The University of Texas at Dallas Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about this school is the fact that it is 75% commuter students. Because most of the students are commuters, the campus is really quiet at night. There are usually activities going on every night, but the attendance is low because most students go home right after class. This causes a reputation of having a boring social life at this school when the reality is that students choose to go home rather than be active on campus.


The food is very plain, there are not many options, and over priced.


The only worst thing about this school is direction to each buildings and classrooms is quite confusing.


A tie between parking, competitive housing, and the cynical view some students have about the school.


The only bad thing I can say about my school is also a good thing: There is always construction going on! However this is also a good thing because that means the school is always expanding and growing!


Though there is not much that is bad about this school, the worst thing is the limited amount of extracurricular activites. For a fairly small school there is not a bad selection, but there is not even close to the amount that many other schools offer. I think with as much variety as there is in the student population, there should be a bigger variety in the activites and clubs offered as well.


nothing there


The worst part of the school is that it is located in suburbia instead of a busy urban setting, so there is not much to do around campus.


There aren't significantly horrible things at my school,but financially speaking,It would help students a great deal to have a lower tuition rate.


The construction. If you have classes in different buildings it will feel like navigating a moving maze every day.


I consider the worst thing at my school to be the lack of parking spaces for those who commute. UTD is growing every year and with more students coming, accomodations for parking has to be resolved. Getting to class has become an issue because of this.


The worst thing about my school would have to be that for the past year it has been under construction. The construction has made it very hard to get around the large campus. Normally walking around isnt a problem but the construction seems to be right in the center and I always have to find a longer route to my classes. Although its looking like it will look great when its finished, its just the main inconvenience right now.


Out of state tuition is expensive and the criteria to meet in state tuition is very limited.


I wouldn't say worst thing, but one of the things that was hard on me was adjusting from community college to university environment. It was alot harder work and more engaging. That was the toughest part, besides that, nothing.


The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) has high standards as far as academics are concerned. They have such high standards that they have a plus/minus GPA calculating system. This means that an A- does not reward the same grade points as an A. I worked hard my first semester of college and my end of the first semester GPA read all A-'s and A's. At another university, such as UT, UTA, Texas Tech, my GPA would read 4.0, but at UTD my GPA was a 3.772 because of the difficult plus/minus grading system.


The worst thing about this school is that the advisors are not very communicative. One will say one thing and another will say something different. No department and the school of advisors, for that matter, are on the same page.


Unlike some bigger schools, there isn't a very strong sense of unified school spirit. It's probably because more students commute than live on campus.This will probably change as the school grows bigger and more students attend and move in.


The worst thing about UTD is the population. I see the same people everyday so it reminds me of high school. I'm the type of person that likes to socialize and meet new people. Thus, it does not fully complete my college experience. Also, most of the students that attend UTD seem to be graduates or more elderly than me. I wish there were more students my age. As I walk down the halls and streets of UTD, it does not feel exactly like a college.


Some of the professors have heavy accents, but once you have listened for some time, then it should not be a problem.


The worst thing about UTD is its lack of the entire student bodies involvment and its school spirit. The student body is diverse, but most people are nerdy and shy and will not talk to anyone or do anything besides their school work.


The parking lots. They are not in good conditions, and most of them are far away from the buildings.


There is no social scene here! The school is very bad about offering activities for students and on weekends the campus is dead. We don't have a football team and the school is only known for it's chess team, so school spirit is very low.




It's in the middle of a shopping-center district, which, though very low in crime (because the city was able to pass a law prohibiting ex-convicts from living within 5 miles of a school, and then built all the schools within 5 miles of each other) has no scenic value, something I miss from when I lived in France and in rural New England.


I wish there was more interaction with the professors and faculty. I feel that thee is not enough bonding time with them to see where the y are coming from.


Student life, while growing, still has a ways to go before the school will have a "traditional" undergraduate feel.


The campus is quite lacking in extracurricular activities and social life. That is because it used to be a graduate school and is transforming slowly to support the need of social life and fun.


its small, somewhat ugly, the on campus housing is overpriced and undermaintained. the surrounding area is not very student oriented.


It's hard to make friends because there is no requirement to live on campus, and even if you did live on campus, we only have apartments, not dorms. Also, we don't have a football team, so there isn't too much school spirit.




Not a very large arts/theatre department or good facilities for that department.


No school spirit, no football team, no good social activites, police are over protective bc of school ranking in safety


No variety, its pretty much the same thing in all around campus.


The school has a large number of older students and commuter students. While it is great that they are furthering their education, it takes away from a genuine university atmosphere. Very few students care about what is going on at the school.

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