The University of Texas at Austin Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag that UT is among the top ranked universities in the world. I love telling everyone how much fun it is, but how the education is amazing as well.


There's so much to do here. There's always something going on around campus or in the city of Austin. You will never be bored here. Although that can be bad when you're trying to focus on your studies.


We have a clock tower! I'm constantly telling them that if I ever get lost in the city, all I have to do is look for the tower and I'm able to get myself home!


That the University of Texas was ranked the seventh best University in the United States and the twenty-sixth best in the world by the Center for World University Rankings.


This school is unnecessarily hard but that's what will prepare me for the future.


We've got the best resources: a fun surrounding-city (unofficial city motto: Keep Austin Weird), our university's own 24-hour television network, and the largest university art museum in the U.S - check. There's more. Academically, we are ranked number one nationwide for our Accounting, Petroleum Engineering, Archives and Preservation, and Latin American History program. There's no reason to argue whether brains or bronze is more important. At UT, we've got both.


The great research oppotunities, the national rankings of the programs, and the professors.


There was never any coddling. I was held to a high standard and expected to perform. Since we rise or sink to the level of the expectations set before us, I was able to excel because I was challenged.


Libraries and hot guys


I brag about how prestigious the university is and how well known it is world wide. I am completely honored to attend such a school with high standards and I love to tell people about it. I brag about how successful we are at anything we do, whether it be our outstanding sports programs or our absolutely amazing academic records. In conclusion, the University of Texas is an excellent school to brag about.


The broadcasting program at UT is incredible. After competing in pagenats for so long it was clear that my ultimate goal was to have my own talk show. The College of Communication at UT is one of the best in the Nation. Also, the Vietnamese Student Association is huge. As someone who is currently raising money for Wounded Vietnam War Veterans, having a large VSA is a great support system. UT has over 50,000 students, everyone fits in. Everyone can call it home.


I met a lot of really great people even though I am a non-traditional student. I never felt out of place. I encourage all to attend college.


We have the most exciting football games. Everyone shows their spirit as they walk around cheering while wearing burnt orange. Everyone is prideful here, and it makes the over atmosphere on campus that much more delightful. We have so many clubs and programs on campus to join if you want to make friends. There is something for everyone. The people are really nice here. I made friends quickly. We have an amazing Women's Rugby Team (which I have joined). We have downtown Austin at our fingertips which is amazing. UT Austin was a great choice for me.


UT is huge. There's always something going on and there are extracirricular opportunities for every interest. No matter what you're into, you can find a club that suits your interests.


Excellent research faculty So much to do in Austin


Diversity is what makes this campus thrive. Different cultures mean different ideas and therefore creating an unlimited potential of learning and understanding.


Sixth street, outdoor sports,tom shoes, friendly people, coffe shoes, smart cars, and the fact that Austin people accept you as you are.


Variety of student backgrounds, football team is one of the bes in the nation, parties, fun and very friendly people in the city, right next to "The Drag" where most people shop or hang out with friends, hundreds of clubs and organizations to join, impossible NOT to make friends


We have the greatest combination of all resources: great town, great culture, great traditions, great environmental surroundings and a great reputation. UT Austin gives you the best "big university" experience in texas.


There is nothing that is more thrilling than coming together with 100,000 of your closest friends and cheering on one of the best football teams in the nation. When I talk about UT, I brag about the football games. I am a sports fanatic and I have never attended a sporting event as fun as a UT home game.


When ever I talk about my school to my friends, I tell them and brag about the diverse atmosphere. I love that at the University of Texas at Austin, there are so many different people from so many different walks of life. I have encountered people from not only all over the nation, but also all over the world, everywhere from Dallas to Italy; from Virginia to Nigeria. Being at this school, I have learned so much about other cultures, things that I never knew before and I have grown to appreciate them.


I brag mostly about the Red McCombs School of Business because it is recognized in the nation. It is a very competitive school and not everyone can get in. I also brag about how good our school's football team is . They were undefeated this past season until they went to the BCS Championship where they lost to Alabama.


At UT Austin, people don't judge you no matter what. In my home town this is completely opposite, so it's nice to have a change. You don't have to hide who you are. You can act how you want and people won't look at you funny or talk about you. Everyone just does what they need to do. They all worry about themselves and not criticizing everyone around them.


How absolutely beautiful and scenic the campus and the entire city of Austin is. Another thing people dont realize, is that Austin is the "live music capital of the world"; there is a plethora of music and art everywhere you go, which gives Austin a vibrant energy that is quite rare, especially in Texas.


