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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I know this is your senior year so you want to make it fun, but you need to get ready for college as soon as possible. Do not procrastinate and leave all the boring registration and grueling paperwork for the last two weeks of summer. Have fun, but do not forget your responsibilities. With that said, do not worry too much about the transition about living on your own. Once you are at school everything will kind of fall into place if you dont slack off.


I would like to give young me, college advice. My advice covers goals, credit hours, financial aid and studying. Have a goal, and if you change your major, get advice on how it will alter credit hours and finances. I regret switching majors, because I‘m a senior in credit hours, but sophomore in my program. If you are going part time, pay attention to semesters needed for your degree. Free grants only last a set amount of semesters, regardless degree completion. I’m attending for a BSN-RN and have credits that don’t apply to my degree or a second major/minor. I will need creative financing during the last two years of my education. Next, you need to study diligently and know what your instructor expects. This is easily done by getting your materials before classes starts. Read the syllabus, many times, and complete everything on it. Start assignments early, take good notes, and study everyday. While cramming may work for short-term memory, studying repetitively helps information last. Advising and many study options are available; use them! In conclusion, to succeed in college; be goal oriented, aware of financial aid, credit hours and study well.


Focus more on schooling than on working. Having two jobs is great for money but your studying really suffers for it. Working hard at school is still working hard.


Now that I look back the number one thing I would tell myself would be to enjoy your youth. Enjoy the last few years of truely carefree fun. Enjoy and treasure the moments with your friends because you will all go off and become different people in the best way possible, but these differences will end with each of you taking a different path in life. I would advice myself to enjoy the time with my family because it would rapidly change and sometimes I still long for the simplicty that existed at that age. I would advice that my highschool self be more outgoing and not so resereved because I missed out on some amazing relationships. I would also say not to dwell on the pain that some selfish people caused because down the road I would meet some awesomley fierce people and that pain would make our relationships so much stronger. I think most of all I would want myself to know that it doesn't hurt to just stop and enjoy the world every single day and that everything will be okay. The world is a beautiful place and the sooner I realized it, the better.


Originally, I had taken a full year of college in highschool & am proud of this accomplishment. I have also had a part time job since i was 17 so I would also keep myself from focusing on a job & focus on school & my sport. Other than that I don't know, I do not regret anything because it has made me the person I am today, I am very proud of myself & have never gone stray of all my future goals in mind. I have always been self motivated & that has not changed yet.


Dear me, Yes time traveling is possible so I’m coming back to warn you and make clear to you of how important it is to apply to colleges early. I know it seems like you have a few months, maybe a few weeks but the clock is ticking and it’s not ticking backwards like it is now. There is still time, for every second that you waste somebody else is applying before you. But college applications are not your only priority, you must focus on applying to as many scholarships as you can. Do it starting today, apply to at least one per week. Put effort in each scholarship you apply too. Keep up with your classes, senior year is filled with numerous activities and it’s easy to become side tracked but “life goes on in your absence”. I know you think you’re not procrastinating but as your future self I’m telling you that you are, don’t wait another moment. Do things right away and do them correctly, do not prolong any assignments or anything useful. But the most important advice I have to offer to you is save your money for college.


Don't worry so much about how you stack up against the other kids. Just do your best and don't worry how everyone else does, 'cause when you get to college, chances are you won't even see them again for a long time. And if you do, who cares what kind of grades they're getting; they're not gonna be the ones working your career after you graduate so why worry? Life is much too short to be wasted with petty disputes. Keep your head up and stay true to yourself. And just in case you're wondering, you're gonna do great :)


I would tell myself to make a two-years plan for my college life. The plan would really help me to vision my career path in the future. I would be more organized if I made a two-years plan. The plan would also help me to save time and money during my years in college. There would be less chance for me to change major in between my college years. Therefore, I could transfer more easily to a 4-years university in pursuing my Bachelor and Master Degree. Moreover, I would tell myself to persevere continuously throughout my college years and to always have a potive mindset towards life. I would always try to find a solution in every challenge that I face. I would never give up everytime I encounter an obstacle in life. This would then help me to have a strong foundation before I enter the real working life in the future. After all, life is about taking chances. It is just a matter of how much risk you are willing to take in order to achieve your goals.


