The University of Texas at Dallas Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Walking on campus is like stepping into a Science Fiction novel, once the initial shock of the futuristic archeticture has worn off you now have a chance to make your way to the classroom. Which I believe is the best part, they might seem large and a bit intemidating but do not fret, your mind will expand beyond beliefe within these walls.


The wide focus of disciplines is appealing to me as an Interdisciplinary major. The campus is undergoing renevations and is looking gorgeous. Everyone I've met who attends is so very smart and open.


An awesome environment for learning - really academically focused, friendly, comfortable campus.


When I first visited the University of Texas at Dallas, I immediately noticed the supportive and helpful attitudes of the faculty and staff. The faculty will do everything they can to help students get what they need, from letters of recommendation to helping you advance in your field of study. Likewise, the staff really works with students to get the most out of their time at college. Many students build strong relationships with their academic advisors and all students are treated with respect from every staff member, regardless of the question, problem or complaint brought by the student.


The support you receive at this school is what I consider the best thing about my school. Being able to know your classmates and professors allowed me to successfully finish school even though it was challenging curriculum. There was always someone available for you to turn to.


The staff's attitude towards the students and the ease of being able to get in touch with resources that we previously pay for that other colleges keep secret from the students, they give us the most for our money.


A lot of the professors here (at least in my classes) have MD/PHD degrees, which is very helpful for Pre-med students like myself. They are informative and have unique experiences in addition to an excellent education. Also, academic advisors are very easy to contact and ask questions of. There are very few 'easy A' classes, which makes me feel like I'm getting a good education, and I always feel challenged.


The dedication of the students and the faculty. The overall atmosphere is comprised of intelligent people, but ones that are also laid-back.


More students attend UTD under academic scholarships than any other school I know of. UTD really wants to help students out and will give financial aid based on academic performance, meaning the better you do, the more you recieve.


The most amazing site on campus is the buildings themself. We have a brutalist building style on campus which gives the tall, intimidating buildings a sense of life. When you walk under these giants of stone it almost feels as if they are silently watching you. You hear the heavy breathing of the buildings as the wind creaks through the cracks, and sometimes the buildings themself seem to be leaning-always following with their shade.


I think the fact that it's a small campus where it's easy to get to know people is really great. We don't have a football team, so we tend to be really competitive academically, which is also something great about UTD.


Its not really the best thing about my school, but it cheers me up everytime i see it , the spirit rocks although im not sure if thats what its called, but every day these big rocks look different. Different groups or organizations paint them daily it seems, they always say something interesting. It reminds me of the supprise i get from reading a fortune cookie, but i get to see this one every day and with every day it changes.


I feel that the degree program I am enrolled in at The University of Texas at Dallas is the best thing about my college. I am taking Business classes to get my BS in Business. This meaning I am required to take some extra science classes. I feel like having the opportunity to make my Business degree and Bachelors of Science instead of a Bachelors of Arts is a great opportunity. I am always challened and learning new information at this school, and I feel like it has been a great choice!


The best thing about this school is there are a lot of activities and clubs you could join to make a difference in the community. I feel that students who choose to attend college but should do their best to do more.


The focus on academics, not athletics or social events. There seems to be a good balance of everything. I am going to college to learn, not to watch sports and go to parties.


The courses are very engaging. All of the material is applicable in real life especially for my career. The professors are caring and truly understand the subject matter and students. I never want to miss class!


The school is really good about helping students get jobs after college and was founded by TI so it feeds into that company. The school is still pretty small but growing so the class sizes aren't huge like at other public schools. The teachers really do seem to care about what you are learning and how you do in there classes.


Most of the teachers, advisors, and counselors are very friendly and helpful. There are a few bad apples but I have enjoyed most of my teachers and their teaching styles.


The professors, because of their vast knowledge on their subjects.


The learning facilities are great, and this school will greatly enhance your chances as a competitive applicant after graduation due to its reputation and workload. It is a graduate school that was recently open to undergraduates, giving the undergrads a hefty reputation.


There are a lot of places to study on campus, and the facilities in general are really nice. The food is good on campus, and the gym is a great work out place. Also, the professors are really great and there is a lot of emphasis places on finding you a career once you graduate.


Greek life, there isnt much else to do socially on campus other than intermurals.


The University of Texas at Dallas is very diverse. The school offers a variety of programs and interests.


education, small classes, good prof.,


The great variety and diversity throughout the student body and professors. I think that diversity is important because it opens up students' eyes and provides knowledge of other cultures in the world.


I think the best thing about my school is its education. The level of education here seems to be much higher than other universities. The professor's that we get at our school are very well educated and for the engineering part of the school very relevant.


I believe the best thing about the school is the business school becoming better in the state.


Small campus means smaller classes = closer interaction between professors and students.

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