The University of Texas at Austin Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I absolutely love the University of Texas at Austin. Opportunity thrives everywhere you turn, the people are unique, and the overall atmosphere is completely welcoming. No matter what you decide to study, UT is jumping to help you excel at that major.


I am currently enrolled in UT Austin but will not begin classes until the fall.


It's the best public school in Texas. As UT, A&M, Rice, and Baylor compete against each other academically, each school brings something different to the table. Baylor - yeah no, it's in the middle of no where. A&M - un-lively city, it has the academic credentials, its basically UT without the TRUE college experience you'll find in movies. Rice- a great top private school, expensive but has awesome Financial aid. I know a lot of students that prefer UT to rice. You're only going to get 4 years of college, spend those years with memories and experiences you can only find at UT.



I have enjoyed my time at this school immensely. As a minority, I feel this campus is one of the most diverse and offers a variety of Ethnic Studies courses that have encouraged and motivated me to be an honors student. UT Austin is one of the most recognized state universities in the U.S. and I always receive praise for graduating from this university with two degrees.


I really love UT. Everyone here is so friendly and you don't have to worry about being yourself. Walking around campus is great because the weather feels really nice. There is a lawn where you can sit outside and read a book with other students around you. UT is a pretty big campus, but you'll start to know your way around after a week or so. Football is so huge in this campus, and the student football tickets are so cheap! I usually spend most of my time in the library, but there are 15 libraries on campus so you can move one to the other. When I tell people where I go to school, I tell them with pride because I really am proud to be a student at this university. The professors here are really open to help you with any of your problems and are really interested in doing whatever it takes to achieve the grade you want.


UT exemplifies "go big or go home." Everything is huge and loud here: Greek culture, nerd culture, minority culture, queer culture. Housed in a liberal city like Austin, there's a little something for everybody - and when everybody is 50,000 people, your options are endless. Even the honors tracks are diverse, yet all prestigious in their own right - from the Renaissance education in the 75-year-old Plan II Honors to the computer science focus in the young and inspiring Turing Scholars program. The biggest draw to me when I came to this school was the huge and diverse student population - its own city, really - and the slew of interesting courses I could take (Rhetoric of Lady Gaga, anyone?). Once I arrived, however, I realized that the best thing about the University of Texas is the city of Austin. Big-town energy with a small-town appeal, it truly is the weirdest place (but we say that with love). Every week there is some protest about yet another political event down in the city, and one walk on any street is bound to uncover a boutique of curios or a gluten-free vegan organic restaurant. Living in Austin - such a bustling city charged with the energy of fresh adulthood - has made me care about the world in a way I don't think I would have in any other place. In just a month I became fascinated with gender studies (the feminist group here is loud and proud), and photography (hipster culture is everywhere). I've always dreamt of shaping the place I lived in, but never imagined how much it could shape me.


UT is very unique and very fun. Being located in the heard of Austin provides you with many fun things to do, like the drag, the stores on south congress and even Barton Springs pool and Zilker park. Also Austin has a diverse and huge music and concert scene for all kinds of music tastes. The professors at the University are very knowledgeable and make learning interesting and fascinating. There is a lot of school pride and on game day there is burnt orange everywhere. It's always fun to go tailgating and meet with fellow classmates and friends and cheer for the Longhorns. The school is large but I think it's a good thing because it allows you to make a lot of friends and to experience diversity and different cultures and learn from them.


There are many positive things about UT. For one, it is in Austin, which is a great town for all ages, and it is a town that is a fast growing city with a plethora of jobs. The size of the school can scare some people. 50,000 + students is big, don't get me wrong. But it is what you make of it. Joining one of the 900+ student organizations is a big help in meeting friends. UT is a world-renowned university with famous alumni including Matthew McConaughey (famous actor) , former First Lady Lara Bush, Michael Dell (CEO of Dell), Gary Kelly (CEO of Southwest), and Walter Cronkite (famous broadcaster), among others. While the famous alumni were not a factor when I was choosing to where to attend college, it might be a factor for some people. Overall there is no place I would rather be than at UT. It is one consistently one of the best universities in the nation with many top-ranked programs.


