The University of Texas at Dallas Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


That I do not need to buy every single textbook for every single class I take.. jeez, so much money all stacked away.


Nothing comes to mind.


I wish that I had known of the extreme academic pressure to maintain a high GPA. I have always been a high-achiever, but the pressure seems much higher at this university than it is many other places.


A lesson that I learned perhaps a bit late is that professors are just people. During my first two or three years at college, I was exceptionally nervous when talking with professors. I felt that I had to say just the right thing or come up with great ideas in order to gain the support of the faculty. This is totally the wrong perspective; the professors at the University of Texas at Dallas want to and do support students that they see are working hard. These professors are just like everyone else and they want to see their students succeed.


I wish i had known about the size of the schoool becasue University of Texas at dallas is a very small school which i wasn't really appreciative of at first but I am getting used to it.


If the school offered a Master's program in Counseling.

Ka Him

It would be beneficial for me to realize that tution costs were far greater from the amount that I would be paying at a community college. Being said, I should NOT have switched majors from nursing to mechanical engineering. Reason for that was because there is a maximum number of hours any student can take before the residence tuition becomes out of state tuition. I fell into that trap. In addition, the clarity of professor's lectures were actually more vague than I thought especially when it comes to finishing assignments.


I wish I could have applied for more scholarships and attend seminars before even stepping foot at this school.


It is a bit smaller than I expected, though not exactly 'too small'. I wish there were more language classes, as even the local community classes have more than we do. Also, there are not as many choices for majors and minors as I had hoped.


I would have benefited financially for applying for more third party scholorships. Also I wish I had been more prepared in my math skills as this school is very demanding acedemically


I wish I had known how to manage my time better. Courses at this school do require you to actually study the textbook on your own. I wish I knew the importance of attending classes. It is difficult to make yourself attend a class when you know that noone really cares if you go or not. You really have to understand the value of those lectures. I wish I had known how to handle my finances. Dealing with financial aid people can be very confusing if you have never filled out a FAFSA or taken a loan out.


The number of hours that I would have to put into studying and how much time-management skills would be helpful.


I honestly wish I had known that the University of Texas at Dallas college graded in private school grading format. Most colleges use the usual grading rubric of A, B, C, D, but UTD grades in minus and plus form as well. This makes it tens times harder to aquire an 'A' in a class. In some ways I despise it, but at the same time it has helped me to work harder to reach my goal of a better grade.


The fact that the campus has very poor intramural programs.


I wish I knew that UTD looked at SAT and ACT scores more than your overall performance during high school. I didn't receive as high a scholarship as I thought I would. My SAT scores were decent; I played sports; held officer positions; was a member of 11 clubs; and was in the top ten percent. Apparently that did not make me stand out enough for the staff at UTD. I got the lowest scholarship that they offered. That ruined my mentality when I opened my scholarship letter, but it makes me want to work harder.


If you're not accustomed with the college style of learning then there is going to be some problems.


Going to school here is what you make of it.


I wish I knew how difficult college was and what I wanted to do after college.


I believe I knew pretty much everything I needed to.


If you live off-campus its harder to be social with people who are on campus, so you defininetely need to get out and make an effort to meet people. I wish I had known that.


you really have to go out of your way to get to know your professors better and to get to know about learning opportunities.


That i could get my basics taken care of at a community college and then transfered to university.


It's more science/math based than child psychology based. :)


I can get more grant money if I had attended the University of Texas in Austin.


that its awesome. would've saved the application cost to other schools.


Campus housing methods, as well as some of the new degree programs, as of now there is no on campus meal plan, but within the next year the new cafeteria should be built allowing us to buy a meal plan, instead of having to pay for food. It would have been also nice to know some of the different jobs on campus that were available.


From the time i was in the 8th grade, i knew i wanted to pursue engineering. The engineering field is so diverse, i wanted to discover various studies and figure out what I liked best. UTD is definitely not the place to pursue various engineering fields, as UTD does not offer a full range of engineering degree plans. They are very limited to 4 fields; electrical, telecommunications software and computer engineering. It is very cut throat and easy to fail. There is not much encourangement for new students to attend UTD for engineering and discover what field they like best.

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