The University of Texas at San Antonio Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone. UTSA is growing in research and programs.


If you are social butterfly, you will fit right in with the students of UTSA. There are numerous organizations to join and many events to get involved with school. Want to run across the field with the football players? At UTSA you can make it happen by participating in rowdy rush. Students get in free to all sporting events which becomes a little break from endless hours of studying. Let UTSA be an option and I promise this university will give you an experience of a lifetime.


Someone who is self motivated would be best for a school like this.


This is such a multicultural school, if you want to meet different types of people this is a good school for you. Being that it is a school in a big city you have to put yourself out there to make friends, its a growing school with many growing organizations.


If you want to go to this school you need to be deicated. The teachers at UTSA are amazing but you have to want to war for your education. It's not going to be handed to you. UTSA isn't for people who don't wan to work hard and are just going to school to party.


someone who is outgoing and likes meeting new people and trying new things. our school spirit is also on the rise so if you like sports and want to be a part of something you should really look no further than UTSA


Some with a laid back, fun and easy going personality. Someone that can socialize with everyone, willing to make new friends every day. And be ready to study when it is time because it is going to be a rollercoaster.


Anyone would be able to start at a university as big and diverse as this one. It has the big-time university feel without losing the small town eloquence as a smaller private univeristy. A great place for a person who would feel overwhelmed or ignored by a bigger university would be a great fit for this school.


A student who will put in the work to achieve success and triumph through endovers.


A student that likes variety. UTSA offers a large variety of different progams. UTSA isn't as large as most universities so if your an incoming college freshmen and afraid your going to get lost or over powered by a large school then UTSA is the pefect school for you! It's small yet diverse and very welcoming!


Personally I do not think there is a particular person required to attend this school. However, if you are looking to expand your future as well as your knowledge, than I would say, "Sign Up Today!". College is not just about meeting fascinating people, it is also and most importantly about engaging yourself in what our parents call, 'the real world' and finding your place in society. There is no criteria on what kind of person should attend this school, whether that person be smart, naive, young, or even old. College has to limits on the quality of a person.


Someone who takes pride in their work and is willing to go the extra mile will find this university to be quite a pleasant one. Self-motivation and a positive attitude will take a student far, and the ability to adapt to changes in professors and environments can be invaluable. In short, one with an open mind and want to succeed will find themselves enjoying their time.


A person that is self motivated and is willing to put forth the effort to make thir degree their own.


People who are hard-working, like science, and knows a little Spanish.


Some that is independent and takes inituative. Getting someone on the phone for inforamation is very hard, so you will have to be able to research things on your own.


This school is great for everyone, no matter what type of background they are from.


Any person who would like a college education should likely enjoy going to this school. Relatively speaking, this is a very cheap school compared to the other schools in the city. However, if you are looking into a specific trade, it may be interesting trying to get your full education here, even though it is more than possible to transfer to a professional school after the university.


Anyone can attend this school and be successful. The important choice for students will be which campus to attend. I enjoy the smaller classes and campus downtown. It has a more laid back feel and it is easier to access the different offices you will need to visit from time to time. If a student wants a fuller all inclusive college experience than the main campus is the better choice. The main campus is much larger and has many options for housing, food and course selections.


Anyone who is willing to learn, do the work and looking for an education should attend this school.


The type of person that should attend this university is someone who is serious about their future. This person should be open minded and independent, and not afraid to take risks.


Someone that like a sense of "home". Everyone is so friendy and helpful here! The school is also the perfect size big enough to meet new people everyday but small enough to where you run into people you know on a daily basis. The resources are amazing as well, SI sessions and a tutor lab with tutors that sit there until you understand the information. I'm really glad I attend my school.


With most classes at UTSA being no larger than what high school students are already accustomed to, the proffessors have a unique opportunity to interact with each student individually. UTSA is perfect for the student that needs a "hands-on" approach. With administration and students always eager to help a fellow roadrunner, it is impossible to imagine any student feeling out of place here at University of Texas San Antonio.


Anyone who would like to go to college.


Someone looking for an inexpensive yet good school. UTSA offers a lot of social events, so I would encourage someone looking to make lifetime friends to attend. There are organizations for all races and ethnicities as well as for all interests.


Anyone can attend this school. Its very diverse and everyone here seems to enjoy their time spent. Its a great school with great classes and professors.


Students who are willing to work hard to achieve their goals.


Someone with an undecided major or major in engineering.


Anyone who is looking for a good, well rounded, low cost education shoud attend this school.


I think anyone should be able to attend this school.. Anyone should be able to have a chance is they are willing to work hard...


some one that is looking for a university that is rapidly growing. Also a commuter school in a big culturally diverse city. This is not a party school .


Someone attending this school should be prepared academically to think on their feet. One should also be open-minded to diffent types of learning, as well as different types of people.


Anyone, I suppose


You should come to UTSA if you're considering going to their graduate school, which is very much research-oriented.


Someone who likes the attention and friendliness of a small college, but wants the diversity and opportunities of a large university.


Someone that loves a small town feel in a big city.


there is not a lot of college activites that i bigger college offers at UTSA


Anyone can attend this school. It is very diverse, and there is no discrimination against anyone who can attend. It is more focused on the students who want to achieve outstanding goals by graduating and finishing their degree in a specific alotted time, though. It is important that the students who attend here are able to make friends easily, and like having large classes.


Someone who is not looking for a lot to to on campus over the weekend. It is very much a commuter school, but is fun i you want it to be


If you like to keep to yourself and not get involved in activities, you won't get the best out of your college life here. I think that people who love to socialize, experience new things, and meet new people should attend this school. Basically outgoing people would be best for this school.


If you want to attend this school you need to work hard and be opened minded. if you can do this you will have a great time here.


A person open to new ideas, fun, energetic, and ready to start their after-college life.


Someone who is determined to be successful in life. This a perfect school for any student who didn't feel like they did their best in high school and wish to prove to themselves that they are capable of getting good grades. This school is a good confidence builder and increases your slef esteem.


I believe any type of person can attend this school because as I have observed, the campus has a diversity of ethnics, age, and languages. I personally would encourage any person that wants to accomplish an education goal, occupational skills, or personal experience. It is an environment full of opportunities, such as career preparation, socialization, extra-curricular activites, and independence. The school is basically for any person who wishes to learn or get a degree in Business, Education, Music, Art, or Engineering. The campus is for a person who wants to get involve or get recognized for its accomplishments.