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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


While not for everyone, Greek life is an excellent investment of time and money. Fraternities in particular get a bad reputation from the few "frats" that focus on partying and girls instead of academics and philanthropy. In the end, though, it's about getting involved on campus. Join as many groups as you can possibly find time for between classes! You'll make lasting friendships and truly get the most out of your college experience.


Get off your butt and get a real job and work your way through college. The work experience will provide you with a major head start after graduation and limit the loans.


The college that you attend is never set in stone, if it's not for you look into one that may be.


The advice I would give is to not rush the process. Give you and your student time to talk and even change your mind. What they wanted in May could change by August. Don't be afraid to ask questions or to question things that don't seem to fit for you. College is fun, so make sure you have fun going through the process of looking. Don't base your choices on others, it is your time and money, do what is right for you.


Reflecting back, students and families should understand the value and importance of school spirit. If you attend an university that lacks school spirit and has students ashamed to say what school they attend, the school will lack the unity and friendly atmosphere. Without the encouragement that comes from the pride you have in the university you attend, students will find a hard time identifying and giving reason to their ambition. The university has to show some ambition on their part as well by demonstrating their understanding of school growth and has to promote sporting events. Without school-sponsored events, students become bored and find other forms of partying. A school without spirit results in a student with out cause.


make sure it fits your childs need and wants


I would definitely suggest weigh out all of your options completely, and then slowly narrow it down to your top picks and then go and take tours of these schools to see what they are all about (academically) first hand and even go as far as to talk to some current students to get an idea what campus life is like in their opinion, as well as possibly talk to some of the faculty and staff to gain a little bit more insight. If there is time try to attend at least one event that the school may host to get a hands on feel for the campus life. From there go back through your mental library of the things that stood out to you most, take everything into consideration and then your decision should come to you almost naturally.


Be opend minded, and try new things. Do not be afraid of meeting new people, and groups.


To the parents, make sure you get a good look around at the possible campuses, you know your child and you might be able to offer opinions. To the students, choose a campus that you feel comfortable with. Know which organizations are active at the school, and have an idea of which you want to get involved with from the start. Getting involved with an organization helps you make friends, and get involved with campus activities. Enjoy college, enjoy your friends, enjoy the late night study sessions, enjoy the late night walks around campus, and enjoy getting an education.


Let your child chose. Don't interfer too much and be accepted of what they're plans and ideas on what college they want to attend. Also check into colleges that are in a sage area.


Make sure you aren't just picking a college for all the hype, pick it because it's best for you and being home sick is a major problem that can affect how good your grades are and how your mood/attitude is. Too make the most of it get involved and don't get behind in your studies because of partying, set priorities!


You should take the time to look in to what college best suits the student and has the major they want to attend. If the student is not sure what to go into, they should go to a community college first so they can have the oppurtunity to take the time to think clearly about it and it saves the parents money.


I would advise parents to let their children choose the college of their choice, but to direct them in the right area if money is an issue or if they are knowledgeable about their major. To the student's I would say listen to your parents and make sure to save your money and don't go eat out all the time, invest in some cook books and try something new. Also, don't think that you can go through your classes without reading or doing all the assignments and showing up to class, the teachers will change their tests up and they sometimes take attendance and the tests are a lot harder than in high school. It's good to keep up good communication between the parent's and student's to because it helps get stress out and build trust along with knowing when you need extra help with tutors and advisors for classes.


To look at the cost of attendance and the sixe of the university. If the student is use to a hands on teaching experience they should try a smaller university. If they learn with a larger class, a larger more urban are university would fit them.


I will advice parents and students to start researching for college and scholarships as early as midle school. I will advise students to stay focus, take challenging classes, seek for tutoring eventhough you don't think is necessary. Students must identify themselves withwith faculty, principal, teachers, counselors. . Parents and students must attend to high school college fairs, and collect as much information as possible about different colleges and universities, scholarships available, majors offers, faculty to student ratio. Students and parents must enroll as soon as possible in college board .com., their website provided very valuable information. students must also participate in extra curricular activities if offered at the high school and get involved in community service . Parents and students must apply for every scholarship available, adhere to college scholarships deadline. Students must research for career options , and participate in different internships.


