The University of Texas at Arlington Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The parking! This the the most frustrating thing about my school.


Well I am a Music Education major in orchestra and the most frustrating thing at my school is the lack of practice rooms! In the Music Building at UTA, there are only 20 practice rooms for the bands, orchestra, and chorus. It is really frustrating because you have to come early to try to get a practice room to practice for an hour before class start. You cannot even practice on rehearsal days, because all the practice rooms would be filled up hours before rehearsal starts. It is beyond frustrating when you are beside the drums and trying to practice.


The most frustrating thing to deal with is the parking situation. It is not bad as long as you get to school early.


The most frustrating thing about my school would have to be the parking. However, parking is not a problem if you live on campus and walk to class, which i would highy recommend.


I have barely found anything wrong with my school, I have learned however, if a student would like to talk to services such at housing or finanical aid that they should go directly to the offices in order to have their questions answered in a timely fashion.


The campus maps are not as clear as I would like. The financial aid office is very slow to respond and sometimes questions are not always clearly answered.


The most frustrating thing about UTA is, quite simply, the lack of resources. It has all the basics--good tutoring program, strong advising center, well planned course direction--but there really is this vibe of never being quite good enough, simply due to lack of time, space, and money. There's very much an air of "it's not UT Austin, but it's good enough," among many of the students.


The most frustrating thing about the school is that if you have a meal plan the hours of the cafeteria are conflicting with your schedule.


Finding somewhere to study during the day


The most frustrating thing that I found about UTA was the lack of school spirit. Due to our lacking sports program, I feel like the school spirit there at UTA was sub-par. They had events such as homecoming, and different school "bashes", but I felt like without a football team, it was lacking. Most colleges' school spirit is derived from an above average sports program, and that is one thing UTA is missing.


Parking is by far the most frustrating thing about my university. Because my university is mostly a commuter’s school, parking is a pain for most of the students. Recently, the university opened up a new parking garage, but the disadvantage of this parking garage is that it’s very from the central library and other main buildings. I hope they create another parking garage closer to campus in the future.


I love everthing about my school. The professors and students are very friendly and engaging so they leave me with nothing to be frustrated about.


Time spent in projects for architecture are the only stressful thing, because it conflicts with time that is supposed to be spent for other classes. I love working on the projects it is just that it cosumes a lot of time.


The most frustrating thing about UT Arlington is how crowded EVERYTHING is! I feel like I should wear bumpers on the side of me while walking down the hallways. Bring your lunch! The lines are crazy for food and drinks. The computers in the library are always taken, so be sure to have your own at home!


The Most frustrating this about my school are the parking lots. Recently they build new parking lots but it is always a huge mess when you try to park expecially since my university is a large commuting school.


The most fusrating aspect of The University of Texas at Arlington is parking! There are so many commuter students and not enough parking spaces making it difficult to maneuver around campus. Each day it is a hassle to find a parking space close to one's class and it sometimes even make students late to class. UTA should definately consider expanding its parking lots and maybe build a new one to make parking a little bit easier for commuter students for those who live on campus that get caught up in the whirlwind!


Thus far I haven't found anything frustrating except for a lack of support or advising for external scholarships. My previous university had someone I could sit down with and ask questions about scholarships. But most of all, they gave me extensive ideas and a list of things to follow up on. One of their ideas resulted in a $500.00 scholarship last semester. This would be my only complaint thus far. It's a great university!


How the financial aid is handled frustrates me because it usually takes more time than they say it will, and thats caused me to be dropped from classes before. It's also frustrating because they promise to have extra financial aid available for students and then they decide to build a new stadium and park area instead of providing that money to help students afford thier tuition.


I would have to the most frustrating about my school right now are the weekends. On the weekends everybody tends to go home and most of the places are closed, and hardly anyone is around to hang out with. So I am usually just locked up in my room playing my games, or going to the gym to work. And considering that i don't have car i can't really go anywhere.




According to the large student population, and I heartily agree with them, the most frustrating thing about the University of Texas at Arlington is the parking. The fact is UTA grew much faster than they expected and have done their best through repainting lines in the lots and encouraging carpooling, nonetheless, the staggering rise in the student population was a bit overwhelming for them. They are now constructing bigger dormitories and parking facilities, but while they remain unfinished we students find ourself questing for a parking space that doesn't requre a mile long walk to class.


