The University of Texas at El Paso Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my college is knowing that one day it will come to end. From that day i would have to hope that all the people i've meet, experiences i've had and information I have learned will be enough to fill my dreams for future. I am sure if i keep in the right my school will provide every thing I need to succed.


Although my school offers cultural diversity, and a nationally recognized education, one of its biggest flaws is the fact that it is considered a commuter school. The university fails to attract people living outside of a 100 mile radius of El Paso. Although it may be culturally diverse, it certainly lacks a large amount of people from the rest of the country thus possibly closing doors to opportunities that other non commuting universities may offer.


The commodities; small desks, overcrowded classes.


The worst thing about UTEP is the size of some of the undergraduate classes. In many of these classes there are sometimes up to 200 students. This makes it difficult to discuss things with the professors as they do not have the time to meet one on one with so many students.


Students are not committed to their goals.


I feel that there was not enough healthy meals that students got tired of eating food that was fast food places. Because there was not a standard cafeteria.


There are not enough campus wide events that would attract a wide variety of people. Without these events the campus community feels less connected.


I think they focus way too much on their engineering and business programs and don't really provide enough orientation for other educational programs.


The high prices and overall unhealthy selection of food options for lunch at the Union building, because good nutrition on a college student's budget is very important to stay energized and excell in the classroom.


The worst thing about UTEP is how people sometimes use it as their last resort, their backup. In other words, they think it's a second rate school, when in fact it has many very strong programs, including several PhD options. It is also quickly improving both its academic and extracurricular experience for its students with new renovations to campus, focus on research and further exploration of financial aid. It's actually an excellent school!


The worst thing about UTEP is that there is not enough help for students to figure out what they want to major in if they don't already know. They do have career counseling and career fairs, but nobody ever gave me some very useful advice that I know now, which is to take classes on anything that I may be interested in majoring in, even if I "waste" a semester, it's truly not a waste because that would have helped me to narrow down my interests sooner.


The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) is a very good school. UTEP knows exactly what the student needs are to achive their goals. They have kept in mind that many student do not have transportation, UTEP is working with sun metro to have bus routes directly to UTEP. This will really help the students that come from Mexico and the students that live far from UTEP. Also UTEP is working on having a small school on the other side of town for those student that live far from UTEP. UTEP really worries for their students.


The worst thing about the school is the open campus that allows cars into the university, which is a hassle when walking around campus. Fortunately, the university is in the process of closing off the campus to traffic, making it safer for students to walk around safely.


The worst thing about the University of Texas at El Paso is that it overlooks a delapidated part of Juarez, Mexico. The campus itself is a beautiful compilation of structures patterned in the Bhutanese style of archetecture. However, the southern view overlooking the valley, although panoramic, gives one a pang of helplessness because the neighboring city accross the border demonstrates that poverty runs rampant in our lovely southwesrn community.


What I consider the worst thing about school is the amount of parking spaces there are on campus. We have only 9800 parking spots and over 22,000 students. We have to walk long distances everyday just to get where we are located and as someone who attends the University and works there as well, it is difficult.


Every semester we need to be advised and going from office to office feels like you are getting the "run around." Although you begin the semester getting holds lifted from each department so that you can register, it helps in getting organized to have a clear plan in place.


The worst thing about the University of Texas at el Paso is the lack of driven mindsets from students. One-third of the student population are not academically responsible in my opinion.


The worst thing about my school, for me are the 200 or so student capacity classes that are needed for your major. Not only are they huge classes but also since they can hold a lot of students there is usually only one to chose from and they are usually in the morning. Yet this response is only based on me since I'm not a morning person and I don't like attending huge classes because it is very distracting to me. Other than those required classes my school is wonderful.


The worst thing about my current school is the limitations of the colleges you can not study a liberal arts career with a science career, they limit by putting too much pressure. They do not , in fact, think of all the career posibilities a student can get if they have such a broad education, specially such as Psychology and Biology or Biology and Mechanical engineering.


Sometimes communication with some of the office like financial aid is hard.


The worst thing about my school is that the food and the supplies are expensive. Sometimes it is required to buy certain things that are expensive yet you hardly use them. The food is also very expensive; a sandwitch is about 6 dollars and it doesn't even fill you up.


I believe not letting military student know they need to bring paperwork every year in order to pay resident fees.


