The University of Tennessee-Martin Top Questions

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This school is like a small town of its own: Everyone knows everyone. Also, I thought the tuition was a lot more reasonable when I first started here, but in this year alone, it has risen 6 percent. The teachers actually really care about their students and get to know many of them on a personal basis.


UTM has a small town feel that was perfect for me. There truly is an atmosphere of community both on compus and in the town of Martin. Professors and administration tend to care immensely about their students's success and well being and most are very accessible to students, if needed. UTM is a great place to get an undergraduate education and will adequately prepare you for further education or entry into the workforce.


Martin is a very small college town. That in itself is appealing to me, but what is even better is that the teachers are highly qualified and willing to help in any way possible. Something that has taken me absolutely by surprise is how polite everyone is on campus. It is highly uncommon if a student doesn't open a door for a stranger. The small school and town coupled with down-home hospitality make UT Martin perfect for me.


They have one of the highest most successful rate.


The campus is beautiful and well maintained with a large variety of foliage. The smaller campus allows a more personable atmosphere for conversations with professors and other students.


UTM is a great place to come to college. Its small enough to where you know a ton of people but still larger than high school where everyone knows everything about you. Martin is a community based town and the town loves when all the college kids come back after breaks. UTM is a fun place and if you get involved it can be very entertainning! It also gives students lots of opportunities to be put into leadership roles.


I didn't really consider any other schools.


University of Memphis has a very wide variety of professors and many different teaching methods. I have been very pleased with all the classes i have enrolled in so far and look forward to the next semester.


It's small enough that the classes aren't too big and professors have the opportunity to give students individual attention. It's far enough from home, but close enough that the student can go home if needed.


UT Martin knows how to make students feel comfortable just like home .


I wasn't really unique compared to the other schools I looked at.