to other state schools. In fact, it is even smaller than MTSU. On game days, every single one of these students wear orange in support of their football or basketball teams, which is actually an incredible sight.


Beautifuly part of the country. I loved how you could see the snow caps on the Appalachian mountains on clear days. Mild climate, great professors, small classes, down-to-earth students. Big football and baskeball school, but it is the SEC. Great greek scene. Sigma Chi and PKA rule the boys scene, and Phi Mu and DDD are the best on the women's side of campus.


Looking back at my college career, I can say that UT has provided a lot of opportunties, especially in the college of engineering. I have done two engineering co-op rotations and one internship with a prestigious organization. I don't think I could have attended any other school with any other major(s) and have been quite as satisfied. From my challenging engineering classes and my professors, to Neyland stadium on any given Saturday, I have truly enjoyed my time at UT. This school has equipped me with valuable tools to be successful in life.


UTK has a very large campus. It is very hard to find a computer to use in the library if you do not own your own laptop, but I usually spend most of my time in the library because I do not live on campus.


Best thing about UT? Football Season. You've never seen so many people in your life. The school is about 26-28,000 kids, and if you're looking for the "college" experience, you'll find it at UT. In Tennessee, if you go to UT, you kind of think you're a badass. It's no Vanderbilt, but then again, you're not paying 30,000 dollars more for the same undergraduate classes you'd take at UT. I spent most of my time on campus on Fraternity Row, or in Circle Park. Knoxville is a comfortable college town, with great night life, a fun downtown area and the mountains 45 minutes away. What else could you want? UTK's administration likes to screw students on everything from graduation requirements to parking tickets, so watch out for the "Big Orange Screw." There is a tremendous amount of school pride, especially when it comes to sports. Unusual? Probably that they take better care of the mascot (Smoky) than they do the students. Student complaints are always about parking tickets, that the UTPD are idiots and that you could hire trained animals and they'd probably do a better job than the police do about keeping campus safe at night. One experience I'll always sophomore year when we were losing to Florida, 5 seconds on the clock, we kicked a 45 yard field goal to win when everyone in the stands had already accepted that we lost. The crowd went NUTS.


One of the best things about UTK is the ability to meet all different types of new people. The student population is very diverse but everyone is interconnected with their school pride. UTK is full of people wearing orange and white every day, but especially on game days. The biggest controversy lately was when the administration decided to have students pay for football games next fall. The students already are charged an activities' fee which was supposed to cover all sports and et cetera at the university. Knoxville is a college town. There are several parts of town that are mostly swarming with college students. Several students also travel to the mountains for the weekend or to go shopping. A lot of students' time is spent in the library studying or catching up with friends. Several people go down to the "strip" and catch a meal at one of the many restaurants. Some of favorite experiences so far at UTK have been meeting so many new people, and the football and basketball games. It is an exciting time to just be on campus during a football game even if you're not planning on going to the game. UTK is like a campus that never sleeps. There is almost always something going on, no matter what time of day or night.


For me, UT is the perfect size because there are so many diverse people, there are numerous ways to get involved and find a place to fit in. Also, there are always new people to meet! When I tell people from my hometown I go to UT I always get an "in awe" reaction. Most people from my high school go to ETSU and live at home, so seeing someone move out on their own (even though it's 90 mins. away) is sort of a big deal to them. There seems to be lots of controversy about the administration here, I don't really know a lot about it, but all I know is there are protesters on campus and tuition keeps going up! One controversy going on now is having students pay for football tickets next year. Luckily, I won't be here, but a lot of people are upset about it. Normally, all sporting events are free to students.


Too greedy, cramming students in so fast that they can't even provide air conditioned rooms for many, and stacking them in like firewood to the spaces they do have. Were supposed to remodel/replace some residence halls years ago, but instead are finishing recent remodel of stadium where you need two ticketed seats in order to sit down and not be in someone else's lap. Expecting record growth in enrollment, can't provide parking for all the permits they sell at $150 each, just seem to be adding fees to everything but air (that's for next year) and charge you transportation fees whether or not you use the broken down buses that sit by the side of the road more time than they drive on it. The University president has everyone including staff angry over his methods and runs the campus like it has to make a certain profit or get cut. The 2006 budget listed $20.5 million NET profit( that's the take home after bills are paid.) But despite this, if you happen to be one of the DOZENS of students mugged here and also happen to be injured by such in one of their unlit parking garages, don't expect to sue the university for even medical bills, they have stated for the record in a recent public case-THEY ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR STUDENTS' SAFETY. After all with 26K+ of full time and expecting 32K+ soon, how can they be expected to do anything like pay for security other than directing traffic for games, pay for lighting with the cost of materials and power these days, or even trim the overgrown bushes where the girl was beaten with a brick along side the parking garage.


