The University of Texas at San Antonio Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who does not put forth an effort. A person attending this school must have a drive to succeed and be attentive during class. Take copious notes, dedicate time for studying during the week.


Everyone is welcome at the University of Texas at San Antonio. The students of UTSA are comprised of many different cultures, ethnicities, and statuses. Walking across campus will garner no second looks. Whether the tuition rates are more agreeable with you, the location is convenient, your family has a tradition of attending UTSA, or your own unique reason, anyone can enroll at UTSA.


Someone who is not willing to put in the time or effort to attend classes and complete assignments in a timely fashion.


Someone who is not serious about their education and lacks determination should not attend this school. If the person is more concerned with partying and having fun every night and weekend then it will most certainly show up in their grades. People with no work ethic and discipline will end up being disappointed in the end. You cannot decide to be serious just when the school year is ending, you have to stay focused all the way through out.


Some one who loves really big schools, also if you love living in a small town with little traffic.


a person who is not wanting to make anyfreind or be invlved in school activities.


I don't think the type of person anyone can be would be enough to keep you from this school. everyone is very welcome and we have a broad range of cultures and diversity. Unless your very closed minded about the type of people that you should communicate with than maybe you should double think it, but even conservitives feel comfortable, because no one forces you interact outside of class. Your welcomed and encouraged to make new friends, but never to a point of being uncomfortable.


Someone who thinks it's a party school, or that they can ge by just by showing up and/or doing the least amount of work. That's never a good idea anywhere, though.


Those who are in deep finacial problems or would really struggle to attend this school for every year


I can honestly say that I would discourage any type of person from attending this university. The students that attend UTSA cover a great range of differences.


The University of Texas at San Antonio is well diversed to welcome any kind of person.


Honestly, no one should attend any college if they arent up for a challenge. If you are lazy and really don't have any type of drive then I would say no to college. It requires full attention to learning.


It takes a truelly dedicated student to attend UTSA. It is a growing school, making the classees and professor more difficult and better. If what you look for in a college is to party, go out, and slack off, then UTSA is not the school for you. It takes a true roadrunner to make it through all four years at UTSA. If you are loyal, trust worthy, hard working, smart, and dedicated, you are on you're way to being a roadrunner, if not, dont even look us up.


Lazy, unsuccessful, closed-minded, complaining, drama-orientened, push over


The type of person that shouldn't attend this school include students who aren't willing to work hard and study to make the grades or maintain their GPA. Students who aren't open to joining different organizations ang getting there name out there. People who are extremely shy, because there are activities in and out of class that include student interaction and planning.


The University of San Antonio is not a school for the apathetic or unmotivated. As with many other institutes of higher education, one cannot afford to be lazy or expect teachers to accept mediocre work. In order to succeed as a student, one must be fully prepared to not scoff or complain of large workloads, boring readings, or unfavorable environments and professors; unfortunately, if you are not prepared to adapt and motivate ones self, attending this university will not be as memorable and favorable an experience as it could and should.


I believe people who are not willing to accept other people for their culture, beliefs, or race. The University of San Antonio is very diverse, which I love about it.


Anyone unwilling to show effort or interest in furthering their education in earning a degree, it can be a set back for yourself in spending money for college, scholarship and grant funds from sponsers that could've gone to someone in need and willing to complete school. No one should turn to college as an alternative and opprotunity to escaping home and parents. People that feel they aren't 'smart' enough for college but have interest and desire earning a degree shouldn't be discouraged or excluded and should aim for college and pursue getting a degree.


Students who are not serious about their education and future. Students who are looking to party and go wild should stay away, UTSA is a place of higher education for serious students who want to succeed in life and have a great future after college.


Persons that are not serious about their education and are not willing to put out extra time, and effort into their studies. UTSA is a great university but classes especially for education require time vested and the willingness to succeed!


This school is opened to everyone from the ?misunderstood? to the ?nerdy?. Its every eclectic the many faces and clothing rooming the halls fill the embodiment of an enjoyable college life.


Someone who likes tall buildings and is used to big city living.