Fighting for parking in vast parking lots. There should be parking garages instead of lots to save space for better development, like parks or university facilities. Also, people tend to get mugged for their cellphones in hit and runs while walking to far parkinglots at night and not paying attention to their surroundings. Also security at certian events are unreasonable - my dad and niece were not allowed to reenter my sister's graduation ceremony because they would "disturb" others, yet everyone inside was yelling and blowing air horns, people were up walking around inside near restrooms and on cell phones.


I am confident that every "Maverick", here at the University of Texas at Arlington, will agree that the parking situation is certainly the most frustrating aspects of attending classes here. A parking sticker can be afforded to students for only $70 dollars but if a student purchases the pass in person, then, the parking sticker is a bit more than $100, for a single semester. Often, traffic impedes students from arrving to 7 and 8 am classes on time because one of Texas's bussiest street runs straight through the campus. Students are often priced-out of their parking privilage.


There is nothing bad I can say about my school.


The food gets monotonous after a while. But, I get hungry so I've learned to deal with it.


I have found some inconsistency in the adherence to APA style and format when writing papers. All of my classes require APA format but each tend to follow different rules.


The most frustrating thing about UTA is the limited parking.


Probably the most frustrating thing about my school was something that happens on all college campuses-the feeling of hopelessness and lack of readily available information. Having to figure out exactly what was required and expected of me at all times was exhausting, whether it concerned GPA or transcripts or financial aid. This was my proverbial "wake up call" and it made me realize how much I had taken my family, more specifically my mom, for granted. There is no one there to do it for you and you find the truth of what being brave means in your life!


The most frustrating thing about my school is that most of the food on campus is collected in one building on the edge of campus. It is convienent when you are in that building, as you now have all these options on your hands but it tends to be difficult to find time between classes to grab some lunch. I wish the food was better dispersed about the campus.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that there is a lack of school spirit. I attribute this to the fact that it is a local university and unfortunately does not have a football team and I think that does hinder our spirit some as well. Our alumni are also not as supportive as I have seen at other schools


In all honesty, I cannot find any flaws that the University of Texas at Arlington has. As an art major, I actually transferred to one of the nation?s top art schools after my sophomore year at UTA; my mindset at the time was I would only be a successful artist if I enrolled in an art school. This was simply not the case, however, and I transferred back a year later after discovering I was much happier at UTA. Not only did I feel I was learning just as much at UTA, but at a much cheaper cost.


Parking: There are so many commuters at the school that parking get's very ridiculous. People start stalking people walking to their vehicle even if they might be parked a block a way. Friends: I think I could have more friends, but I go to class and go home immediately after. Others who live on campus have more exposure.


Not enough parking


The most frustrating thing about UTA is the math department, sometimes it?s very hard to get the help you need and often professors are unapproachable. I am a calculus student and it was the biggest challenge I?ve ever had, and many of my friends failed.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that there is hardly ever anything to do on the weekdays when classes are done and absolutly nothing to do on the weekends.


I choose to take 5 week on-line classes. The classes are fast paced and require much time . I do not find this frustrating, because this is the way I choose to finish my degree.


The most frustrating thing is the parking. We pay good money and have to park a hike away from the campus. When you're carrying books for five classes it's a bit much. You could use the parking garage if you were rich.


The most frustrated thing about my school is getting the money to afford it.


Parking. No sattelite or annexed schools closer to where I live. I have to drive a long way to get to school. No good public transportation in the area.


The Financial Aid office staff is very unhelpful add often slow to respond to issues and questions. They also tend to be very rude.


I would say the most frustrating thing about the University of Texas at Arlington is the lack of school spirit. Without a football team to chear for allot of students find it a little more difficult to have the school spirit it seems like others do.


Some people prefer to party and sometimes interupt professors.


The amount of people there that arn't serious about their college careers. The parking and the money hungry cops who write tickets on the drop of a hat.


The most frustrating thing is the lack of public transportation.