The University of Texas at Arlington Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is not accepting of others and does not have the willingness to unify people from all walks of life.


The University of Texas at Arlington is one of the most diverse colleges in Texas, which makes it a very welcoming place for many individuals from different backrounds. Any one could attend this college if they truely wanted to. However, the people who don't like diversity shouldn't attend because its everywhere at UTA.


Perharps a person who is used to getting everything they want or someone who is not comfortable with diversity. UTA does not baby you, just like college in general you have to make wise decisions and work for what you want to attain. However, by no means do I feel I have a right to tell anyone that they shouldn't go to this school because I believe if there is something that is here for a student, something they can benefit from, then they have a right to be here just as much as I do.


A person who is not committed or not focused on a particular goal or career should not attend this school. This school is not for anyone who is just trying to move away from their parents and wants to party. The University if Texas at Arlington strives to help student acheive their goals by helping them thru every obsticle in their way.


The sort of person who is judgemental or unaccepting should definitely not attend this school, because of how diverse it is. They would simply feel uncomfortable and would likely make others feel uncomfortable as well.


Anyone is welcome


When you are looking at a University you aren't looking for why you should'nt attend a college, it should be more like why you should. You should list the positives and compare the colleges to see which on gives you more of the pros. This school offers a lot. There are great engineering programs, nursing, language, and more as it continues to grow. Plus, compared with other universities, its cost of living is lower than big universities, like TAMU and Texas Tech.


Arts, creative types. Anyone who cannot get financial aid


The University of Texas at Arlington doesn't target a specific student population, the very diverse individuals already on campus open the door for a greater student community. Anyone can enjoy the campus due to its open policy of student acceptance.


You shouldn't attend this school if are not open to diverse people. This school has a potluck of cultures. You will meet every type of person here at UTA. Also, if you are a party person then you won't like it because we don't have much parties here on campus. Maybe one or two every now and then.


All students should attend this university. The only person that shouldn't attend this school or any other school is that person that won’t take the studying seriously. This type of student not only affects his career, but his university friends. The students in good academic standing are vulnerable to bad influence. Every university needs students that are focused and ready to work. The university is diverse and has room for any American or international student. The university offers help to those in academic and financial need, so there is no excuse for a student not to be successful.


Students who are lazy, unmotivated, and not enrolled to actually get an education, should not attend this school. It is not easy, nothing is ever just "given" to you, and you have to work for your grades. In the end though, you will definately get an education that will prepare you for whatever field it is you are looking to enter.


A person that should not attend the University of Texas at Arlington is one who does not reach out for help or to other people. My reasoning behind this thought is the university has plenty of support programs for students who struggle but the student that does not reach for help will not succeed. The same student would not take advantage of the variety of opportunities at the university like free counseling, free tutoring, free clinics, and many events hosted used for entertainment.


One who is looking for school spirit/pride.


Someone who doesn't want to commit to learning.


There are not several but thousands of people who yearn to one day be capable of attending a university.However, very few take into account all that which is required in order to become accepted.I believe a person who looks at life with vague goals is not suited to attend a university.Overall, a person who looks at life with established limits of conformady shouldn't attend this university.After all, The University of Texas in Arlington is made for those who disagree with setting limits as to what can or cannot be accomplished.


A person who shouldn't attend UTA is a person who is lazy and not willing to put in the effort to pass his or her classes. Also a person who feels they are being obligated to continue their education. Basically I think if you want to attend any college or university you have to want to continue your education. No one should be obligating you to do anything, other than that anyone could attend UTA.


UTA is a great school for any and everybod, there is not a certain type of person that should not attend this school.


If you're looking for an awesome party experiences and friends to keep for the rest of your life, this isn't the place for you.


Basically you shouldn't attend this school if you want to have fun on the weekends. Also if you aren't really good at math you shouldn't attend either because the math courses can be pretty difficult.


Someone is a procrastinator or a slacker.


Prospective students that struggle in Mathematics and are Engineering/Computer Science majors should avoid The University of Arlington. The Math Department is extremely tough and has a super high fail and withdraw rate. Students that come hoping to be Engineering majors often have to change their major because of the strict grading policies of the Math department.


I think this school appeals mostly to older students who are not really looking for any real student social activities. I think young, maybe right out of high school students, would not get a true college experience within this university.


Someone that is lazy and does not want to work for their grades or for their degree.


smart dtudents that want to recieve scholarship money


If the person needs to learn in an atmosphere where you have than 500 students in each class, this is not the school for them.


An average student.


There isnt't a kind of person that shouldn't attend this school. UTA accepts everyone. They are a school of people with great ambitions that want to get a higher education and become a better person in life. If someone wants to have more knowledge then they should como to UTA.


Poeple looking for a party school. UTA is for responsible students.


Any individual not prepared or responsible enough to take their education seriously should not attend this University. Closed minded individuals should also refrain from attending this educational facility.


People who are not open to diversity. This school is very diverse and you can learn many things from the different people you meet here. And of course people who don't really care about school. The people here really care about their schooling and like that environment where they can learn from the professor and peers.


A person who is not serious about getting a formal education and only wants to go to school to get away from home.


I think everyone should get the opportunity to attend college but there is individuals that I consider they shouldn't attend because their slack off or don't seem to care about school and disrupts others from learning. Also, once your attending a university your consider an adult to act responsibly but there's always those who have everything in life and seem to ruin for others.


Some one who is racist, people who want to go to a huge university with a big football program, people who want to play college football, or people who want to party on the weekends


Someone who is not willing to put forth a huge effort in their studies should definitely not attend UTA. Also, if they do not like larger crowds this is not a college for them. if someone is not serious about attending class, doing the work, and getting help when they need it they should not be at this college because it is a lot more challenging than some of the other colleges in this area.


I don't think there is a certain type of student or person who should attend this school because you're going to get those persons who are serious, some not so serious and those in between. Of course, if you're going to any school you should take it serious because an education is costly and they are hard to come by so you should make the most of it when given the opportunity. And for those who are considered not so serious, it takes a little longer for some to realize their full potential.


Anyone that expect to get a free ride. You need to study to pass, especially if you are a freshman. It's not like high school where you can get away with not taking a test and then retake it. If you miss a test, you miss the test and get a zero.


Anyone looking for a party school. Arlington isn't so much a college town, so it's really here for school, not 7 party nights a week.


The University of Texas at Arlington is a great campus for many students. Several college students are dedicated and focused on getting thier degree and some go for the wrong reasons. I feel that students should not attend UTA if they are forced upon going due to thier parents or who ever else. This is a huge stepping stone in the persons life and major decsions are to be evaluated. UTA is expensive and there is a lot of money at stake. No one should be forced to do anything that they do not wish to do.


Someone who is not dedicated to their work. It is okay to be undeclared but you have to have some kind of drive to do well.


One who is not willing to work hard and take school seriously.


People who don't take their education seriously


Someone who thinks college is easy and dosen't really care about education. It is best not to go if one is like such. The courses are demanding and that if one doesnt study, one won't make it far.


Someone wanting to transfer after initial enrollment.


There is not a single person who should not attend this university. There is such a diverse population here that anyone could fit in and find something they were interested in.


There is no type of person that shouldn't attend this school. It is very diverse and really does cater to every type of person.