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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself that college is almost exactly how adults explain it- lots of work, people, "friends," distractions, and trouble. I would encourage myself to keep a list of goals, which is what I do now, as a reminder of what I am in college for. I would remind myself of everything that I've been through, saying that my past accomplishments should not go to waste in college. I would also tell myself to save the money that I was earning from working during the summer, because it is much harder to find jobs and money when there are 30,000 other people to compete with. Money is good for entertainment in high school, when there are no real expenses to worry about. In college, however,when there's tuition, books, and other charges, parents cannot always afford to spend extra money on entertainment. My most important advice to my high school self would be to remember who I am and where I came from. It is extremely easy for people to lose themselves in all of the distractions in college. Stay close to family, remember to go to church, and study as much as possible.


Slow down. Enjoy this year, and embrace the memories. You will have a lifetime to explore other cultures and see the world – but you cannot relive your senior year. The act of going to college, in itself, does not make you mature or intelligent. If you are fortunate, those are attributes that you will gain during your matriculation. Four years of college is not “forever”, and it will be much harder to try to return if you quit. There really will be other boys. They will come from other places – and some of them will be smart and cute, too! On that subject, please understand that sex does not equal love. You will find many people who want to have sex; do not confuse them with people who value you, your opinions, or your future. Physical gratification is great – but it is no match for a friendship that builds to love. Finally, be nice to your parents. Yes, they can be annoying and overbearing – but they worry about you and it makes their day to hear your voice. There will be a time, down the road, when you would give anything to hear their voices one more time.


A degree confers a specific sort of social legitimacy in America, the kind that states, "You've made it." Don't aim for that. Get this degree for yourself, and not to prove to others your capabilities. You're capable and able of achieving set goals - the kind that rise constantly, no matter the occasion. So set some goals, whether that includes college or not, and achieve them.


If I could back in time and talk to my high school self I would encourage me to presevere and continue on to complete my high school diploma. I would explain to myself that this would be highly benefical in the long run because of the difficulty this has caused me presently in finding jobs. I would also encourage myself to establish positive relationships with my counselor and teachers. It would of made it a whole lot easier when things transpired when I was in Highschool to have a positive network of people I could turn to. I would encouraged myself to get involved in something at school because studies show that when student get involved in extra curricular activities that they are more likely to stay complete. I would encourage myself to stay focus no matter what types of things come my way because it will be worth it in the end to endure.


If I could tell my high school senior self I would say to remain calm. College life is really stressful with the tests and multiple assignments back to back and things seems to pile up really fast. I would also make sure I told myself to come out of my shell already. I entered college a tad bit too shy. I could have made friends a lot quicker if I had just let loose a little bit more. Thankfully I have plently of good friends now. Another thing I would advise my self of would be to save money and manage your time. When you leave your home and go to college, life hits you pretty hard. I've had to make a lot of different life style changes to go along with college. I've gotten a job and found time fore leisure and school work. It took me a while to get adjusted but luckily after a semester of college I got it down pretty well.


If I could travel back in time and speak with myself as a high school senior, it would probably sound something like this: “First off, you can do this! I know there is a lot out there that seems to keep throwing itself in your path, but you have always been capable of great things. Don’t give up on yourself now. Trust me on this, the biggest thing stopping you right now, is you. Don’t go through with withdrawing. You can make life so much easier for yourself now if you just finish what you started. Dropping out now will only hurt in the long run, and delay the greatness that you can be. Ten years down the road, you’re going to regret doing it and go back. It’ll be too late for high school, but you’re going to shine in college. Just a little effort now could mean that success comes much faster, and things will be so much easier for you. Realize it earlier than you are going to. Trust me; you’ll thank yourself for it.”


If only going back in time were possible, at least to change the important decisions in life, not to change who your ex-boyfriend was, I would make more time for college preparation. I’m going into my third year in college, and the most important steps I wish I would have done different relate to money and happiness. First of all, It’s never too early to apply for scholarships; I’ve seen some scholarships that request for high school freshman! Most scholarships are leaned for college freshman, straight out of high school. If only I would have paid more attention, it would have been easier for me to find scholarships. Secondly, I would have told myself to take the leap into independence. Lifelong friendships, troubling experiences, appreciation for the loved ones, and much more is gained when one lives away from home. Commuting daily from home to school can become a nuisance, and coming from a large family, it’s always difficult to find a quiet place with so much commotion surrounding me at home. I can’t help myself anymore, but I can help my one younger sibling who I plan to drown with my advice.