I tell my friends and relatives that it is great school. The students in my school are from different parts of the world. When you walk around looking for a room to see professor's or TA's office hours you here students speaking in different languages. It made me feel like I am traveling from China to Germany, then Japan, Russia, India, from Vietnam to Africa and then to Spain. I feel so great to be among so many different students. I love professors at my school. Their lectures are so interesting. It worse the money I paid for.


I often ramble to my friends about the diversity my school has to offer. My university has an amazing array of majors to choose from, which means one will, most likely, enroll in a field of study they are truly passionate about. Of course, this is, in part, what leads so many students to excel in the respective field of study. Furthermore, with such a large student base, we have a great variety of groups to help each and every student feel at home or be adventurous and explore new things.


The fact that we have it all. Nationally ranked sports teams? Check. World renowned academic programs? Check. Beautiful campus in a growing city? Check. And above all else, the people here are some of the best people you could ever meet.


I mostly brag about all of the opportunities I have, not only within the school, but in the whole Austin community. Around every corner, there is someone to meet and something to do that I know can and probably will affect my college experience. Since I am majoring in Theatre and Dance with a focus in Technology and Design, I often brag about the fun things I've done in class and my accomplishments in those classes. I also like to brag about our amazing football team. I'm not really a football fan, but I know football unites people.


UT is a very active school. Our football team is really strong and we have really great school spirit. UT also offers a variety of extracurricular activities so it is really easy to get involved. UT is big but it's nice because you get to meet a lot of different types of people.


We have loads of school pride.


University of Texas in Austin has the 15th rank overall standing in whole world. It is a very diverse place. Teachers are so educated. Alumni are so friendly and there are so many sources to use and learn


University of Texas is one of the best public universities in the nation, and the best in Texas. So because I had to leave the University of Denver for the University of Texas due to financial issues, I downgraded to the best public university in Texas which is hardly a drop-off. Not only will it offer me a great oppurtunity to attend law school, but it is one of the most fun universities a college student could attend.


My quality education- the feel of a small liberal arts college in a huge university.


I brag about the amazing amount of school spirit. Everybody on campus is there for one another and we all rally together to back our sports teams, academic teams, and pretty much anything the school does. UT is definitely a family.


I love the environment. I love the competitiveness of the students.


I'm very proud of the well-rounded education I received. Many professors were also involved in research, and were well-established in their fields. We were taught the most current and accepted information available. Many of the courses, especially the science courses, were very difficult. And of course, I'm also proud of Longhorn football!


It is one of the top schools in the Nation! I know that I am getting one of the best educations possible. The campus is beautiful and the football games are a blast. After graduating from UT, I know I have the education and credibility to get any job I desire.


UT has a very strong academic program in addition to its strong research foundation.


The general acceptance and liberal attitude. Anyone is accepted here. Race, sexual orientation, religion, political leanings doesn't matter. Everyone has a place and everyone feels very comfortable. There are also few rules and structure for social activities. Dating, sex, etc, are talked about and accepted.


Athletics, campus amenities, and surrounding food.


The University Of Texas, is a great school. It has a great learning enviornment, with plenty of resources. It offers great school spirit and is one of the best schools in Texas. The work load may be difficult at first, but if you study and stay focused you will succeed!! There is shuttle buses that take you just about anywhere you need to go; plus it's free if your a longhorn!! So this is a great choice if you are thinking about attending this school, you wont be let down at all!


There are so many different opportunities on campus because of being such a great, large school. The campus is in the middle of the city so entertainment isn't far. It's a great program for, for me, in state tuition.


The schools athletic program


the academic challenge


yes, because its a very hard school to get into so i usually brag for funs


The business school that I'm in is consistently national ranked in the top 10. My Marketing program was most recently #2 in the nation.


I brag about how involved I am on campus, and about the amazing people I get to meet.


There are two things I brag about when I talk about the University of Texas: The football team and the academic prestige of the school. The football team is an obvious choice because of how well we play and the win/loss record of the team. UT is always in the running for the top spots in the division. Academically, UT is known for the quality of education given, and people are really impressed when they find out that you attend UT.


The diversity not only in race and ethnicity but also world views. The whole attitude here is also very relaxed and welcoming. We strive for excellence but understand that life should be enjoyed so that while working towards our goals we experience life as well. I love the accepting atmosphere and down home feel even though we are a large city and the capital of our state.


school of music