I would say find the college that best calls to you. Do not attend a college for the reason that your friends are also going to attend. Find a college or University that fit your personality and financial background. Not worrying about money would be a great lift off ones shoulders especially when they are majoring in a difficult subject. If you have all your financial needs in order your more likley to do better in school because your focus will be 100 percent in your studies instead of worrying how your going to pay for the next term. Messege for the parents: help your children as much as possible and even if the road seems impossible, remember that nothing is impossible and keep faith in your children every step of the way because a parents faith in you is priceless. It will really help the student keep their head up high when the possible seems impossible.


To find the best college, first look into all of the college fairs at the high school attended. To make the most of a college experience, students, as well as parents, should always stay in contact with each other. Students should make time to keep in touch with old friends, and family, while making new friends at school. Students should also learn to manage their time and look into finding a job, either on or off campus. It is important to keep money with you at all times in case of emergency. Parents should encourage their child to do the best they can in school and to achieve their highest standards. With the importance of parental guidance and student achievement, both family and student will be happy with their new life.




You should make good grades in high school.Began looking for scholarships and visiting schools your junior year,its never to late.Apply to more than 1 school and make sure the school you chose is the one for you.When you finally arrive at college have fun but also remember to maintain time management.


Make sure to look into all that the school has to offer and the surrounding areas to see if this is the "right" place for them to spend the next 4 years of their life.


Do not just settle for what is easy and most convinient. You are there to get a degree for atleast 4 years, you want to be at a place you enjoy and can see yourself succeding. Take advantage of everything offered to you for your help.


First of all, college is not just about learning, studying, and trying to make the good grades. In my opinion, if those are the only reasons that a person wishes to continue their education, than it is a huge waste of money. College is obviously not cheap, but money should not be a factor when determining whether or not a college is right for you. College is about learning new things, maturing, being on your own, and finding yourself. So when choosing a college, I advise prospective students to visit the campus and see how they feel in the environment. Some people are meant for big schools, and others are meant to attend smaller schools more simliar to a high school size. It just depends on the person. When a person finally does find the right school for them, it would be wise to get into social groups or clubs with people that share a common interest with you; because one never knows who they might meet. Livelong friends who can help you succeed at school, and give advice when one is troubled. Besides, when entering a new school, one is in no position to pass up new, inspiring friends!


If I had to give any advice to parents or students about finding the right college it would be to make sure that the school offers everything you're looking for as far as thier academic program, layout, resources, and overall quality. Also if you still don't know exactly what you want to do with your life, it's not a crime. Everyone is different and sometimes others need more time to get through college or choose a major. Go at your own pace, but don't just procrastinate and slack off and then justify it with this excuse. Take your studies seriously and apply yourself to do your best, but try to find a balance and have some time to participate in campus activities. Make new friends and make the effort. Also, don't be afraid to ask for help or go to study groups if you're not understanding something. Take advantage of all your school has to offer and get your money's worth. Getting a college education isn't free, but it's an extremely beneficial investment if you work hard to achieve your dreams and find the means to do so.


Take advantage of the tours and prospective student camps so that you will be acquainted with the campus, student life, and the city in general. Remember to be open minded when looking at schools, research each university/college and its organizations to ensure that there are several worthwhile activities to participate in. Also, don't believe all of the stereotypes and myths. I was hesitant about joining a sorority because I thought they were superficial, but I've been member of the Greek community for 3 years now and its been the best decision I have made in my collegiate career.


First identify the type of educational and social setting you desire including on/off campus housing. Determine if the student will have independent transportation or will shuttle service be required. Research colleges before applying including financial aid opportunities. Visit the universities to determine whether it will meet your needs. Stay overnight on campus if possible to determine location safety. Find out if campus security is available and hours of operation. Are call boxes available along walking trails? Follow up on social and academic organizations and clubs. Most importantly make for sure that the college has a good balance both academically and socially. Follow up with your student and offer support and reassurance. This is a big step and helps to know that someone has your back.