The advice I would give myself is that I should have taken more preAP classes and AP classes or concurrent classes. I would have joined more clubs to increase my social skills. Also, I would have tried out for more of the athletic teams to help me become accostumed to being on a team and working together with people to accomplish a goal.


Knowing what I know now about college life. I would tell myself to not get caught up in friends and let them distract me. I would have actually gone to class more than I did, and study a lot more. I would have told myself to work harder in my classes, and keep my GPA up. Instead of having to work extra hard to raise it after the fact. Many students do not think that one semester that you slack off wont hurt you too bad, but it does. I had to learn that the hard way, but thankfully I am still here. I have learned from my mistakes and continue to grow and do better with each new semester.


While my critique of my university may have seemed critical at times, I believe that this has been the best stepping stone, education wise, for my future. It is only when faced with conflict and resistance can a person truly grow, and I have faced that often here at UTPB. My academics have been nearly impeccable because the classes are not extremely challenging. However, it was because of my idle time that I became an active student leader. I founded and am president of the first student led secular group in this area and am president of the Gay Straight Alliance. I have faced constant resistance due to the conservative leanings in the area, but at all times I managed to resolve all issues for the better of the group and community. In short, while UTPB may not have the challenging courses I desire, it has presented the perfect environment for a student activist such as myself to gain experience and make a positive difference for both the secular community and the gay community.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is a great education, a well versed vocabulary, and great friends. I have also finally been able to decide what exactly it is I want to do with my life, when before I really had to idea what I was going to do after High School, it was not until I actually went to college and spoke to people with similar interests as mine that I decided what it is I wanted to do, I have decided to become a Mechanical Engineer. When before my life had no real direction now it does and I can think of no higher value than beign able to help me decide what I want to do with my life.


Attending college has sparked my academic curiocity and maturned me as a person. When I first started college, I approached education as an obligation. I didn't loathe attending class or doing the homework, but I was far from enjoying it. Now that I have been in college for two years, I have come to see learning as fun. It was simply a matter of getting myself interested. I now love to search through my textbooks for an answer to any questions that occur to me while studying. More than that, I activly seek out information and answers to questions that never occurred to me by attending the lectures held on campus and in the surrounding community. As a person, I have learned that friends are not just people you shop, eat, or play games with. Friends are the people who encourage you when your down, help you help yourself, and inspire you to achieve more. I have also learned that people truly appreciate others who value morals. In addition, I have come to see being positive and believeing in yourself will take you farther (and often times, closer to your dreams) than you ever believed possible.


Everyone has a worldview. Not everyone knows what their worldview is. The main value of my college experience the past two years has been the opportunity for me to solidify my worldview. In public speaking, I researched the topic of prostitution for a persuasive speech and gained knowledgable opinions on the subject through the research process. During Economics, I reviewed my notes with an economics-savvy friend and, after exchanging ideas and expanding on topics with her, I developed a firm stance for a capitalist economy. In Creative Writing my final quarter, I then searched out inventive ways to communicate my convictions through poetry and prose. I so enjoyed the opportunity to seek out a true education the last two years, and I anticipate the opportunity to continue solidifying my worldview during my final two years of college.


I had the opportunity to attend a technical high school to study education. In college, I have furthered my education knowledge and taken more specific classes in order to be a secondary math teacher. My college experience has allowed me to be able to learn the specific aspects of my major & mathematics.In high school, I learned the general information of how to become a teacher, in college I'm learning the specifics which has helped me improve & increase my understanding of teacher expectations. In my first four weeks of college, I have developed more advanced study habits along with improving my time management. It is valuable for me to attend college because I want to make a difference in younger generations when I am older. College has not only taught me my major, study habits or time management,it has allowed me to develop more responsibility in my life. I am now currently working & attending school full time even taking winter classes to get ahead on my requirements. Also, it has allowed me the chance to develop a greater sense of individuality, I am able to pursue my dream at the same time as finding out more about myself.


I have gotten the experience to truly learn. In college, you really have no choice but to take in and understand the lecture and text. You are able to retain and keep the information, rather than just use it when you need it, then forget. It is also valuable because without it, I can't get a nice, high-paying job doing what I love.


College has been an eye opening experience for me. I grew up around UTPB always wondering what it would be like to go to college. Financial reasons kept me close to home,but I will never regret it. The faculty at UTPB pushes us to do our very best and present many opportunities for us to succeed. I feel that I can be the person I want to be on campus without being judged or criticized. Educational resources at UTPB have allowed me to learn new and exciting things that I never could have imagined in high school. I am positive that my experience at UTPB will be an invaluable part of my life and will affect many more in the future.


