The University of Texas at San Antonio Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The on campus apartments.


I commute an hour by bus to my school.


Considering that UTSA is a growing univeristy, the worst thing would be the lack of adequate space at the library and hours. While most students expect to have long hours in the evening the library and personnel are not available. Yes, UTSA offers online resources, however as far as studying and group project meetings, UTSA needs to reevaluate the library for the sake of the students.


Since it is a new school with a recent new football team its not as school spirited as i would like. Also there arent many traditions here yet, its not your typical traditional college since it is still growing.


The worst part about UTSA has to be the dorm food. Other than the dorm food there isn't really anything wrong with it in my opinion.


The food


The worst thing would be the parking, because parking goes fast especially in the mornings. There is alot of parking with different prices but your almost always waiting for someone to leave to get their spot.


The parking situation. It is getting slightly better with the help of shuttles.


The worst thing about my school is having to buy a parking pass and how far I will have to drive every day. I understand fees are necessary to keep up the school, but I live 30 minutes away and cannot afford to get an apartment closer. I wish the passes were at least a little cheaper. It's something I can live with, though!


I consider the worst thing about UTSA is that it is too much walking.


The worst thing about my school is the fact that they don't offer enough classes each semester. For example, I'm a Kinesiology student and there are 300+ students with this major. ALL of us have to take Anatomy and Physiology before our Junior year, otherwise we won't have the pre-requisites to move on. UTSA only offers 1-2 classes each semester that holds less than 100 students. They need to hire more faculty to fix this problem.


There really isn't anything bad but myself making my experience here not the best. I have been stressed for the past month now because I am strugling to figure out how I will be paying for housing next month. My parents have helped me out very much but the situation isn't the best however. Other than that, my school is one of the best choices that I have ever made.


The worst thing for me has been the unavailability of some classes at times I want to take them and, in some cases, times I have available to take them. Also, I have been assigned to field training at schools that are very inconvenient for me; that is, the ones I have to travel the greatest distances to reach. In addition, there is inadequate parking on campus.


Within the two years of my college experience at The Univerity of Texas at San Antonio I got myself a bit of a reality check, and it was not to my liking. Although I was in for a surprise when I arrived at my second year of college, I still do not consider anything horrific about my insights thus far. The only worst thing you can expect is that if you go into your semester having a poor attitude and outlook in life, your chances are slim when trying to succeed. The old saying goes, "Keep your chin up."


Parking is the worse thing in this school due to the fact that there is such a limited amount of space as well as the sheer distance one must go to park their car. It's bad for both people living on and off campus unless you walk across the street from your home where there is assigned parking at.


I did not find anythinb bad about it; I love the University I attended and graduated from.


The worst thing about The University of Texas at San Antonio is the parking, especially for off campus students, faculty, and staff.


The problem of space seems to jump out at me the most. It is always very crowded and, at certain times, getting parking is impossible. Also, the smoking that is allowed on campus is something that is enjoyed by all the smokers on the campus. When passing between buildings, the ambient smoke makes me feel like I'm choking.


I think the worst thing about my school is a lack of structure and communication between professors.


The worst would be the passing periods before each class because as a new student ten minute might not be enough time,


The worst thing I would say about UTSA is not enough parking, but other than that its a great school.


The worst thing about UTSA has got to be its websites & wireless interface (AirRowdy). We have to maintain an email, ASAP (Automated Student Access Program), Blackboard, AirRowdy, and innumerable course specific accounts. Technologically speaking, it would be relatively simple to integrate all of these services so that only a single username & password was needed for all of these, but, as the system is currently set up, most of these require a separate username and password. Also, the website itself,, is poorly designed and difficult to navigate, especially for anyone viewing the site for the first time.


One thing that dissappoints me with UTSA is the lack of activities there are on campus because being a freshman and living in the dorms I get bored and wish there was a little more going on on campus on the weekends and such! But maybe I just havent looked around enough!


The worst thing about my school is that there isnt a good teacher student relationship. I have to go through so many channels just to try and e-mail my professors.