Make sure it has the right degree plan you are looking for and an enjoyable atmosphere to learn in.


Learn when to go out and when not to go out, be responsible.


The advice that I would give is that a college has to fit to you. If you are on a campus that you simply just don't like, I believe that it's not the right one for you. The biggest aspect in choosing colleges is if it's right for you. I visited many colleges in Germany, Texas and New York. I've been all over, however, the college that felt right for me was the University of Texas at San Antonio. Despite the fact that the other colleges had similar programs, I felt that UTSA was home for me. If you do not enjoy your campus, peers etc., you will not be happy. For the next four years, your college will be your home. You will make new friends, grow as a person and expand your knowledge. Choosing the right college for you is the most important decision of your life.


find somewhere with your major and you can afford finacially


Look, look, and look some more and don't count out anyone.


Start saving now college is getting really expensive and if your financially ready for it then it wont be as bad and your teen will not struggle as much or worry as much. Find the college that you feel comfortable at and see yourself in. Join campus clubs, volunteer, or even get a job on campus, this will help you make new friends and get a sense of belonging.


I would say definitely take a look at several colleges before making a decision and also be informed about attendance costs and available financial aid packages. Check the school's reputation in your field or talk to alumni about their experiences. Make sure you are prepared for the costs associated with your school. I would also meet with the advisors in your department and see if they provide good direction for your career goals. Look at the social environment: talk to current students about their ability to make friends and receive help from classmates. Most of all, this is an important decision so don't leave it to the last minute or decide on a whim. Once enrolled, make sure you keep up with your work. Seek help if you need to. College is a privilege and shouldn't be taken for granted. At the same time, college is not entirely about the grades. Open yourself up to new experiences that a diverse campus offers. Get involved in extracurricular activities or organizations. Try new things and don't be afraid. The college experience will change your life; the outcome is up to you.


Take the necessary time to determine which college meets your desired intent for acedemics and future career aspirations. The school setting, atmosphere and support provided by administrators and faculty should also be considered. Understand your surroundings within the local community and ensure that the school of your choice offers security and needs of all students.


Looking for a school should begin with choosing a school that best suits your needs regarding the major your are looking to work towards. Make sure the schools you are looking at have extra curricular activities that will tie you to your campus life, and all of the amenities you are looking for in a college. Attending a university should be a fun and exciting new experience, so preparing yourself by knowing your own expectations as well as the schools in question is your best tool towards a rewarding college education.


I would give the advice I wish I had been offered when searching for a university. Go where you feel at home, where you believe you can spend the next four years of your life at and be happy there. College is a unique time of your life and you can never get these years or moments back, so make the most out of it. If you love school spirit make that a priority. If you want to be Greek then go to a school with a strong greek system. No one can tell you what to look for, you will have to decide what is important to you and pursue a college based on that.


I would tell the student to be sure the college is right for them, in terms of the environment, academic background, as well as the quality of the professors there. It would be most important for the student to check out the professors and their teaching methods. Having a professor that teaches a subject well, can really help a student to become successful and maintain a high gpa. Otherwise, that professor could very well hold the student back. As far as the campus environment, the student needs to be sure that it is an environment that he or she feels comfortable in according to his or her needs. Finally, the student needs to be sure that he or she can handle the academic standards of the college that he or she is attending.


Research many schools before you settle. Don't turn down a far away or ivy league school because you think you can't afford it. Sometimes those schools give you a bigger financial break. Don't freak if you start on one major and change your mind. Most college students change their major at least once! Get involved enough to be interested and have fun and make some friends, but not so much that your grades suffer. I haven't been as involved as I would have liked because I have worked a lot while I have been in college. I don't think I would have joined a sorority, but I would have liked to join a few clubs. I don't date too much because college guys are crazy and they drink too much. I don't drink or do drugs, so that makes me uninteresting to most college guys. Go your own way and don't get sucked in to partying to fit in. If you do, college is just a waste of money. Be present in your college years. Enjoy.


listen to yourself, check out the college before hand, trust your judgement, focus on what's out there and then home in based on what you are good at and would love to work in and don't listen to people who focus on gpa and getting out at a certain time. enjoy the journey not the end point.