The school pride here is incredible. There is absolutely nothing like football time in tennessee!


This school is just right, it has a descent size city that doesn't feel like it's in your face all the time, and has a great small town feeling, THe community is very supportive of the sports here, SO MUCH SCHOOL PROUD, biggest controversy for the student is the students know having to pay for tickets to football games!! The food is descent here at UT Presidential is horrendious. My biggest memory is when South Carolina came and played here at UT and my friends and I all painted up and got on ESPN and we won the game!!!!!!


I think the size of the school is consistent with a typical college population of not being too large nor too small. There is definitely a variety of people where the general population is accepting of most others. There are still some prejudices (being from the South especially). Knoxville is a growing city that has a lot to offer, especially in the coming years. There are more and more opportunities to catch live performances across the city. Sundown in the City is a large attraction Thursdays in the spring. UT is also a largely prideful school where athletics has excelled. You will hear about the "Big Orange Screw" when somewhere in the system you will no doubt encounter a flaw in the system of fairness because of the lack of consideration on the administration's part. Recently our Chancellor resigned (or was forced to resign---it was unsure of the whole truth) concerning whether the system of the flagship campus had control over certain things on our own campus-especially concerning athletics. Another concern that is being addressed is that amount of crime in a neighborhoos adjacent to campus where there is a high student population. Security issues have been addressed and changes are being made to incorporate more lighting and awareness in these areas. Another aspect of UT is the amount of construction is always ongoing. The completion of 3 large facilities will lead to more construction on campus as well as the future of "The Strip" is being addresses. "The Strip" is a highly commercial area that runs along the edge of campus where fast-food restaurants as well as clubs and some shops are located. This area is being reevaluated as a Gateway area to the downtown as well as the university.


UTK is great, there is so much to get involved with and so much you can do for your school. With clubs, intramurals, and weekend events...there is always something to do. The only problem I really had with the school was the parking and transit services. They suck. Just be really careful where you park and you should be fine. The strip at UT is fun if you like going to bars and stuff...pretty much only if you have the ID to get in. But other than that its just a cool place to be, and a lot of fun on gamedays. School pride is also something awesome. You can't go a day without seeing a ton of orange, it's so awesome.


I love the big and beautiful campus! The buildings are historic and have so much history. I love the millions of extracurricular opportunities here. There really is something for everyone. I love the diversity too. I would have never imagined meeting so many incredibly different people. And if people are looking for a school with spirit, it's all packed right here! Especially for football and basketball! And I'm not even a huge sports fanatic, but I love the spirit the school has.


Sporting events are a must to attend. Gamedays for football are so amazing, I never went to a Tennessee football game before my freshmen year, but now that I have nothing is like it, its so electric and you just get a rush. The stadium is amazing! There are a lot of things to do on campus, we have our own workout place that is really nice, there's every kind of workout machine you could think of practically. We have an indoor and an outdoor pool. Our campus is very scenic its right by the river and the whole campus is very gorgeous. School Pride is off the charts.


The first and second year class sizes need to be reduced to improve student succeess.


The best thing about UTK is definitely the campus. Although it is a very large school, the campus is very welcoming. The landscaping is beautiful, as are the buildings. The biggest controversy on campus now is the increase in tuition and the fact that students will have to pay for football tickets in the fall.


UTK is a great school if you want to get away from the people you grew up with. There are so many different people here. If you want to go to school to meet new people this is a great place for you.


UT for me has become my home away from home. I'm originally from California and the first thing my friends from back home say is good job in basketball!


the best about ut.. ag program, sports bring students together. i don't think the school is too large.. many activities and opportunities to get involved. most of my time spent on campus is in class.. and on the strip during the weekends


I love UTK, that's why I cam here. i love the atmosphere, people, and faculty.


Most people say i must be smart if i go to UT! Well i wish that was the case. I'm lucky I got in!


I love the sports! Game days are what I'll never forget. There's so much school spirit and the alumni are great. The student body size is good. The strip is fun, but needs better updated bars.


