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The most amazing thing about the University of Texas is school pride. Whether it is in sports or academia, accomplishments are celebrated by all. There is no better feeling than seeing the tower lit burnt orange to celebrate a win. No matter where you go, you see someone or something supporting the Longhorns. No matter the age, people recognize the school as the pride of Texas.


The massive alumni network that comes from being the premier university in the state.


Excellent engineering program and really good value for my money. It's a huge school with many diverse people and loads of opportunities. Although it is a public school, it provides a private school level of education and research at a much lower cost. The University of Texas at Austin is also located in one of the most fun, interesting, and fastest growing cities in America that also provides many opportunities.


school is great. you are great. we are great. this scholaship application is very long and this is getting a little frustrating. cheers!


I believe that the University Of Texas is unique because it is not afraid to voice views that may not be popular. It is located in Texas but it really is a very open friendly place to be.


It is the most challenging, yet affordable school in the state. It is also in a great place for me geographically.


My school is unique because of the thousands of wonderful opportunities it has to offer. Every student, no matter what background, will always find a niche and a supportive group of students who share similar interests and passions. A student has various resources whether it's career oriented, socially based, or research/academia related, to find an outlet for their own personal, professional and academic growth.


When someone mentions Austin, they automatically think of the University of Texas. This university is a big part of the city and we are all proud to be longhorns, not just the students, but everyone that lives in Austin. We have a motto, "Keep Austin Weird," which really describes the school. Everyone in the school is encouraged to be themselves no matter how weird we are and we are accepting of each other. Austin is such a big city that it offers a lot of opportunities to the student to explore careers and so forth. Hook 'em!


Only 13 schools in the nation offer my undergraduate degree, Public Health. UT has this degree.


I love the school spirit at Texas! Everyone is so prideful of UT. The school is also in a very unique and diverse city (Austin), which is great for my major of Theater and Dance, because art is mainly about coming up with something new and different; something to describe life. Austin, being the live music capital of the world, has so many different talents to absorb, whether that be in music, art, dance, theater, etc. I love this school and would choose it all over again!


I feel like although my school is predominantly caucasion something that makes it unique is the close knit minority community.


The Univerisity of Texas at Austin is great for students who are looking forward to achieve the most that they can. The school gives various options for each individual to search and define him or herself regardless of the experiences gained. The school provides tremendous amount of opportunities to explore within and outside the students' major or career by holding organizations and events. These gatherings allow students to social with each other giving them the chance to step out of their comfort zone and shape up their new character.


My university is located in Austin, Texas, a large city with a hometown feel. In such a large city, people will find a great amount of diversity of many different ethnics, and backgrounds, on and off the university, and its community.




UT is bursting with energy and life, theres nver a dull moment here. UT is the spark that lights the fire of ambition.


Located in the state's capital. Large university in a small city that draws a diverse population. Nationally known school with strong programs.


Texas was unique for it brought together the city vibe and nature.


There's a lot of diversity in this school, and being different is not a bad thing anymore. Students are sure to find groups with their same or similar interest that they can join and be a part of. The level of self-learning is very high and makes students have to study and really learn the material in order to do good in school.


Austin is weird! The atmosphere here is so different than anywhere else.


There is great school spirit and everyday you walk campus and can feel that everybody wants to be there to learn and do great things.


UT Austin, unlike other schools, is a place where there are many opportunities to find what is needed at a tangible range.


We have a school pride that is rare. When talking to people about where you go to school, when the words, "I go to The University of Texas at Austin," you say it with such pride and honor. When driving to campus and seeing the tower, you feel like you belong here, and no where else. You feel like your in a huge family.


UT Austin is a melting pot of cultures, races, and religions. No matter who you are or where you came from you'll be sure to fit in somewhere on the 40-acres.


The University of Texas is unique in where it is located. Austin is such a diverse city. People from all over the nation travel to Austin to go to UT and it makes for a very unique city with a unique students. Because there are so many different people and cultures, it is almost impossible not to find something here that you are passionate about. There really is something for everyone here! It might take a while for you to find what you love, but once you do, you can rest assured that you can find it in Austin!


This school focuses on an education that you can be passionate about, and create the bonds with other students that will last a long time. The community of the school is diverse and fun, and it allows for growth and it's very welcoming, as it brings together people from all over the world to create a positve and amazing learning atmosphere. I found football was a great sport, joined a sorority that did not fit a stereoptype of Greek life and found a major that I could excell in.


The University of Texas offers everything a college student could possibly dream of, including competetive academics, clubs, athletics, comradery, and campus life.


This school is unique because it offers more courses than the courses offer at the other schools I have considered. Also The University of Texas at Austin has more to offer than just courses. They have high rated colleges and majors as well as big organizations for students to be a part of. The organizations offered at UT are very diverse as well thus making the University even more unique.


The University of Texas is unique because it is the only school that offers my degree that I am pursuing which is Geosystems Engineering and Hydrology.


