The University of Tennessee-Martin Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I think our school is best known for our academic success and obtaining jobs after graduation. I believe we have a fairly high success rate at finding jobs after leaving school. We are also known well for our small community atmosphere and small classes, which is something I looked for when applying to colleges.


My school is known for being a smaller university, but that does not affect the opportunities that are available. To me there seems to be even more opportunities here because the smallness brings people closer together, which leads to friends and even proffesors more willing to provide help when it is needed.


The University of Tennessee at Martin is best known for its great academic department. It is one of the best.


I believe my school is best known for the small campus and how closely the professors work with the students. When you come to my school you have the opportunity to get a lot of one on one tutoring from the professors.


As I stated above, the University of Tennesssee at Martin is known for its Sciences. We have some of the best professors, and one of the hardest Science programs in the state of Tennessee. Also, the Agriculture program is very well known in the state of Tennessee.




I would have to say my school is best known for its agriculture facilities. Though this may seem awkward, it actually explains the environment of the campus. The environment is welcoming and rural. The people have a congenial small town personality which makes everyone comfortable.


For their Music program and Agriculture programs


UTM is best known for its rodeo, which attracts teams from across the country each year.


Our school is best know for its nursing program, biology department, agriculture program, and parties.


Not the football


There is only two words that UTM is best know for. It is challenges and academics.


Besides cows? I suppose we're known for being a small, hometownish college. We're the second safest school in the South.


Agricultral, sports and the arts.