One problem I have with UT is parking (typical response). It is completely unreasonable, and I hate that I have to schedule my day and my plans around if I will be able to find a parking spot. I find that it limits me and the activities I am willing to participate in, and it shouldn't. The advising process is also unnecessarily stressful. Why should I have to go talk to 4 different people, who all say different things, to be able to make my schedule? It's especially bad as an art major because there is only one or two classes of each subject offered, so freshman like me have to go beg to be added to certain classes. It's annoying. UT is the perfect size for me. When I think about going to a school any smaller, I just don't think I could do it. UT is exactly how I imagined college: constantly something going on, tons of people I'll never see again, and always meeting new people and making new connections. One thing I love about UT/Knoxville's "college town" is the strip. It is very convenient that everything is within walking distance, especially bars so no one is risking drunk driving or anything stupid. The "T-Link" system is wonderful and has saved me a couple of times! The Strip is something I'm proud of because most college towns don't have an area within walking distance that can meet basic needs. All my friends are jealous we have everything right here.


good variety of classes offered its big but i like it that way, you have more opportunities to meet people. there are plenty of things to be involved in lots of school pride for the vols, its what knoxville is known for


I like this school. The campus is just right, I don't know how I would ever be able to go to a school with a big campus.


I feel that UTK is just right. Its just like the story about the bears...well "goldie locks" found her fit at UTK. I would only change one aspect and that is the way in which UTK "enjoys" canceling classes right before the semester is to begin..that has happened to me twice but other than that I have always dreamed of sporting bright orange and I love it. Most people react when I tell them I go to UTK in a very positive manner...unless I bring up Phil Fulmer...or they are from Florida. I believe that the rich history we have as a school makes UTK an excellent place to attend college and not only that the academics continue to get better and better nationally each year. Therefore, UTKs future is only getting brighter. The social atmosphere of UTK and I would recommend anyone who wants to go to an excellent university, with historic athletic programs, and enjoy a real "college" experience then UTK is your school.


There is a lot of school pride and the kids that wear other SEC stuff on campus get on my nerves. The school is big but you can always find your way and there is always someone there to help. It is a town that is focused around the college but I don't think it is your sterotypicall college town.


Our school is fabulous. The only thing I don't like is the UTPD. They're more worried about catching drunk students than keeping us safe. Students are getting mugged and burglarized all the time, but they'd rather catch people who are publicly intoxicated or underage drinking than keeping us safe.


I think the best thing about UTK is the interaction of the student body and staff. And the school pride is unbelievable, it's hard to find someone without school spirit. UTK is definitely a college town. When I tell people I go to the University of TN, the reaction is usually WOW, that's a great school! Some experiences I will always remember are the football games and traveling to the away games with my friends, the week of homecoming, and the all the wonderful time spent with my sorority sisters. I would encourage anyone to get involved in Greek life here at UT because it offers great opportunities to get involved by volunteering and meeting new people all the time.


I love my university! The school is really big, but that is one of the things I love about it the most! When I tell people that I go to UTK for the most part they are impressed. I have always considered UTK to be the best university in Tennessee. Our biggest controversy on campus is safety because there have been alot of robberies and asaults on campus this semester. I defintely think that there is alot of school pride! The one experience that I will always remember is one of our football games this year. It was our first big home game of the season and everyone was expecting to lose, but nevertheless everyone was still cheering when our team ran in, I have never heard Neyland Stadium so loud.


the best thing about ut is that since it's so large, there is a lot of diversity around campus. there is always something to get involved in, and it's a great environment. i came from a small school and it wasn't for me, ut is just the right size.


The atmosphere at UTK is amazing! everyone is full of school pride whether it be for football in the fall or basketball for the rest of the year. there is always something going on so you can never get bored. the only thing that i would change about UTK right now is the parking situation.


I think UT is just the right size. It seems like a small campus to me, even though I know that compared to other schools it isn't. There may be 30,000 students, but I can't walk to one class without passing at least 3 people I know, usually more. The only aspect of Knoxville that I would consider a college town is the strip. These businesses rely on the football season to stay in business, but aside from that it is just a big city. Ut's administration is fine, but when it comes to advising and graduation, everyone seems to get the Big Orange Screw at some point. The advisors don't know what is going on, and often tell you the wrong thing.


best thing is that the population of students is so large that i can make many friends! classroom sizes are great. In all my classes I've had about 25 students (with the exception of my science classes). I can not think of anything that i would change. My school size is just right. when i tell people i go to ut they say... o you must have a lot of fun! I commute so most of my time is spent in my classrooms; i do not study in the library. Biggest controversy on campus is the crime in the fort. I'm proud to say that i got to UT because the students represent our teams with extreme pride! The most frequent student complaints are that our campus is not that pretty. with the construction of many new buildings, i think that it is working its way up. I'll always remember the football games!