This school was definately much bigger than my perference, however I felt unsatisfied with my other choices ( I was accepted to St. Edwards and Southwestern even a famous university in Thailand before I applied to UT). However I was drawn to the University of Texas. It seemed as if everybody who was anybody in my highschool got accepted into UT without any trouble. I was at first afraid to apply because my SAT and ACT scores were low and I didn't feel as smart as the other kids. But I decided to meet the challenge anyway.


I like the fact that is in a big city but you don't feel like it is too big. The school has a lot of spirit and everyone is very nice.


It has a diverse campus but you can always find people just like you. I feel like the students motivate each other just by living in the same general area. During exam time, EVERYONE is studying. It just makes you want to study more. The system works really well. There are the professors, good and bad. But then there are teacher assistants that are pretty much there everytime you don't understand anything. It's really hard, but there's some fun in that. There is every type of club, organization, fraternity, and sorority imaginable. A fantastic college experience.


My school has the resources of a large research university with professors who are truly concerned with teaching as well as publishing their next book. In addition, the campus is teeming with school spirit, our sports teams are top notch, and extra-curricular activities are thriving and varied. I had originally intended to attend a small liberal arts college, but UT surprised me by offering the same caliber of instruction along with everything else I could have hoped for in a university.




It is very cultrually diverse. The various cultures are presented by organizations and events welcome to the public. It's a great way to open up the minds of students and the community.


culturally diverse, many options for majors, great knowledgable faculty, emphasis on school spirit, alot of emphasis on going green and taking a part in helping the local community


When I first set foot on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin, I right away knew that I was meant to be here. The university is filled with friendly people that are always willing to help, many resources that help academically, and many other things. If ever you ran into legal problems, the university offers free legal counseling and can help you get through whatever legal situation.


UT Austin is such a diverse university in many aspects. Culturally, it is a melting pot of Asian, American, Latin, European, and pinches of all other races and nationalities. You really get a sense of how world renowned this University is just by seeing people from all over the world studying and teaching there. Also, the architecture of the buildings is amazing. It really gives the school a sense of importance and majesty.


We have the best balance of academics, social life, and division I sports. We are conisistently in the top rankings of all three categories. We are also unique in that we are "the spec of blue in a sea of red", meaning we have a very liberal approach to life, something not normally seen in Texas.


Great Education + Great Parties+ Great Teachers= An AMAZING FOUR YEARS! However, like they say, college IS DEFINITELY WHAT YOU MAKE IT!


i love how open minded austin is. ..and i love the city.


UT Austin is a very respected university. The faculty focus strongly on research, and do not passively teach whatever knowledge is available in the field but seek to make new discoveries. The campus is gorgeous and well placed within the city. No other school I considered had the reputation, beauty, or convenience as UT Austin.


First, the environment at the University of Austin with its 850-acres and wide variety of landscaping, architecture, nearby parks and outdoor activities, with hiking, kayaking, swimming, camping, rock climbing, and biking, encourage an enjoyable and healthy lifestyle for students. Secondly, UT has been consistently ranked as one of the best sport colleges in the US; we are prideful and supportive of our football team, among many other teams, so much that days of the games are considered unofficial school holidays.


it is a big school, with many resources and cultural activities, and most importantly the availability of many careers to choose from.


I would avoid the University of Texas at Austin. The people in general whether conservative or liberal are too opportunistic, political minded, aggressive, two faced, and sometimes very bigoted. My idea of college was to learn, have fun, and get to know different types of people. I didn't experience that at all. I experienced the exact opposite. I believe I learned much better at other colleges. I believe the academic environment and resources are far better at other colleges.


Honestly, it was cheaper and is in a really interesting city. Austin is a great place to be.


In general UT is a great school and if you have no better reason, come here just for the football!


Although UT is a huge campus with tens of thousands of students, it's large size is not a disadvantage. The classes are well-sized and concentrated, and students are exposed to hundreds of different lifestyles and people. Also, one of the greatest things about UT is its location: conveniently located near downtown Austin and also nicely settled in the heart of the beautiful Texas hill country. Austin is an incredible place for young people with it's live music scene, downtown culture, and many other attractions. There is literally not a dull moment at UT and in Austin.


One of the most unique things about the University of Texas is its size. Since it is such a large school, there is really a lot of things available to the students here. There is always somthing to do, and always someone to help you out if you need help. There are also alot of education experiences and classes available because of the University's size that wouldn't be available at other, smaller schools.


The University of Texas at Austin is one of the largest universities in the world by enrollment. The student population topped 50,000 in 2007, and the school is one of the largest in the country. With a population the size of a medium city, it is easy to get lost here. It is also easy to find something new and incredible to do. You could meet 20 new people a day and never meet everyone at this school. Maybe the size of UT is not for everyone, but some people enjoy being part of something larger than themselves.


It's not as big as you would think.