The University of Texas at Arlington Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Greek life is very dominant on this campus.


Intramural sports, and various academic clubs.




I don't know (online student).


The most popular students activities/groups at UT Arlington is the Maverick Activity Center and the Fraternities and Sororities.


Freshmen leadership organization is popular. The basketball teams, and baseball team are supposedly doing well.


The most popular groups are the Greeks, Multi-Cultural affairs, and EXCEL.


EXCEL - a program that hosts free movies and popcorn days.


I think the most popular student groups are sororities and fraternities. We don't have a football team, so I think the most popular sport event may be the basketball games. We actually have our homecoming events in February for the basketball team.


Greek clubs are a big deal hear. Student here enjoy sports a lot and there's always an interesting activity going on


The most popular student group is EXCEL. They organize campus events like the bed races, ooze ball (volleyball in the mud), concerts on campus, movies on campus. I helped with UTA Volunteers and I am the Recruitment Chair for The Big Event, which is a community service event that the students and faculty come together, once a year, and donate their time to the DFW community around us. It has been over a decade since The Big Event has been going on. I was part of this tradition since my freshman year. Their is also FIG (Freshman Interest Group) which helps freshman students to settle into the new school system from High School. The students can have their voice heard through Student congress, which has senators representing every college on campus. The opportunities to get involved is endless!