Although online classes are a big benefit for me, sometimes it's frustrating to not be able to deal with things directly on campus. For example, I can't get a campus ID card because you have to go in to the office in person to have your picture taken. I live in California, so going in is not possible for me. I think the school needs to make some adjustments to accomodate their online students a little better.


The campus itself is old and very small when compared to other universities in Texas and can use a great amount of remodeling in order to bring it up to a more modern state especially since in two years the campus will be reaching its bicentennial anniversary in 2014.


The only thing that I would consider to be "worse" about UTEP is that after 2:00 P.M. it stops feeling like a college and no one usually sticks around or gets involved.


The price of the tuition.


The worst thing would be student apathy. Like said above, if you have motivation you can climb mountains but be ready to feel frustrated when asking others to join.




What I consider to be the worst thing about my school is tuition. Having to worry if i will get enough loans from financial aid is always very stressful.


There can be some miscommunication among departments. Also, not all offices will go the extra mile to help students out so they send them from one office another, which can be very frustrating. I think that their dedication could be improved.


The way the campus is set up on uneven ground, sometimes I have to run up hills to make it to class in time, and it takes alot out of me. Also sometimes when I am trying to get things done I get sent to many different departments and get the run around or the things they say that they fixed it and didn't.


Unfortunately, with a multitude of differences in cultures and religions, not everyone will get along. There are times when tensions arrise from different groups of people. Although prejudice does exists, it is a rare occasion and I find that through taking things out, most problems tend to go away.


The worst thing about UTEP, is the general lack of diversity. Living in a border town, almost everyone is hispanic, yet all our players are foreign, therefore an inaccurate representation of the student body.


The worst thing about my school in my opinion is that The health and Sciences building is like 15 minutes away from the main campus but they are already re-building the building in the main campus.


The worst thing about my school is that some of the workers are very unorganized which causes the students various difficulties.


The worst thing about the school is the way that the math department handles the class. It divides the class into three sections called modulars 1,2, and 3. This is very bad because the students are only given one month to learn alot. Then when the end of the semester comes, you take a test on all three modules.


There aren?t many afternoon classes at the University of Texas as El Paso. When trying to create a schedule that best fits my ability to concentrate, waking up at 5 in the morning everyday to attend a 7:30 am class is not a logical approach but just might be necessary.


In my case, I would have liked to get an opportunity for my school to appreciate my talents as an athlete. Unfortunately, the UTEP coaches are so busy with the actual team and the foreign players, that they forget the incoming students also have dreams and desires.


The worst thing about my school is that it has a reputation for being a 'slacker' school, just because it is located in a city that already has quite a bad reputation for not having the brightest inhabitants. It is pretty bad when someone feels sorry for you because you are attending this school.


The worst thing I would consider about my school is that they really don't have a lot of funding for the resources that will help the students more in achieving their full potential in my opinon.


Professors are never there to help you, plue they always make assignments very hard to understand and homeworks are ridiculous. Also, they use powerpoints to teach a class of 400 students or more. They taught me physics with a powerpoint presentation. Also, every semester they raise tuition. I can not keep on payong for my college degree


A school at the border has its challanges when it comes to school unity and school volunteeting, life on the border can be more then hectic and students don't have enough time to get involved in school spirit as much as other universities.


Many professors are not up to par with their class, while we are already college students they keep utilizing multiple choice tests, even in "honors" courses.


The price parking now costs a student. In addition with the tuition. A lot of the students are working students and can't afford to pay for the parking much less tuition and are forced to turn to student loans.


One of the worst aspects about this university is the limited spaces of student parking! This university is a large one with a variety of college students who are part-time or full-time but the university only offers so much parking spaces. This has been a problem for a while as well the prices for parking permits; this problem has risen exponentially!


The in-campus social life style


It is mainly geared toward hispanics.


There is nothing perfect in this life. UTEP has its worst though it is due to the geographical location. Parking is the problem at UTEP especially on game days. Students are denied access to their legitimate parking space which is normally sold on game days. This poses problem to students who may be willing to do one thing or the other on campus in days such as that. The library is always clossed ealier than normal in gaming days which nonathletic students do not appreciate. The fees at UTEP is expensive.


There really isn't anything wrong with UTEP, just places that may need improvement. It is just like any other university you just have to apply yourself and focus on your studies and you'll do well, seek help if you need it and they will help you.


i dont like the way it looks, some of the buildings are very old`