The best thing about this school is not only the quality education it offers it's students, but the wonderful town the school is in. Austin, TX provides its residents with abundant outdoor activities, music festivals, social events, etc. You can grow in your education at school during the week, and learn just as many fantastic things from the surrounding community on the weekends. Whether you're attending the Longhorn football games, checking out SoCo and the millions of bats, swimming in Barton Springs or studying in the Tower on UT's campus, you will never forget the years you spent at this school.


Imagine attending a university that is acclaimed all over the country, where never in your life will someone have to ask you "where's that?" Imagine going to college in a city where there is always something to do, whether you're spending a Thursday night on Sixth Street or a Saturday afternoon kayaking down townlake. We have ACL and SXSW. We have researchers at our school creating life-changing research. We have a nationally acclaimed sports program. We are a family. We are Longhorns.


As per the Texas Constitution, The University of Texas at Austin was created to be a "university of the first class"--and it is just that. From expert professors in their respective areas to students who are eager to learn and master specific content, the academic environment at UT-Austin is rich. The location of campus directly in the heart of Austin provides ample opportunity both on and off campus to experience such a unique and well-loved city. Expect to see a lot of burnt orange walking around, as students are proud to be Longhorns and turn out to sporting events in great numbers. If you need a break from studying, events are always taking place on campus, put on by over one thousand student organizations. There really is a place for everyone!


UTD is a very good school from an academic standpoint, but lacks the real college life feel. The size of UTD is the perfect size, but is continuing to grow year by year. Many people react positively when I tell them I go to school at UTD. They say it is a very good school. I spend most of my time in the School of Management Building while Im on campus. The administration at UTD is very good, I believe most of the professors are really involved in helping the students succeed while they are here. School pride doesn't really exist from what I have witnessed, because it is more of a commuter school.


UT is the flagship school of Texas. It is well known around the world, both for academics, and its superb football team. It's a BIG school, population wise, but the physical campus itself is small. The Business and Engineering undergraduate programs are highly ranked. Admissions is a controversial process, for the last decade or so, anyone graduating in the top 10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of their high school class was guaranteed acceptance. Policy changed to the top 8{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} this year due to overcrowding, but class rank is of utmost importance for entry. UT is located in Austin, the CAPITAL OF TEXAS,one of the greatest college towns in existence. Austin is chock full of entertainment options for students to explore, and it might very well take 4+ years to get to know the city. 6th Street, SoCo, SoLa, Barton Springs, are just some of the fantastic locales and neighbors in the eclectic city of Austin. UT football dominates life in the fall! Thankfully, the team is always hyper competitive, 10-3 records are considered down years...:)


The best thing about UT is that it offers an AWESOME education along with a ton of things to do outside of school. 24/7 you can find something to do and I guarantee you'll never be bored (unless you chose to do so). If you love a big school in a great city with tons of people then this is the school for you. I love the hustle and bustle of it. UT is kind of like it's own city :). Not only do you have fun, you get a great education and it's known all over the US for its clout. I live off campus now but when I lived on campus I spent most of my time either walking around campus, in jester (a dormitory), or in my room. UT offers a lot of valuable resources from advisors to GREAT teachers (but you'll always find some who aren't to your liking). I fortunate to have been taught by some AMAZING people! Some down sides to UT would be that sometimes you don't get that personal relationship with your teacher just because of the size of the classes but they're happy to meet with you during office hours. However, as you get deeper into classes geared toward your major then the classes get smaller. I've had classes upwards of 200 kids and as small at 15-20. Also, the campus is huge (40 acres) so you'll have to be prepared to walk (lol) or you can take the 40 acres bus that comes often and circles around campus to different areas of campus. I love that about UT. All in all, UT offers just about any organization you can think of from religious, to sports, to sudoku clubs, numerous sports activities including UT football to tennis to soccer and baseball, and numerous things to do and see in Austin. I love this school!!


