The University of Texas at San Antonio Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I believe that my school is best known for its diversity of the student population and a strong sense of community.


My school is best known for its diversity in its students.


The University of Texas at San Antonio is know for the roadrunner, the school mascot. Academically the school is known for it's engineering program along with its art program. There are more students graduating as art majors and Engineering majors than any other degree. UTSA is starting to become known for it's football team. The team hasn't been around for no longer than a year but they are trying to get recognized.


It is best known for it s technology programs i think


I can't think of one thing UTSA is known for. The school is so diverse, and we have a lot of activities, sports, Greek life and other things to get involved in.


The University of Texas at San Antonio is most known for nurturing the development of its students and allowing them access to oppurtunities and knowledge that they would not have recieved before hand. This university looks to not only prepare all of its entrants for a successful future in the job market, but it also gives them the tools in which to make an impact on whichever field they may choose.


The school is best know for the culture diversity, its is very friendly environment with all the student. We know have a football team. The school is a research instituted base.


The University of Texas at San Antonio is know for its program that has students start attending school here in San Antonio and then move to the University of Texas at Austin. This is a great program for people who do not have the means or the grades out of high school to be accepted or to reach the University of Texas. A strong academic program and multicultural background gives UTSA a great place to start ones college journey.


Since I am not a person that is hugely involved, I honostly don't know, what the school is best known for, but for right now I think its known to be competing with other schools to be "Tier One", which i belive means to be, the best research school. Also, the new football team that started in fall 2011


being the University of Texas


My school is best known for many things including that they have an amazing business program which is what my major is. Not only that but everyone is very friendly and it is simply a great school. Although it wasn't my first choice at first, being here has been truly amazing and now I am very happy with my decision of attending the University of Texas at San Antonio.


Hispanic funding, diversity, sports, and science department.




Different cultures and diversity. Many Feternaties and sororities are also well known at our campus.. It also has many programs and volunteer programs for those that want to join. It also has one of the best known architecture program in the state. It started with the sombrilla which then became the school it is now. Many students come here because they want to join in the architecture program since we have two campuses usually that campus for architecture is located downtown and many students ride the bus from the main campus to attend their classes for architecture downtown its great!


The University of Texas at San Antonio is recognized by the excelent program of science. This school has an excellent science program that is reciognized in the state of Texas. This school also brings support to the students with their majors. The University of Texas at San Antonia has a good amount of orograms that help students understand the material that is being teach in classes such as, the suplementary instruction and a q lab where anyone can go and ask questions that they might have regradless to their homework.


The University of Texas at San Antonio is best known for its business program. Offering high quality and affordable graduate programs that will further any student willing into the business world.


UTSA is most known for a sound basketball team and an incoming football porgram that is sure to be a conference championship contender.


My school is best known for its community and graduate rate.


UTSA is best known for the basketball teams, not really sure since it is a sister university of Texas.


My school is best known for having a very diverse community. We have people from all over the world and different backgrounds. From Mexico to Australia and everything in between, UTSA accomadates everyone.


The University of Texas at San Antonio is best know for its College of Business. UTSA is just becoming a bigger house hold school because of its College of Business. It has been featured in many articles and this is the reason i chose to attend The University of Texas San Antonio. And i know that once i graduate I hope to impress people with my College of Business degree from UTSA!


UTSA is best known for the great community and professors and the fact that we are on our way to becoming a tier 1 school and have a football team coming soon.


Roadrunners! We're big on school pride and our campus is just open and friendly.


My school is best known for the Engineering program. The school recently built a new building, to further the learning capabilities for Engineering majors.


great Academic plans


This school is known for their achievements. Over the past few years UTSA has been recongnized by more and more people throughout the years. In 2011 UTSA will finally have their first ever football team. UTSA also has a strong architecture program which continues to grow as the years go on. Aside from buildings and design UTSA also has an amazing Neurobiology program which studies the brain and how humans and animals think.


The University of Texas in San Antonio is best known for its academic achievements, rather than athletic, in many of its departments. In my opinion, its Liberal and Fine Arts Dept is very active in the school, enriching the freedom of expression and allowing more parallels to form within the student body. UTSA also has an outstanding library collection.


I believe the University of Texas at San Antonio is known for ranking third in degrees awarded to hispanics in STEM fields. I am considered to be in the STEM field as well so hopefully I'll join their rank soon.


The computer science department here is the best in the region and the professors really show this. It's brand new Engineering building is georgous and it is expanding at a large rate. The University of Texas at San Antonio also started its football team and will be the first college team to be playing in a domed stadium.


It is known as one of the top Texas universities with same academic standards and quality as UT Austin with less stringent requirements. It has a great academic program for transfer students who are interested in transferring to University of Texas Austin.


UTSA is more commonly known among students as a university that has a high acceptance rate (99{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} to be exact). With that in mind it isn't so unfathomable that UTSA is also the second largest institution in the University of Texas System, and one of the fastest growing universities in the state of Texas.


My school is best known for having students with diverse backgrounds and being able to see how each culture is respected and accepted at the unversity.


Our school is very well rounded and outgoing. Not to mention we are expanding so oportunities are arising.




I think our school is known for our diverse groups of people. There are people that come here from all walks of life and they unite. We have several foreign exchange students and I think they love it here. The Campus is small enough to get to know each other and yet big enough to have space. I real feel that our diverse campus is what we are known for, the statistics are spread all across the board.


Hosting NCAA 2007


My school is best known for it's Business and Biology programs because they are one of the top in University of Texas System.


Big on basketball as opposed to football. We're also known for having a large school of science population.


Diversity and friendlyness


I don't exactly know what our school is mostly known for because we do not have a football team, but we have a great baseball team that has won it's conference for the past two years. Also we have a very good business school and the Health Science Center is near the same area.


Not really sure what is best known for, I do know that we are closely related to the Health Science Center


They are known for there great Architecture and Interior design program, as well as business programs. The basketball teams are also very good.


Driving, and parking situation.


convenient commuter campus, low cost




The University of Texas at San Antonio is known for its laid back environment. The school is growing quickly and many traditioins are being made. As a junior, I've watched the school grow and it has been an excellent experience.