The University of Tennessee-Knoxville Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before coming to the University of Tennessee, I wish I had known how much walking would be necesary for me to get to different parts of the campus, as well as how hilly the campus was, so that I could have been in better shape before the first day of classes. Also, I wish I had researched the classes that I was considering to take in my first semester prior to orientation, where you are expected to sign up for all of your classes on the second day. There are so many students and they can only help so much.


What classes/work the major I chose would truly require of me.


I wish I would have known how much responsibility you need to be successful in your college courses. I have been so accustom to being guided through everything I do in school. But here, everything is in your hands. You have to know when and what to study. The professors are not going to remind you about anything. Nor are they going to make sure you make it to class. How you perform in college is completely up to you. I knew going off to college would make me more independent but I was not expecting the level of responsibility.


To get involved with on campus organizations earlier.


Before coming to this school I wish I had known how much construction the campus is undergoing right now. It seems that everywhere you turn there is a torn down building and a crane. The noise is obnoxious and it takes away from the campus' beauty.


How expensive it was going to get. That they were going to up tuiton like crazy. That they were going to waste my money. That some of the professors would have such thick accents.


I wish that I had known that there would be a lot of construction on campus.


I wish that I would have known how expensive it was going to be. They have continued to raise tuiation evry year since Ive been here. I am at the point now where my scholarships do not cover it all anymore. I understand that college is expensive but I feel as though my school is constantly finding new ways to raise tuition. There is an immense amount of construction going on on campus rigth now, so I have to take alternate routes to almost all of my classes. It is actually getting kind of annoying.


I wish I would have known a better layout of the campus. I was not very familiar of where certain departements and buildings were located.


I wish had known that there were so many hills that I would have to walk by in order to get to my classes.


I feel as though I was very prepared for school/


i wish i had been better prepared. college is new place and its where you find out your true values and what is important to you.


I wish I had known how to manage my time better.


I never learned how to study in high school. College makes you learn.


I wish I had known all the efforts I needed to put into doing well in my classes. I would have worked harder to obtain my goals. I wish I would have known who to talk to about getting connected with different groups and events so that I could meet new people and make new friends.


Football is what comes first. I would hav also liked to have known that the entering campus while under the influence rule is loosely enforced. It isn't a nice environment to be in.


Before I actually moved in the first day, I wish I had know that there was going to be so much walking so that I could prepare and bring a bicycle. I also wish that I had know how crazy it really is on game day so that I could prepare for all the craziness I would encounter.


My roommates are awesome and I didnt have to worry about anything. I wish i had joined the swimming club.


I wish i had known how big it was class wise and overall. it was quite overwelming the first day and seeing that you were in a class of 300 students. Also as a result from a such a large class size you don't have a sense of closeness with your teachers as you did in high school.


Before coming to this school, I wish I knew how important it was to make friends at the beginning of each semester so that you have others to hang out with for the rest of the semester. It is harder to make friends mid-semester than it is in the first week or two.


I wish I had known from the beginning how vital keeping up with your classes online would be.


I wish I would known more about how to get involved. The campus sends out so many brochures that it's hard to find right where you belong because of so many activities. One thing is to check for application due dates before you even even start school and know that if you're rushing a sorority it's best to go in with recommendation letters for as many of the sororities as you can get.


I wish that I had known that I needed to let go of my insecurities. Coming here and meeting so many new people that I love has really opened my eyes to who I am, but it would have been a faster process had I come out of my "shell" the first semester, instead of waiting a couple of months. I also wish I'd known to get more involved in my major(since I knew what I wanted to do) my first year.


I wish I had known about all of the different ways to get involved at the very beginning of school. On the pedestrian walkway at the beginning of school there are many different groups that set up booths for the students to come look at, but there are also a lot that do not set up booths, are often those were the ones that I wanted to join. I advise talking to your teachers about clubs, and also joining the ignite program here at UTK. It provides a great way to meet new people and get involved!


I wish i had know that college is not as hard as all of the teachers in high school made it out to be.


I wish I had known earlier how easy it was to go back to school. I graduated high school more than twelve years ago and had just about given up on my career and degree goals.


How big the school, was.


How hard it was to schedule classes that you required.


I really with that I would have known how much work was really expected of me. High school did not really prepare me on how much you have to study and really how much outside of the classroom things you have to do. As a student I had to learn to study more as well as how to depend on other people through study groups to assist in studying as well.


You have to have a meal plan if living in any of the dorms.


How to really study for a test. I never had to study before I came to college, it is hard to just start studying now.


Sign up for classes early. They fill up quickly!


which dorm was the best.


I wish I had known the true quality of some of the programs available here. I first cam here to be a music major with a focus on voice and opera, but discovered that the music department was not of the quality I had be led to beleive. I have since become a double major in Journalism and Political Science.


I wish I knew how big sorority and fraternity life was at this school. I most definitely would have rushed, even if I didn't like any of the sororities. It's a great way to meet people your first few weeks at the school. It's hard to make friends if you don't rush.


I wish I would've knownhow hard the classes would be. My high school didn't prepare me at all for college and lots of teachers are really unsympathetic towards that. I also have to have a full time job to support myself and teachers do not take that into consideration either, most teachers don't really care about teaching and the advisors don't care about your classes or giving straightforward career advice. I also had no idea that it would be so hard to make friends here without being a partyer.


I wish I ad understood the amount of studying required to succeed in college. I did not have to study in high school nearly as much as I do to succeed in college. My grades in my first semester in college were not what I am capable of because I did not expect the tests to be as difficult and in-depth as they are.


Before attending college, I wished I had known how to better manage my time. In high school, keeping up with multiple classes was fairly easy. College , however, is very different.


Soroities help when trying to adjust and making new friends. Keep up with classes early and start study groups at the begining of the semester.


I really wish I had known how much entering as a freshman would benefit my college experience in the long run. Don't go to a local college then plan on going to a big state university later. Doesn't work out.


I wish i would have known the amount of walknig and the hills on campus. It makes it very hard to wear cute shoes going up the hill especially when it rains.


That college courses required more studying than my high school courses.


It is very difficult to get around without a car. While there are several convenience options, the prices are very high which makes it difficult to thrive on a budget.


I wish I had known more about Knoxville and what the committment level of an NCAA sport was going to be like. And how unhelpful UT advising is


Nothing. I was very well-informed.


Try to have an overall idea of the field that you want to get into and do research on the types of job available to that fieldof study. Follow your DARS report when scheduling classes, and take advising when EXTREME caution. Have fun & enjoy it!


The words to Rocky Top


I wish I would have known how bad campus housing is. I really do not suggest it.


How to manage my time better, how to keep trrack of money in a more proficient way.


Wish I would have known how terrible parking, groceries, housing, are, as well as how unreasonable the administration seems.