Do not take things for granted and live your life without regrets. Set a goal and follow through with it. Getting your degree is important and is much easier to do without having the added resposibilities of full time work, a home, a spouse and children. Take care of yourself now so that you can help secure yourself a good future. Remember to use all the resources available to you. Strive to achieve your best in everything you do, and you will be rewarded. Lastly, have fun, fall in love and be happy, your journey will be well worth it!


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior knowing what I do now about college life, I would tell myself to take filling out scholarship applications more seriously. When I was in high school I think I filled out maybe one scholarship and I didn't get it because of all the applicants vying for the same scholarship as myself. If I would have filled out more, I believe I would have gotten at least one. I would tell myself to start saving now. College is not cheap. Especially when you are trying to pay for it now. I would also tell myself to take time and effort to get into the school that would provide the best learning experience to myself.


don't get married until you have finished school


If I was able to go back in time to my senior year I would definitely have applied for more scholarships so I wouldn’t have to depend on my part time job to help me pay for tuition and books. I would have also done more research on the magnet schools and the benefits of attending them, for example magnet schools offer more dual and AP courses than traditional high schools.


“Don’t wait!” As a high school student, life seems eternal. Months feel like years and years feel like decades. They aren’t – time goes by faster and we grow and mature. Life will throw curveballs, even with the best laid-out plans. Suddenly, 20 years have passed in the blink of an eye. There’s a marriage, beautiful children, and daily activities that keep you occupied – and too distracted to think about tomorrow. Without warning, the children are all in school, hoping to play sports, join the band, go to prom, and wear the hottest labels. The expenses mount. Get your education now – time goes by too quickly to put it off! Signing up for free lunch programs for the kids is embarrassing. More importantly, it is heartbreaking telling the people most precious to you, “No, you can’t join. I can’t afford that.” Don’t wait! The transition to college life now is seamless. Later, it will be a complete lifestyle change. It is a choice that you will be proud to have made. It’s a decision that will benefit you and your future family for life.


Listen to what the counselors have to tell you because they have the most experience. When choosing a school, know that you really want to be there and make every moment count. Each and every class that you take is important, and working hard really pays off. Each decision is your own, and should not be based on what your parents, or siblings have to say. It will be your life, not theirs, so knowing where you want to go in life should be based on your interests and goals. Being prepared for every class and everyday of school will make all the difference in the world. Having a good opinion about the school you'd like to go to will make it easier to enjoy it. Be involved, not only in class, but also in clubs. That is the best way to not only make new friends, but engage yourself in more than just the educational aspect of school. This is your future, so do what you think is right.


Deadlines are very crucial. There are more people out there than you think! Remember, you are not the only one who wants to be successful at specific things. Either beat the deadline or meet it. Also, when the professor says to come to there office when ever you need help, do it! The help that is offered gives outstanding results and is definitely worth the time! Attend as many SI Sessions as possibl, because those are a great help as well. Where ever you are, smile because you never know who is watching! Other than that, enjoy your college career!


Dear self, you need to get out of that procastination habbit, college will kill you if you continue doing that. Doing your work the night before it is due, or even that morning, can not be pulled off in college, so start applying yourself. You need to learn that reading will be an essential part of every single class that you take, so better start getting used to that. Stop thinking that college will be like high school because guess what, it isn't. Teachers dont care if you go to class or not, they still get paid and well, you are just loosing money when you dont attend class. What I am about to say next is of extreme importance. Today that I am in college I regret every day that I did not do this in high school, take as many college courses in high school as possible! Taking college courses in high school will get you so ahead in college you can not imagine. If you ever doubt yourself about taking a college course in high school, dont think about it twice, just do it!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would try to cure my senioritis by telling myself to stop wasting my time socializing and start focusing on my AP classes because AP scores really matter, If i actually studied for my AP test I wouldn't be wasting my time in college by taking classes I could of exempted with my AP scores.


I would tell myself to get ready for a great bittersweet time. Though I will be away from home, the prospect of having fun with new people and having new adventures balances out the homesickness. I would scold myself for not applying for more scholarships and not being social and push for more time for scholarships and a more outgoing me. I would not neglect to leave out that I should just quit crying about the now former boyfriend and focus on what's ahead. Ahead being note-taking skills, homework, and time management. Listen to Momma about that boy and forget him and focus on going off to school where there are plenty of fish in the sea. Fish that are much more attractive and kind.