The only kind of person who should not attend this school is the one who is content to be an underdeveloped fool.


someone who just thinks that college is all about partying and drinking. Or someone who doesnt take things like going to class or studying seriously because they want to do more "fun" things


A person who does not want to college should not be here, and if a person wants to do a program that is not offered at the school then shouldn't attend.


A person who doesn't have ambition, and isn't school oriented.


A student that does not like to work hard and earn their grade. Although UTSA is in a shadow of a highly ranked school it is still a respectable program. A person who is not willing to work hard and put forth time and effort into developing a good education should not attend this school.


University of Texas offers students an abundance of possibilities, but if a student is looking for a large, party-crazed school, UTSA is not the proper location. University of Texas is a relatively small campus where we take education very seriously.


Those who are more concerned with prestige should not attend UTSA. Although some might argue, UTSA doesn't sound as glamourous as other univesities such as Harvard or Yale. As a place simply to attain education, UTSA excells. The staff is supportive and generous, and tuition is substantially lower than several other universities.


I honestly do not know who shouldn't attend UTSA. There seems to be something for everyone. We have so many organizations, clubs, and events on campus that everyone can fit in and find something they like. Even for the people who dont want the "normal college experience", UTSA is a great commuter school.


Being as people here are mainly conservative, I believe those who are liberal would have more touble fitting in as most conservatives fairly often disrespect liberals.


I would not encourage people considering majoring in the fine arts to attend UTSA. UTSA is not well known for its art and music programs. The existing programs are rather small. Also, UTSA does not fit with the typical art scene.


Any person is a good candidate for UTSA. They have plenty of majors to choose from. Whether you're an artist or an engineer or a teacher, they have a plan for you. This campus is especially liberal, so if an individual is left wing, then I would say they would fit in really well.


Somebody that is close minded. UTSA is very diverse. There are students from all backgrounds that have varying points of view on issues. If you want to go here you must remain open minded in order to fully experience all UTSA has to offer.


Like ai said in the last question I think everyone should be able to have a chance at this college.


A person who does not desire to put any personal effort into his educational goals probably should not attend this school... they are wasting their own, or someone else's money.


Someone who thinks this is the University of Texas in Austin but located in San Antonio. The schools are very different, and UTSA is very UT Austin's shadow. However, it's not a blowoff school; you can't just skip classes and expect to do fine. If you want to waste four years of your life, don't come here. The tuition is fairly expensive to waste your time. Stick to a community college for that.


I feel that this school is accepting to all kinds of people.


I don't think there would be one person in this world that could fit in somewhere at UTSA.


Honestly, there is not a certain "kind of person" that shouldn't attend this school. What makes this school so great is that there are so many kinds of students. You transform through your experiences in school; anyone can transform. If you are looking to grow and become enlightened than this is the place for you. The last thing this school does is classify people.


This school is for someone who is self-motivated. Faculty and staff will do their part to encourage you, but it's a big school. You have to be to keep up with all your work on your own. Also, you must be willing to seek out help when its needed. There are plenty of student services on campus to help, but you have to go to them.


This school is really welcome to all types of students. If you are used to being in a big city and want that, then UTSA isn't the best place you for you.


A person who intrested in business and engineering should really consider of attending UTSA!


don't know


Everyone should have the opportunity to attend college in aspiring to fulfill their goals in life. College should be affordable to everyone desiring to become a productive member of society..


A person who is not committed to going to college and finishing up by getting his or her degree.


This school is very diverse its a huge melting pot.


really dumb people.


This school is very expensive and very research-oriented, NOT student-oriented. Don't attend if you are unwilling to take on many loans or you are unwilling to learn to TEACH YOURSELF EVERYTHING. Classes consist of 150+ students and there is little YOU from the Prof's perspective; there is only THE CLASS. If you are a bad test-taker (since everything centers around tests, which are easy to grade), or if you WORK (since they inconveniently schedule all classes between 8-6 M-F and offer few online), go to OLLU or ACCD instead. It's better there!


Anyone who is not accepting of diversity. We celebrate diversity here at UTSA every November and are proud of it. Those who are racist and close-minded will not fully benefit from all the different opportunities to meet new people, network, and grow as a asset to our community. By becoming involved and meeting such diverse students and staff, I feel that I have become much more of a well-rounded person. That is what becoming involved is all about.