The University of Texas at Arlington Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates have been very cordial and helpful.


future leaders of america


diverse and know the right questions to ask to better help the rest of the class.


Classmates are friendly and cohesive despite being characteristicly variable.


My class mates at UTA are polite, goal-oriented and usually enthusiatic about completing their classes in order to attain a degree.


The are a huge variety of students from different ethnicities, races, and socioeconomic backgrounds, it's kind of like the melting pot.


My classmates in my nursing class are very hardworkers and concerned about their GPA.


My classmates are very diverse.


My classmates are very intresting and all very different. i like meeting new people in my classes because they come from a very diffrent background than i do so i learn alot from them.


My classmates are very interested in classes directly related to their major, but not so much others.


My classmates come from all over the country, so they are extremely diverse, and are very accepting of other beliefs.


My classmates were my best friends, we took all of our classes together and studied really hard with each other.


These students are energetic, aspiring, mature, kind and self confident.


The students that attend The University of Texas at Arlington are unique, diverse, and enter the work force better prepared than most.


My classmates are unique, eclectic, and they are passionate about learning.


My classmates are a mixture of talented, smart, and motivated individuals who are continuing their education or going back to school after a long absent to pursue a new career.


I absolutly love all my classmates. I find every person in my department very enjoyable and easy to work with. I can honeslty say that all of them bring different things to the table and i can get along with each person very well since we are going for the same major. I love all their back grounds and walks of life, also they are all into competion and make each of my classes very enjoyable!


My classmates come from all walks of life and carry very different experiences. To really get everything you can from the college experience, get to know some of them. You'll be surprised at the way such encounters can transform you. Be open-minded and jump right in.


Present valuable pieces of information with each class discussion.


My classmates are helpful, but busy.


They seemed to be in the same boat as me.


In architecture, the group of students is more like a close, strong bonded, and trusting community. The teachers in the field engage everyone in classroom discussions and the interaction with the faculty is also important. Presentations, hands on projects and research strengthen and broaden the students' learning and understanding of the material. Architecture is one of the fields that brings students really close because everyone looks out for each other, especailly the amount of support that others provide is great.


Goal oriented


My classmates are very hardworking and cooperative.


My classmates at the University of Texas at Arlington are diverse, active, and kind.


My classmates were nice and respected the people around the class.


I have no idea. I am in an online program and student interaction on forums is policed by "academic coaches" and is overly formal.


Describing students would be saying: 1.Competitive 2.Focused 3.Determined 4.In debt 5.Interactive Those are some of the qualities they acquire. Students don't tend to fall out of place here on campus. There are those that are introverted and those that are extraverted, neither being wrong, but simply gaining a different experience at school.


Most students are middle class or above, the campus is very racially diverse. I don't think any person would feel that out of place, it is urban so maybe a person only used to rural areas? There is interaction between groups but people still tend form cliques.


The students at UTA are very kind. I haven't had a problem with another student before. Every time I ask for help everyone is willing to give a hand.


The students at our school are incredibly inviting, the clubs here are awesome.


Every type of student is here. From slackers to brainiacs, everyone fits in. No one looks at you weird for what you wear or how you talk.


Every type of student is here. From slackers to brainiacs, everyone fits in. No one looks at you weird for what you wear or how you talk.


I love how classes are very diverse in this campus, and that allows us to be more knowledgeable of people's backgrounds and cultures.


There is a variety of students at UTA. I will have to say that so far all the people that I have had the chance to met are well respected students from different high schools around the metroplex.


In my classes I have about 10 friends in each one. They are the best, they help me when I need it and we work well together. Of course there aer many other students in my classes but most of them keep to themselves and this dissappoints me because I believe they should be more friendsly and act like everyone in the class is family. I believe we are all in the same boat so teamwork will be needed in order to pass.


In the time that I have been at The University of Texas at Arlington, my classmates have been very helpful and encouraging. Everyone, especially the classmates in student organizations, try helping other classmates to reach their goals no matter how difficult it may seem at times.


My classmates are all unique, however, they all demonstrate academic ambition.


Conservative at first, friendly when initiating conversation.


UTA has a very diverse student body which I think is great because you get to meet students and even professors from all over the world!


There are students from Germany, India, Pakistan, Honk Kong, New Zealand, Africa. One thing UT Arlington is really proud of its diversity, every classroom hast at least 5 different students with different culture! The teachers emphasize to learn from this diversity.


My classmates are diverse. In every class I had there has been at least 4 different ethnicities and that just the minimum for one class.


My classmates are very interested in the subject and very motivated to learn more.


My classmates are open-minded, respectful, intelligent, competent and cool.


they are very friendly and open minded.


My classmates seem to be very good people, they do there work and I don't reall have problems with any of them.


My classmates are focused and determined to graduate.


There is a good mix of classmates in my classs; some are extremely outgoing and are always organizing events, and some are very quiet and pensieve.


Some of my classmates tend to be pretty quiet uless I talk to them.


very helful and friendly