If I coud go back and talk to myself about what to do, there is way too much I would say! First of all, I would tell myself to work harder not only in my classes, but with scholarships and applications. When I was a junior going into senior year, I remember how I would always tell myself that I was going to apply to more than ten schools and work on every single scholarship availbe to me. Sadly once senior year hit, none of that happen and every time I look back, I can't help but feel disappointed. I am not upset with the fact that I didn't attend my first choice school, but that there were so many opportunities to receive scholarships and now I'm struggling to pay housing. That is my only regret and what I would emphasize on myself if I every got that opportunity to go back and give myself advice.


Nicole, you need to focus and read every night before you go to bed. Knowing that you won't do this, try to because in the long run, success will be that much closer. Chemistry will be hard but push through it because if you can master that, you can do anything. Be patient when those test scores come back and perservere for the next test. Be responsible with homework, especially the online due dates. Have fun, always make time for friends and join extra curriculars! They'll add to the fun and excitement of college. Most of all, never give up.


Work hard and dont take any information for granted because everything learned is just another way to advance yourself and what you dont learn now you will have to learn later. Its ok to have fun, but not at the sake of your GPA, you need to keep it up high and get the Millenium Scholarship as you would be stupid to not take advantage of it. Your an intelligent kid when you apply yourself and all the time spent doing homework and studying will pay off in the end as you get karma and knowledge on your side. Math may be a pain, but in the field, or almost any field you want to go into you will need to use it no matter what, so make sure to excell in it and learn every concept and take Trig and Pre-Calc at least as it saves you money later on in college and so that you wont have to take any summer classes. As long as you push yourself and try your best you will do great, leave out all the high school drama, women, and popularity, it will come as you develope and know and accept yourself.


As valedictorian, I think I would tell myself to keep up the excellent studies and work.


Enjoy this year; you will be leaving behind many of your friends and teachers. Live in the moment on the tennis court. When you look back, you’ll realize how much you accomplished both as an athlete and as a leader. Appreciate your family and let them know your feelings. Spend as much time as possible with grandfather; he will leave us sooner than expected. Your first year of college will be filled with difficulties, including your parents’ divorce, your grandfather’s death, and your struggle with depression. Prepare yourself now. It will be the single most important factor in your life. Use your time in school wisely, learning good study skills. Study hard and complete all available dual credit courses. Apply for every possible scholarship or grant. Do not waste your opportunities.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to DREAM BIG. I would tell myself that now is the time to make mistakes, to learn from them, and to let them make me a better person. I would encourage myself to follow my heart, and to never forget the compassion that I have for people in the world. Never be afraid to ask questions, never be afraid to share an opposing viewpoint, college is a safe environment to debate. Never miss a class, it's lost opportunity to learn something new. Always sit in front of the class, the teacher learns your name faster, and usually ends up becoming more of a mentor, than a professor. Make friends, surrounding yourself with other people who have goals to better their lives are a positive influence on your life. Never miss an opportunity to see a special guest speaker at your college, enjoying the wisdom of important people before you can enrich your life in ways never thought possible. Never be afraid, always do your best, do not be afraid to fail, always try again, and never forget why you first walked through those college doors.


Now that I have completed somewhat two years of college at The University of Texas at San Antonio, I can honestly say that I was in for a surprise when I entered my first college classroom. I was stunned by how much I learned the first months of my academic experience, I met the most fascinating and amazing people, and I begin to live the ultimate social college life. Its true what people say about running with the wrong crowd, it can really change your life. I'll admit I struggled for a while during school, I was stressed, and scared to move on in my life. Than I took a step back from everything that was going wrong in my life, and I decided to ask for advice from people I could depend on. My only advice would be to, keep moving forward because the past has already happened, the most you could look forward to is the future. Transitioning is an easy step overcome over time and adjustment. However, the crucial reminder throughout college would be to strive to make your place, and don't worry so much about fitting in.


Things get better, do not give up, go above and beyond.


I would start by making better grades in high school because they do count. Paying attention to different Universities and applying for scholarships earlier on. Preparing myself for college in ways such as scholarships and good study habits. College isn't easy at all and I would have told myself you're going to have to study alot more than you think, college isn't about how many friends you can make it's about the grades and making the best ones you can by studying.


Be prepared


I would give my self the advice of taking the time to write and make a schedule of what is needed to be done. So then you can stay on top of things as well as not work through lunch and run across campus to turn in that paper for writting in. Trust me it will save you $6.00 plus tax for that smoothe as well as allow you to stop having the pre med student next to you keep checking your pulse while your ready to fall over onto the floor.


