The University of Texas at San Antonio Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The one thing that is frustrating would be the walk from my on campus apartment to classes.


The most frustrating thing about UTSA is that if students want to live off campus and live somewhere affordable, students have to go out of their way to find a place to live. Sometimes living 20 minutes away from the school when before living on campus it was a five minute walk.


Perhaps the scheduling, but that is a problem with any school.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of activity in the chemistry department, and a small selection of scholarships.


That it is not closer to me!! Otherwise, it's really great.


The most frustrating thing about UTSA is their lack of parking. The school is primarily a commuter college (because they don't have enough room in their dorms to house all their freshman & sophomores) yet they don't have adequate parking available. I pay over $130 each year (the cheapest pass) for parking and the closest I can get is still 10-15 walk from my classes.


I love working at my school. I currenly work at the Tutoring Services at UTSA and I love every single thing about it. I enjoy going in everyday and really interacting with students just like me who need help with certain classes. I feel like i'm really providing a great service to people and it feels amazing when students leave with a smile on their face.


The most frustrating thing on campus would have to be the parking due to the fact that the ratios of parking spaces verses students is inconsistent. Therefore, causes overcrowding on the shuttles and inconveniences while attempting to be prompt to class.


There really are no complaints about my school. Everything is easy to find, UTSA is easy to get around, very diverse, just amazing.


The parking is absolutely terrible, there are not enough bike racks, and living here is not exactly cheap.


I'm happy with the campus from what I've seen.


The parking situation; two many vehicles not enough spaces.


Money, Housing fee...


The most frustrating thing about my school would probably be the course availablity/schedule selection; what you want to take when you want to take it.


the most frustrating thing about my school is that I have to commute. I really do enjoy my university. I can't pick out anything frustrating or bad about it. The reason I am applying for scholarships is to try and move to an apartment affiliated with the school this upcoming semseter.


Nothing really.


Students at UTSA generally fall into two categories: The first, students who just don't want to be here. These students had no intentions of attending this college while in high school and ended up here because they couldn't get into their first, second, or eighteenth choice. By default, they ended up at UTSA and aren't happy about it. The second category doesn't mind being here, but generally underachieve. Classes filled with these students end up with 5-10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of registered students showing up to class. Put simply, the students are the most frustrating part of UTSA.


Actually theirs nothing that frustates me. I like it because theirs people from different places and you get to know them, you get to know different cultures.


The on campus housing is soo far from the campus...


The availability of parking is horrible and too expensive.


There is a general lack of school spirit. Most people walk around wearing t-shirts sporting other universities. I suppose it has to do with the fact that the athletics department lacks a football program. But that is about to change in 2011.


It can be very demanding when it comes to the number of text books required for each class and the cost of each one.


My biggest frustration about this school is the rising cost of tuition and all of the fees. I am aware that my tuition cost is not nearly as high as many other accredited universities, but in the last three years my tuition has jumped by the hundreds of dollars. I started with one part time job until my hours were cut due to our mild economic depression, so I decided to get another part time job. Financial aid has been hard to come across for me because I live at home. This increase in tuition has effected many students.


This semester the school does not provide transportation for students that live in certain apartments.


Once again the parking would be the most frustrating thing at the school. Also depending on your class and professor the work assignments might be very frustrating. So other than those two things there aren't many other things that are frustrating at the school.


sometimes the classes are too far apart from each other


I feel that the school has grown so much and now all the offices of the school are not on the same page. It is very hard to find someone who knows all the answers to your questions. Have a lot of students working in the offices that do not know too much.


I don't have a real complaints. I like this school very much. The student population is probably a little overwhelming, but I can understand why so many students choose my school.


It's trying to catch up to its greatly increasing student population.


It really isn't very frustrating, just a bit teedious. Everything seems to be on a second floor level. There are lots of stairs, all that seem are only going up. Other than that, I have no other complaints.


The most frustrating thing at school is having large classes, along with having a part-time job and trying to keep up with all of the busy work and reading. There never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything finished.


Parking spaces. Although the school is beautiful with the design of its architecture the hassile of finding a parking spot may sometimes cause a student to be late or tardy. Many students park on the surroundings streets around the campus because the number of parking slots available does not accomidate the number of students attending the University.


Many of the classes are large so it's sometimes hard to get assistance when you really need it. Also, many of the students seem more concerned with partying and drinking on the weekends instead of taking thier studies seriously.


Professors are somtimes very boring.


There is no school spirit and very little involvment from the student body. Also the administration is focusing on a football team when they should be concerned with the state of the library and lack of study space around campus. The only minority group represented is Hispanics.


Parking is very fustrating especially the first month or two of classes.


Some of the teachers are very unorganized and some of them never get to the point in their lectures. That makes it very hard to learn and when you try to explain why you seem to behaving a problem absorbing the information they call you lazy.