The University of Texas at Austin is completely overrated and a horrible place to learn and study. A lot of the professors in the program I attended are overrated and full of themselves. They are curt, lie, mislead, and almost everything is self taught or placed on a powerpoint presentation, so you aren't really getting a good education. They rely heavily on class discussion that tends to favor one or two particular ideas of thought. They tend to harshly criticize or shun others with different styles of thinking. They call that "weeding students out". I think that is unfair and fascist considering a university is a place to learn by means of verbal and written instruction and step by step processes. The professors are usually political and engage in favoritism and other political agendas that inhibited my learning process. Homework, group projects, and assignments are usually busy work that is often challenging but most of the times is pointless, redundant, or absurd. A lot of times professors do not grade objectively, professors will create problems with students they don't like. Administration will most likely not help you or they will create a facade as to make it seem that they tried to help you, but nothing will be done in regards to improving customer service in most all cases. The university might have a somewhat diverse population, however, that doesn't mean people are accepting and friendly of diversity. Other students have commented that students break off into groups of their own kind and stick together. I see this as a problem. In an educational environment people should be able to associate and bond with others that are different than themselves instead of being shunned, avoided, or scapegoated which does happen there. I rarely ever saw integration or continuous acceptance and respect towards diversity. Also don't assume your private and personal life is kept secret. People spread rumors, gossip, and spy on you there.


What I love most about UT is the size. You would think that a campus of 50,000 students would be daunting but I actually love not knowing anyone. It gives you the opportunity to be yourself and make friends you're interested in, not ones you're forced to befriend because you've been in school together since kindergarten. I also love the school pride here! Whether you're here for academics or for sports, there's a lot of pride in our schools and our teams, all of which rank well on a national level. And because the city of Austin doesn't have its own professional sports team, Austin pretty much bleeds burnt orange. It's awesome to live in a "college town" that's really a college city.


The school is huge, but that's the way it goes. Though the town is a party town with quite an active social scene, you can get lost in it. You still have to make an effort to be a part of things. Just because there is so much going on, it doesn't mean you will be included. You have to put yourself into the scene instead of waiting for it to happen to you.


The school size is very big. Most people dont mind the size because there is something for everyone to do. there is always a club or activity for every student.


I really don't know what's the best thing... I suppose APS, my medical society. I spend most of my time on campus in the lirbary, or the Union. Or in class.


UT is definitely a large school. In fact, it was the largest in the continental United States until only a few years ago. But don't let that bother you. What's important to remember is that, for the most part, you will be mainly involved in your own personal area of study, and that can be a large or as small as you'd like it to be. So yes, you may be in a school of 52,000 students and faculty, but you're not going to interact with all of them on a daily basis. Get to know the professors and fellow students that are in the area you care about most, enroll in Freshman Interest Groups and Freshman Seminars, and if you're in a dorm get to know the people that are in the same field as yours and you'll do just fine. It's always nice to have a "note buddy" who can go over information for a class that you may have missed.


The best thing about UT is the people! There are so many people from all different walks of life and it's great to learn about different cultures. One thing I would change or get rid of would be the PTS (Parking and Transportation Services). It is pretty much an accepted fact that you will get at least one ticket a year if not a semester. It gets pretty annoying because sometimes you will only be a minute past your metered parking time and you will already have a ticket waiting for you when you get back. UT is definitely a college town. Every one that lives in Austin either goes to UT, went to UT, or is just a hardcore UT fan. We bleed burnt orange, and Longhorn flags can be found at just about every corner. There's definitely a lot of school pride!