The campus police. They are pretty stingy.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the selection of majors. At most public universities you can expect a wide variation of majors. However, my university only allows a certain number of majors, most of them being the most common. If more majors were available, then I believe that a lot more students would be happier.


The worst thing about this school is the rooming space. For some reason the housing complexes full up, so apply early.


The extra fees (why do I have to pay a parking fee when I don't even own a car, why do I get charged a fee for the rec center when I do not use the facility), have to take the core curriculum even after I have declared a major, no place to park, no true campus directory, the buildings are not clearly named, the library is inefficient both in aesthetics and quality.


My friends and I have always thought UTSA as a cool campus, but could feel more like an actual college. By that, we all agree that without the univeristy having a football team, it does not quite satisfy the full college campus experience. Although UTSA will be getting a football team in 2011 and has many other sporting events to attend, the absence of a football team is needed in order to encourage school spirit in the students and have a popular event to look forward to at the university.


Parking on campus is a problem. The overflow lots are starting to see crowding.


I think fondly of my school and have no disrespects about the quality and potential of achieving greatness.


The worst thing about my school is not getting more personal assistance in my classes. I was in a classroom with too many students and not being able to even work in groups or have any kind of help from the professor made my first years at the university difficult.


Since it is a smaller school, sometimes it feels that the resources and technologies available are limited. There is a lot of room for improvement, but advancing the school in terms of population may not be the right way to go. The fact that the school is smaller allows for more focused attention on that that a student population should focus on.


Well due to the rapid pace of growing students I would say its the expenses that are quickly climbing with the student body.


The parking situation is a really bad thing, it seems that there are far more students than parking spots available. A way to fix that would be to offer off campus parking and have a shuttle bus pick students every 5-15 minutes.


Maybe because this is my first semester at UTSA, but I wish they were more encouraging when it comes to academic advising. When I spoke to my advisor, she told me I don't really need to see her every semester, and that most students don't. Of course she said that if I wanted to I could, but didn't seem too keen on the idea. I like knowing that I'm on track with my classes, so I wish there was a little more encouragement there.


I don't consider anything wrong with my school because their is really nothing wrong with my school. well actually the only wrong thing about my school is that there is a lot of students that smoke a lot and they are everywhere on campus and well you partically smell cigarretes all day and that is really bad for some students, especially students that have health problems. So I will really appreciate for some students to slow down in smoking on campus. But really, smoking is the only thing that is worst about my school because everything else is good.


The class sizes are sometimes very big for your basic courses. It makes it hard to get a good grasp on what you're learning about!


The athletic department uses students' money to provide fun activities and trips for athletes that regular students do not get the opportunity to benefit from.


The worst thing is parking! I work all week long, so I take classes very early in the morning, which is the worst time to find parking. Luckily, the University has several shuttles that will pick you up in designated areas and drop you off in front of certain parts of the University.


The campus needs better transportation from the public park and ride system.


Parking is difficult to find and expensive. Some classrooms are in serious need of updating... many broken seats or desks.


Availability of parking isn't great.....get used to the shuttle or getting to school really early.


The worst thing about my school is its location. We are located on the far North side of San Antonio approximately 20 minutes from downtown. The reason why this is bad is because if we were located closer to downtown our school would be bigger and get more recognition kind of like UT at Austin.


no school spirit, we lack a football team and many are ashamed to be roadrunners.


The school spirit because no has a sense of pride in their school


It's too big and there is never a place to park and I pay for parking! Okay, I always find a parking place, but it's really far away, which is good exercise unless it's pouring a big ole Texas rainstorm!


The lighting in the architecture studios.


One of the issues that I had in attending the school is the fact that the desks and sitting arrangements are unconfortable. The desks did not provide much space for a book and notebook to place together. I believe that the classrooms should have more space, due to the fact that a person has to focus on reading and writing notes as the same time. Also, the sitting arrangements were not very helpful because it was difficult to hear and sometimes the sitting area was to far from the instructor or board.