I would not go back and tell myself anything different. The choices and experiences I had is what made you I am today. I have had some good things in my and changing my past would alter the outcomes I have had. I would not change those events, experiences and memories for anything.


Expect both pleasant and unpleasant surprises. College is almost nothing like the past four years of high school that you have gotten so used to. You will be more independent than you have been ever in your life thus far; the fact that you get to schedule your own classes at your convenience is a testament to that. You will find a heavy burden on your shoulders as you are no longer told when or how to study. The choices you make will dictate how your experience. There will be times when you say to yourself, "Why the hell am I even here?" (not all professors are interesting). There will be moments when you question your attitude and motivators (or lack thereof). Perhaps most importantly, there will be instances where you will question who you are and what your purpose is. No matter what the answers to these questions are (I'm still searching myself), you must promise yourself that you will make each day a great day, write each paper as if you were crafting your own child , and live your life as if you were gonna drop dead any moment. I promise, you'll be just fine.


As a second semester college freshman, I have little college life under my belt; however, I definitely could go back in time and give myself, as a high school senior, some tips. First word of advice, study and prepare extremely well for the first exam in each class. It is no fun playing "catch up" for a whole semester. It is better to be over prepared than under prepared for the first test; therefore, I can judge how much or how little I can study for future exams. Secondly, do not stress over a 'bad' grade. Learn from it, move forward, and do not have any regrets. Life is not made to dwell on the past. Lastly, the best part about college is the new experience, adventures, and people I encounter. I would tell myself to get involved, be open to new ideas, and to make new friends. As people say, "college is the best time of your life," enjoy it. All in all, I would tell myself to have an open mind and make the best of every bit of college because time is the one thing you cannot make up.


Do not take time off just get to it and then you have the time and money to get on with the rest of your life.




Take more classes in the summer. Take more math in high school because this will be extremly helpful.


I would tell myself to apply for as many scholarships as possible. Also I will tell myself not to stress out because even though college is difficult at times its manageable, fun, most of what you thought it was, and a new experience.


Durring my first semester at the University of Texas at San Antonio, I've learned how college really works. I've learned that it is my responsibility to keep up with my work. I've gained a newfound sense of pride for my university and have made many bonds with the community and staff. It has been very valuable to attend because it is close to home, safe, and an over all amazing and enjoyable experience for me.


When I started college at UTSA, I was looking for a chnace to find myself and what I was good at. Through the years at UTSA I have not only found out who I am but a have found that I am able to do far more than I thought. This school gave me independence and a chnace to take part in a new degree program, that has chnaged my life. The professors push me to see more than what has been presemted to me all of my life and to have my own opinions about things. My mind has been expanded and informed. UTSA was the right choice for me to get my college education.


I really love college life at University of Texas at San Antonio. I am living at UTSA's dorm. This dorm is very good, they have great Housing services. Independent character is very important when I attend college because no parents beside me and I have to decide everything such as class schedule, eating time, study time, hang-out time with friends, money earning for books, fee....College life makes me more mature, become a real adult., not like when I was a high school student. I will try studying very hard to get high grades, earn my first Bachelor Degree, start working for my parents' happiness and help my community in the future.


I went back to school after 23 years and did not lack very many hours to get my Associates. When I finished this year, the feeling of accomplishment was so amazing. Now I plan on going to Remington College for Medical Assisting with x-ray and ekg so that I can have a more stable career. I have been layed off 3 times from office managerial positions and need a more stable area of work . Thank you for this opportunity, I appreciate it very much.


My freshman college experience has taught me the valuable lesson of self-discipline. Untill this fall semester had started, I always had someone telling me to get up and go to school, or to finish my homework before I could hang out with friends. Once college started I was on my own terms of getting up and doing homework or projects. I learned the hard way that it is up to me to decide what I would be doing to finish my school tasks, it was up to me to put time aside to study and up to me to get up from my warm cozy bed and head out to class. Self-discipline is a valuable lesson to learn becasue it is something you are not taught in a classroom or from a parent. It is something you must learn on your own and can either break or make you. Self-discipline creates the fine line between child and adulthood. This comming semester I will use my new found knowledge to create a less stressful school year, one in which I can manage my priorities without having to dissapoint myself or my friends.


I learned that some people are just selfish and that in order to stay alive and doing what is on the right pathway, I need to focus and learn my independent way of living.


