The University of Tennessee-Martin Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone looking for a classic big-college experience should look elsewhere. If you want a true dorm experience (sharing a room, one bathroom per floor, etc), then look elsewhere. You shouldn't prefer auditorium classes. If you like having access to lots of stores and businesses, then you would not do well, as this is in the country. You shouldn't attend if you want the maximum amount of options for classes, class times, or majors.


Someone who isn't dedicated and wanting a real college experience. If you're not use to be alone, can't take living in a small town, and looking for a party school, UT Martin is not the place for you.


A person desiring a large campus with an equally large surrounding city should definatly not attent UTM. It is a nice sized college placed in a fairly small city; but it would not be a comfortable size for some students. Also a person that is used to a private school setting might not appreciate UTM. Especially those from a Christian private school. UTM houses a large diverse world of individuals that also might be uncomfortable for some people.


Someone not willing to put forth the effort to get the grades they need in their courses.


The only person that should not attend this or any school, would be one that does not want to succeed in life or does not want a promising future. With all the possible courses of studies provided, the sky is the limit of what you can accomplish.


Someone who does not want to go to class or is into drugs.


I began my freshman year in 2008 at The University of Tennessee at Martin. Coming from Atlanta, Georgia, I knew not one single person before I began school here. I was hesitant at first, but quickly gained friends and began to build close relationships. This university is not only outstanding academically, but it offers an extensive amount of campus activities to get involved in. Every night campus life has multiple opportunities specifically aimed at social life. Being located in a small town, UT Martin is different in so many ways because the whole community is supportive of university students.


City people.


A person who would not enjoy this school is a person who loves big cities. UT Martin is based in a small town and is in the middle of nowhere. Granted, there are local places such as franchises such as Wal-Mart and Subway, however there are really no entertainment areas around Martin, unless you travel about an hour elsewhere. I also think that students who are not engaged in learning will not enjoy this school. We have plenty of Greek life, however academics are very important here.


People who will skip or be late to classes all the time


Honestly, there is such a variety of people at this school that it is very hard to say. We have a distinct business program, as well as a base in music, theatre, and dance. Liberal arts hold a base here as well, however agriculture tends to be the dominating program. If I were to pick one type of person that should not attend, it would be a person who has never had any experience in the country or close to some agricultural field.


Someone who likes city life and who gets bored easily if there isnt much to do on the weekends.


An un-focused person shouldn't attend this school. Will power is a characteristic one should have to go to school here.


Someone who hates small towns and limited places to "go out" to. This school is not for someone who can't stand to do things on their own from time to time.


I believe that hard working students could attend this school and some who is serious about their education.


Someone who thrives in the city and needs constant entertainment from outside sources.


Someone who is just going to say they are going to college. Or just a person that doesnt care about being studious and wanting to succeed.