UT is one of the largest universities in the country, which is both a good and bad thing. On the positive side, there is so much stuff to do and a lot of opportunities. On the downside, the registration process almost never goes the way you would like and you can definitely feel like a number more than a person. Austin is probably the best city in Texas and because so many people are students, it's a great college town. There's always something going on and it makes life more fun.


The best thing about UT is the people you meet. I like the large campus. The division of schools makes it a little smaller. I spend most of my time in the Mechanical Engineering building, but that's the same with any engineer. Everyone loves the school and are proud to go there.


I absolutely love UT. I think the school is very welcoming to people from all sorts of cultures and backgrounds, the professors are great and have outside-the-box perspectives. If I could change something, it would be the ridiculous parking situation for campus. When I tell people I go to UT, they are always very impressed and assume I am very smart. When I was on campus, I would spend most of my time at the PCL; that is where i go to study/write papers. Austin is definitely a college town, the atmosphere all over Austin is very hip, young, and active. It is very student friendly, and the city prides itself on UT. I think the recent controversy on campus is the ever-growing tuition increases and the current 'safety' concerns. I'm not sure if I would say there is anything 'unusual' about UT, it might not be like other schools, but it is definitely a place I love and feel at home in. Every UT experience is great: I loved attending the football, basketball, and volleyball games. Events like 40 Acres fest are always fun, attending events at the West Mall, and participating in things throughout campus. Most frequent student complaints is definitely the increase in tuition, the rediculous book prices at the co-op, and the lack of school parking.


The Big Picture for me is that the four years I spent at UT were no doubt some of the best in my life. I was fortunate enough to meet some pretty amazing people there who helped make my time there so memorable. Part of this group of people were the Texas Cowboys. I was involved with the organization my Junior and Senior year of college.


UT is a great all around school. If you want a college genuine experience it is the place to be. You get a great education for a good price. The only thing I would change is that it is so big that sometimes it is hard to form relationships with faculty and students.


The best thing about UT is it's location. There is so much to do all around austin all of the time, and the live music is great. UT has a great academic reputation and most people recognize that you must be doing something right to be at UT. Along with academics the sports scene is impressive which makes going to football, basketball, volleyball and other althetic events that more fun.


Austin Rocks!


I think UT is incredible because it offers everything a college student could want: great academics, beautiful weather, esteemed professors, renowned downtown bar scene, and the unique Austin culture.


UT has a great, long-standing culture with tons of traditions. It's a huge school, but there are so many ways to make it smaller by finding a niche in an organization or social group. The campus is beautiful and amazingly manageable. The administration is definitely here to support the students. There definitely is no lack of school pride, or Texas pride. I think one thing that UT could improve on to help its national standings would be out-of-state recruitment, where its efforts lag behind many other comparison schools. The most frequent complaints are about parking, but there's no way around those issues when you go to a school of 50,000 in an urban setting.


UT is a great school with a lot of diversity. I never regret the decision of coming to UT because it has taught me many more things than just things you learn in a classroom. I've learned to deal with people and tolerate people.


Its big and awesome and we are badass in sports. We have the greatest education system!


love UT. most of my friends out of state are jealous at how much fun and great academics that i get here while still being in texas. could not imagine myself anywhere else.


The best thing about UT is that it's a college town. Not only is UT a recognized university but it has one of the best night lifes in the US. It has a diversity of things to do: jazz clubs, techno clubs, bars, greek life, dance clubs, etc. Almost anything you want to do during the night you can find it.


UT is really big, and in the middle of a great city. Austin is one of the coolest cities in America. Also, UT has a great faculty of professors that can teach students a lot. I love how UT excels in academics as well as sports. I feel like we're a very well rounded school. And I'm proud that it's a public university. You get a lot of bang for your buck at UT.


I think that UT is great place to go to school. I think that it is big, but it makes it interesting. I love the sports at UT and how involved the school gets with all the extracurriculars. I think that UT is awesome because almost every student is prideful in our school, and everyone for the most part wants to be here.