UTK is a very large school on a big campus. A great thing about being here is the football games... there is definitely a lot of school pride. I usually spend a lot of my time in the Presidential Courtyard, because it is where all the freshmen live.


UTK is a wonderful school for all students, especially business students. Knoxville is a great place to live because it embodies both large and small town aspects. The campus is always booming with activities. The many thing I would change is the focus of the administration away from football and basketball and more towards academics. I feel that their actions of removing student seats for additional sky box seats clearly defines their focus on this campus.


UTK is huge and I feel alot of the time that it is about money. The administration really does not know what is going on with the student body or how we feel about things. As long as they get their money, all is well. I do feel that UTK has a lot of school pride. Clearly on game days, but you can see it in the support for all other activities. I would also say we are a pretty active campus- there is always plenty going on.


UTK has a big sense of community. For example, for the SGA campaign this year, everywhere you walked, someone was wearing a shirt to support their campaign. It was incredible. I love the administration. You need to try to get to know them to get an excellent education.


UTK is a large school with almost thirty thousand students. It can be overwhelming at times with the large number of students, but it makes campus life much more lively. I do not believe that Knoxville is a college town, but I believe that the state of Tennessee is very involved in UT athletics. The biggest controversy on campus lately is the prevalence of crime in and around the campus. It seems as though the campus police have placed more focus on citing students for underage drinking/partying and have lost focus on the fact that students can't walk safely on the campus at night.


I love going to a big school! It is the only school I applied to attend. I think there is school pride here but I don't like seeing people in other university's apparel. I love gamedays here. I love having so many people available to meet. I don't like large class sizes in upper level classes


The best thing about UTK is the atmosphere. The campus is beautiful, and the people are friendly. It's a big school, but if you get to know a lot more people than you would imagine. This school is large compared to what I'm used to, but I don't think it's too large. I spend most of my time on campus either in my dorm, hanging out with friends, or at the library. The most recent controversy that I can remember than directly affected me were the fires that were started in Humes Hall, where I live. UTK has SO much school pride. Sports are huge. We're awesome at basketball and pretty decent at football. People love orange here, and everyone has so much pride in our sports teams and just our university in general. I'll always remember the football games and the excitement that could be felt on campus after a big win.


I love UTK so much and everything about it. the sports, my soroity, my friends, the school pride.


I love the people and the campus the most about my school. I think the only thing I would change would be the air/ heat system; it is always either too hot or too cold. I think my school is just the right size; I thought it would be too big and crowded, but now I know so many people that I pass by everyday. I believe a big controversy is the frat, Pike, and the trouble they have been getting into. There is a ton of school pride here. I spend most of my time in the library studying, or either at the frat, sigma phi epsilon with my friends.


I love the unity of UT. I feel at home, cared for, and most of all like i belong. Its a feeling I know other colleges don't have.


The best thing about UTK is the football games and school spirit. I would change the way to get student basketball tickets. Most students who want to go, most of the time don't because they don't want to wait hours in the cold to get into the game.


UTK is a big campus in Knoxville TN. However, once you get use to it, it feels so small!! I love going to UT! My favorite thing about it is the football games! We have alot of school pride and tradition and that makes going to UT even better!!!! The most common complaints about UT that I know I and other students have is the parking situation. UT does not have enough parking spaces on campus to hold the number of students that they have, it is truly ridiculousy!!! But i still would not want to be anywhere else!


The best thing about UT is the school spirit and pride! We bleed ORANGE! And this makes UT stand out and be distinct. I think that UT is a good size for me. I dont think I am intimidated by being in a big school. UT is definitly in a college town, seeing as how we have the "strip". Most of my time spent on campus is at the HPER building because that is where all my Exercise Science classes are. A big controversy that is going on is that the grading scale is changing to a minus scale which will lower students GPAs. The biggest complaints from students is that there is not enough parking spots for the number of students that attend this university. Due to this problem, UT Police gives outrageous amounts of parking tickets when it is inevitable to have to park in a wrong permit area.


I think that one thing I will always remember about my UT college experience will definently be the football games, just game day in general. The entire university turns in to a tailgating wonderland and you get up really early in the morning even if it is a night game! A great experience just to be in the stadium!


UTK is too large- there aren't enough dorms for the freshmen when they come in, but the advantage of the Hope Scholarship makes going to a state school too appealing to turn down for a lot of people. People generally react unfavorably when I tell them I go here, they think, probably correctly, that I'm too good for this place. Knoxville is definitely a college town. There's too much school spirit, I think, esp for orange.