The University of Texas at Dallas Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


who is shy


People pay so much money to go to college. Some parents send their children to college to get good education regardless of the money. Not everyone takes advantage of that and use that opportunity. Instead, most people forget why they are there and waste their time partying and doing useless things. Alot of people dont have the chance to go to college because they are not financially fit. Yet, some people are reluctant to use a good opportunity to learn. People of that sort shouldn't at this school


People who are attending school that lack respect and the caring for the fellow students. It is important for each student to be compassionate of other students situations. Students who do not take into consideration others do not belong in a surrounding of academics.


Students who like the feel of the big football schools should avoid UTDallas because it doesnt have a football team.


In my opinion, people who don't like the same thing everyday shouldn't attend this school.; most of the classes are structured lectures and there is not much variety in the professors' teaching styles/methods.


Someone who is not ready for a diverse student body.


Someone who wants to just slide by should not attend.


Students who are looking for a party school. UTD students are serious about learning and their education. The majority of the students in evening classes have full time jobs during the day.


Any kind of person who is serious about attaining an education and advancing their career


This is why I am attending UTD: A first-rank public research university with focused centers of excellence, prepared to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing, technology-driven global society A global force in innovative, transdisciplinary research and education in emerging areas of technology, science, and learning One of the most creative, innovative universities in the nation and world. Meeting these goals will require that all stakeholders?faculty, staff, students, business leaders, philanthropists, teachers, civic leaders?unite and work to help UTD establish world-rank stature .


Someone who doesn't want to contribute to the growth on campus. There is a huge amount of energy and enthusiasm for making UTD a better place, and if you don't want to wear orange and green and help build spirit and fix problems and spur progress, you probably won't love it here.


Outgoing, active, social person


People who expect a party school. The students here are not the most social, and alcohol use is punished strongly, though that does not mean that alcohol and drug use is completely absent. It is just far less prevalent than at other campuses.


Anyone who is looking to party all the time, doesn't intend to study a lot, and doesn't like to work hard should not attend this school, becuase there is not much of a party scene, and the classes are demanding and rigorous.


In general, people who don't take their education seriously shouldn't attend not only this school, but any other university for that matter. UTD has a wide variety of people from all backgrounds and all personality traits. The ones who flourish and succeed are those that have their priorities set straight.


any person that is ready to be on their own or become on their own should attend. any person that is open to new ideas and different areas in life


Someone who wants others to entertain them, someone who is not willing to look for what they want

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