UT is amazing! It is what you make of it. There are so many opportunities available. I like that UT is so large. It allows for more diversity. The one thing that bothers me is that there are so many overlapping causes. For instance there are at least three AIDS organization. I don't think there is a general consensus about UT it really depends who you talk to. Some people are impressed others are not. The only consistent response comes from rival schools like OU, A&M and tech, I think they are just jealous. Austin is definitely a college town. At least in the downtown area. The administration at UT is very bureaucratic and often inefficient. Controversy usually arises out of diversity issues such as whether same sex couples should get insurance benefits. There is a lot of school pride but at the same time there are people who don't care at about UT culture at all and they fit in just fine. UT has some really creepy old buildings. Walking into the anna hiss gym is literally a blast from the past. Most frequently students complain about cost and the lack of food options in areas away from the dormatories


The school is HUGE. Students need to find a smaller group or student association in order not to feel lost. The school has a reputation, mostly of being hard to get into, but some people, usually because of football, are not too fond of UT. Austin is an awesome town. There is a little bit of everything here and alot of variety. There is life outside just the college activities and it is a great place to explore. There is alot of school pride and alot of competition. Students complain about parking, sometimes living arrangements, not getting into the classes they want, and in some cases, unfair teaching focused more on 'weeding out' the weaker students instead of teaching the important material.


I think the best thing about UT is its location and football. Who could ask for a better place to have a college than Austin. So much extra curricular outdoor activity. The football is huge at Texas, and everyone has such great school spirit. I think the size is large, but does not bother me at all. I have my particular group of friends here, but love to meet new people. I always say, I have never met a stranger.


UT is the best value education for any college student. The academic standards are high, the social life is great, and the sports teams are always fun to follow. There are 50,000 students, but it does not seem that big. There is something for everyone here.


Came for the schooling, stayed for the fun. The best thing about UT is sporting events, without them I would have gone crazy. Sure going to a university that offers a Top Ten education in Mechanical Engineering is enough to make me feel pride in my school, but "all work and no play makes jack a dull boy." Also Austin is one of the most laid back towns, I never want to leave. The one experience that I'll always remember is emerging from the tunnel into the stadium stands and hearing the entire crowd (80,000 strong) cheering TEXAS........FIGHT.... It was the equivalent from a scene in the movie Rudy, as his father sees the crowd in the stadium. The hairs on the back of my neck still stand up.


UT is a big school, but students are not just "numbers". There are a multitude of opportunities to meet people and make the university more personable and "smaller".


Best thing: Professors Change: Top Ten {4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} rule Just right size People's reactions are usually impressed. I spend mostly all my time at the PCLibrary. College town No real opinion on the Admin. The gay professor on a hunger strike for not getting benefits Yes, alot of school pride UT is perfect During one of my most stressful semesters, I was taking a final with no sleep, no food, and all coffee--everything started spinning and my vision was blurred. It was a horrible final. Dont really know


Love, love love the campus and just wish we were a bit more connected to each other,, i mean the student body as a whole


UT is the greatest college town on earth. It's full of drinking, studying, and it's huge. Best place to attend school since its in a city.


The best thing about UT is meeting so many people and making contacts.


Best things about UT are the school spirit, great athletic and academic programs, and Austin.


I think UT is the perfect size in terms of number of students. The giant student body allows a spot for everyone to feel at home. I think the campus is beautiful as well. The engineering buildings are a bit ugle, but that is ok because I am never going to class in that area. I think class sizes need to be reduced. Also, the constant noise from construction and cars/buses are annoying.


One of the best things about UT is how much the university and city of Austin can offer a student outside of academics. Academics are very rigorous and rewarding here, but there are plenty of other things that make this university great. The athletics are excellent both at the division one level as well as club teams and intramural sports. there is a great deal of school pride. Everyone is happy to tell you that they attend the University of Texas. One thing is that some of the classes are so big that they are hard to pay attention in and there is little one on one time with professors.