Reserach the universities in which you are considering before making a final decision. Make sure the student/faculty ratio is a number you agree with. Visit the campus before committing to attend it. Have your parents do a walk-around tour of the campus with you. Check out what different on-campus housing, meal plans, and tuition pay plans the university offers. Check into activities such as frats, sororities, newspaper, etc that the university has to offer, so when you start attending, you may become a participant within those organizations. Make sure the university you choose to attend is one you have no doubts about, and one in which you will be proud to say you are a graduate about your entire life.


Parents: PLEASE pay for your children's tuition / on-campus housing. One of the biggest disappointments of my life in college was not living on-campus. I have certainly missed out on a lot of social networking opportunities because of it. Try to make college as accomodating as possible. Your kids are there to learn, not struggle. Students: REMEMBER TO EAT YOUR FOOD. I frequently skip meals because my classes coincide with meal times, and thus end up eating only once or twice late in the day. I will be working to fix this myself, and I recommend all other students do the same. Also, learn to balance recreation with study.


Visit the school its most helpful if you can find someone who already goes there to show you the ropes its very diffrent with this prespective.


The biggest peice of advice I would give students that are trying to pick the right college would be to apply to as many schools as possible! Dont think that just because you may not have had the best grades that you will be denyed admishion


Parents make sure you look into the college or university your child applies to as well. Find I college tthat helps your child organize his/her life for their after-college life. Make sure there's opportunities for internships, scholarships, and volunteer services (all these are important for your child's resume). Most of all make sure your child is 100% positive about their decesion.


First of all, I would encourage parents and students to notice how their son's personlaity is. This is crucial for determining whether the student is capable of making it in a big unniversity or a small college. If the stuent is shy and quiet then I recommend athe sudent to try a small college, but if he is very outgoing or willing to become more social and interact with different students, then I recommend going to a big university. Always try your hardest intto getting accepted into the college of your dreams and dont let financial problems stop you from attending college.


I've never been to the 1604 campus only to the downtown campus. If you go to the downtown campus just be aware of your surrounds and never leave anything visible in your car. The downtown campus sits in the middle of the homeless shelter, daylaborer pick-up, and juvenile detention center.


The advices that I would give to a parent or student is to focus on the quality, environment, and personnel of the college because that would determine the comfortability, focus, and motivation to the student. Another advice would be that a student should try to get involve in any program, project, or sorority on campus because it will be a great background information on a resume or application for their future careers. A student should try to enroll to a community college first ,before attending a university because it will allow him or her to better prepare for advanced courses and environment. Also, applying to all types of financial aid and scholarships. The advice that I would give to parents is to encourage their child to attend college and to help them choose the college of their choice, but carefully reviewing the services the college provides. Attending college makes an enormous impact in a persons life because it motivates the student to keep reaching their goals, encourages to be more confident and knowledgeable, and most important it allows you to see life in a more positive way.


The best advice i would give would be pick the right school for you and the field you would like to go into. college is the best experience you can ever have. You end up meeting really great people if its at the dorms or on campus or just anywhere.College might be a little nerveracking in the beginning but you get use to it at the end! A professor told me learn how to balance my life ;just make sure you balance work and play. to the parents i think i would say to just encourage your kids as much as you can telling them they can do it if they put their mind to it. I know it might be tough to let them go but its good for them to learn the resonsiblity to live on their own and manage their money and etc.


Take your time and research each school. Get an idea what you want to study, because some schools don't offer the field you may be interested in. Make sure to visit the school before you decide. Do you want a big or small school? Intrested in Greek life? How far away from Mom and Dad do you REALLY want to be?.. you'll miss them more than you think. College is a great experience, don't let it go to waste!


apply to all schools you're interested in early an choose wisely


Campus visits are crucial when finding the right college and to make the most of the college experience, you should step outside your comfort zone and try things you might never have considered trying before.

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