I have learned so much during my college experience that I never thought I would get just from a community college. The biggest experience was because I go to school with such a diverse age group of people. I have classes with 17 year olds to 63 year olds. I haved learned form them by hearing their life experiences and from when they grew up or went to college previously. The teachers are also from different places and backgrounds. Some grew up in military familes moving from city to city which I can relate to. Yet some tell about their party experiences and relate it to philosophy and make learning so much more fun. I have so many more friends, many are fifteen years older than me. I learned that college isn't about which house your going to next weekend. It's about all the people you meet and what they teach you as well as how the teachers interact with the student to make getting an education fun and enjoyable.


College is giving me the foundation for my career as a nurse. A career that i am going to be able to advance in and be generative. Attending has provided me with a way to support my infant daughter and provide for her in a great way. Networking in school has been invaluble. The diversity yet common ground that is found is a fantastic experience.


Discipline, dependence, and determination are what I experienced the most in college. In the beginning I made some choices that I regret such as not attending classes and not studying as much as I should have for exams. Fortunately, I took a turn on my actions by doing what I was suppose to do and every now and then I would ask myself many times, why am I here? Well I’m here not only to get a better life but to also take this opportunity to gain more and more knowledge as I grow.


Thus so far, I've gotten a lot of my first semester of college experience. It's been a strengthing and valuable experience for myself as a student in seeing the dedication it requires from a student like myself aiming for an architecture degree. It takes a lot of dedication and passion to accomplish a degree within this field and see so many students lose intrerest in it because of how much dedication, time, and sacrifices it requires from yourself. Having teachers and school staff offer their assistance is of value to see them reach out to us and reveal themselves present for us to reach out to in need of some direction and guidance towards completing our education. The self discovery of who i can turn to in need of assistance and understanding the importance of comunication between myself and my professors as well as finding students within my class and work area resourceful and a working community.


When I entered college, I had little professional experience, was very timid, and was not independent minded; I relied on my parents and the security I saw in them. As of May, I live a different life to which I lived my first semester. My father left my mother and abandoned his promise to support me entirely. Although having to endure this ordeal, this suffering forced me to receive a crash course in self-sufficiency. I gladly welcomed the intense workload that came with a nineteen hour semester and the professional responsibilities expected of me from my professors. I saw campus as something comforting and understanding. What my father took away put perspective into my life; I took up my responsibilities, held my head up high, and held back not. As I reflect upon myself at the beginning of the semester, I see a world of difference. I see that nothing about my school had changed – it was me and my acceptance of what my school had been trying to give me from the moment I stepped foot in orientation: independence and self-assurance. I now obtain what is required of me when I become an oral deaf educator.


I have gotten the opportunity to further my education and I appreciate that. Many of the African American males I grew up with have fallen trap to drugs, jail, or are dead and I refuse to be like them so instead of picking up a gun or drugs, I picked up a book and kept moving forward with my education. Brevard community College has helped me in so many ways. I think it is valuable to attend because it helps keep kids off the streets once they have graduated high school, helps to improve your knowledge, and you are able to get a degree in something you love.


I have had a life changing experience. I have a 5 year old daughter and she is the love of my life. I have choosen to go to college so that I can get and maintain a good paying job so that she has everything that she needs. I am in the nursing field and it has taught me alot about how to go about things when things go wrong with the body. I love working with people especially children. I hope to become a Pedieatric Doctor some day. College has been valuable in my life , because i have became a women and I can show my daughter that school isn't just for nerds. Its for people that what to make something out of themselves as adults. College is for those that really what to experience life and make money at the same time. College is for those that what a degree in a field of study that they love. Like me, i'm in the field of nursing because I Iove helping others, and I love being able to say that I made a difference in someones life.


I have learned alot about time management and what it takes to suceed in life.


I have learned alot about life, being on my own since 14 with no guidence was a struggle, but being a student on my own you realize alot more. College is not just a place to get your education it is also a learning place that is developing the person you are. It changes the way you view things and others. You realize that life is more complex than when you were young. You start becoming an adult and its more stressful and you start to realize who your true friends are and who are just aquantances. It is just the beginning of those even more stressful years to come. Preparing you for the real world , because let me tell you its alot harder when you are no longer a student. I am still a student but only difference is that i dont have any support from any of my family. But i dont take that as a negative stituation I take it optimisticly because im already living the adult life only difference is that im still in school. Meaning that when i graduate i wont have to be so nervous since im already in that circumstance. Go to SCHOOL

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