The University of Texas at Austin Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


There is an unspoken pride that anyone can see when they are on campus at UT. Anywhere you go, you see tons of kids wearing orange and other Texas gear. The students here know that their university is elite when it comes to academics and sports. This pride brings everyone involved with the University of Texs together.


The UT football team. When most people think of the University of Texas, that's what they think of.


The school spirit and comaradery.


The diversity and the opportunities to meet and learn from some of the greatest scholars in the world.


UT offers more opportunities than any other campus in Texas simply because of its size. Anything you want to do is there, and if by some chance it isn't you can start it with funding from the University. There is no way to not fit in at UT; there are so many people that no matter what you are into, chances are that there are thirty other people just as enthusiastic as you. In short, I have more chances to see what I really enjoy in life at UT.


Our football team, our party scene, downtown clubs and bars, small-town feeling in a big city, a vibrant artisitc community, the music scene, the girls, the river, the lake, campus, restaurants here, mexican food, local breweries, 24/7 things to do, constant fun.


The friendly enviornment as well as the diverse culture of this university. The challenging coursework is always a plus.


I love my professors--they are superior in their knowledge and accessibility. The campus is beautiful and well kept. Other students are friendly and willing to help you.


It is a well-known school and many people strive to attend.


University of Texas at Austin is the most diverse place you will ever be. The campus is like a city itself. There is a group for everyone . There are so many people to meet and opportunities that lie in front of you if you attend UT. The school spirit is fantastic and the Professors are amazing and well knowledged in their fields. They are upbeat and enthusiastic about their subjects and I love it. Thats why I bleed orange.


It's huge and gorgeous!


I brag about my psychology professor being leaders in the field and the experience of working with them. I also like to talk about the sailing club, which will teach you how to sail just for fun.


I love to talk about our football games and the school spirit we have to support our team. It's a really incredible experience to be in the crowd with your piers and experience the joy of winning. I also love the challenge that is presented; although the work is tough, it's incredible how much you can learn from all the resources available to the UT student body. We have great libraries and wonderful faculty who want to help you maximize your learning as well as prepare you for the real work world.


#1 Football Team. Live music capital of the world. And it's just bigger/better in Texas :)


I love to brag about our amazing and talented football team, as well as our VERY comnpetitive academics!


We are THE University of Texas, we work hard and play hard. Classes are tough, campus is beautiful, not to mention we're in the heart of Austin. This school will make you want to cry around finals, but it more than makes up for it.


There's so much to do in Austin, and everyone at UT is fairly open-minded. Committees on campus coordinate lots of fun events. It's also nice that just about everything is within walking distance, and if it's not, you can ride any of Austin's metro buses there for free.


I brag to my friends that my school beats theirs both on the playing field and in the classroom. Our sports are great for bragging rights, and our graduates are extremely successful. Plus, I go to school in one of the most wonderful cities in the country, Austin. At UT you are exposed to every type of person, every political view, every race, every religion, every hairstyle. And I feel like a much more rounded person because of that. You can?t beat this school for its people and its professors, who are absolutely incredible.


What I brag most about when I talk to my friends about the University of Texas at Austin is that I made it through my first year successfully. I took twenty-seven hours my first year, (including chemistry, biology, nutrition, phsycology, and nursing communications all in my spring semester) and I came out with a 3.66 GPA. I also brag about the amazing football games. I have season tickets and you won't miss me skipping a game. There are many good things that come along with going to a large school, including our recreation center, Gregory gym.