College opened my eyes to the fact that there are so many useful things that I could do with my life, that I didn't have to settle for mediocrity. My undergraduate experience prepared me scientifically with a strong background in undergraduate research so that I could pursue a PhD. degree in Chemistry. On an emotional level, my undergraduate experience prepared me to deal with both good and hard times. College helped me to develop into a well rounded and well educated person capable of high achievement in both academic and personal settings.


For better academic success, prepare myself more before each class, instead of hearing of the materials in the class for the first time.


There are many things I would have liked to know before I arrived to college and these are just a few that I find important. You need to learn to do things by yourself!! Your mom and dad are not there to do it for you. Before you leave, learn to do your laundry, clean, cook etc. It makes life easier when you know how to do these things beforehand. Another piece of advice is, if you know people that go to the school already, ask them which classes to take and which teachers are good to have. You must realize you are on your own and there isn?t going to be anybody to hold your hand constantly. Learn to do things independently. Some people may be ready for this but others are so I am warning take responsibility. You aren?t a baby anymore. Time management is another key lesson I would advise myself to learn because you have so much free time you will tend to procrastinate. I would say get a planner and make reminders of when things are due, what you need to do to be prepared for the next time your classes meet.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself during my high school year and tell him how college works and everything i need to have done to be better at it i would. One thing i would tell myself is to take more AP classes and college advance classes to be advance in college. I would also tell myself that living by yourself its hard and not as easy as we have it with our parents and to be more responsible because in college no one will take care of you there is no parents in college always telling you what to do.


If I could go back and talk to myself in high school as a senior, I would tell myself not to wait so long to go to college, as soon as I graduate would be better. I would also tell myself to make sure all of my duel credit courses would transfer. Making the transition from high school to college helps when you know what you want and where you are going. Speaking to someone located on the campus would help in chosing the class load to take and where all of my classes are going to be located. I would advise myself to take a tour of the campus and get to know my academic advisor and get a degree plan as soon as possible for my area of study. I would also tell myself to seek out all of the campus resources to help me with tutoring, study skills and extra curricular activity. All of these things help in the transition because you are familiar, not lost and you get to meet alot of nice people that help you and take the time to get to know you and your individual needs as a student and person.


Money talks, and money doesn't always have to be the pendellum of your decision. Go to a place that you want to go in the first place, don't let the impression of friends going to the same college, and being cheap be the major factor. Rather, think about how much you really want to swim versus the education, social growth, and surrounding area of the college before you leap into the decision of swimming at a division II college in a place where nothing exists except tumbleweeds. Look through the financial aid, do more research on the different universities, consider the social clubs, intramurals, majors, but most of all, think, would you be proud to say your school out loud? Money is everything, but sometimes, when money is the source in providing an excellent education, facilities and amenitities, its better to go a place where they actually use the money too good use even if it does cost too much. That is why there are scholarships and financial aid to help out. Look at the award letters closely, you might find that your paying the same thing as if you were going to a cheaper school.


As a high school senior I had everything planned out as far as what I was going to study and where. When I got to college it was overwhelming the amount of things that needed to be done for example, registering for classes, chosing a minor etc. My advice would be for me to not be so rigid about things and just go with the flow. I would tell myself to keep up my good grades and stop being so nervous about things going exactly to plan. Attending college has been an exciting experience for me because of the things I have learned so I would advice myself to embrace the future and hope for the best. The most important thing that I would tell myself as a high school senior would be that through hard work and dedication anything can be accomplished.


Chris,this is your chance to prove to everyone that you can succeed in life no matter the constraints that we faced early in our life. It is time to put those issues in the past and look to the future.More specifically YOUR future. Money will be an issue for college and you must concentrate on school and finding ways to pay for school otherwise you will find yourself hoping that you can go to college next semester because you just cannot afford it without alot of help. More than you can provide or even our parents.I pray that you let your pride go and do what is best for you and what is best for how your life will end up.You must now realize that the biggest person holding you back in life was indeed yourself.You must be confident in your skills and be prepared use those skills more and more in order to show that you are a successful person and not just a surprising individual that actually is smart.You ARE a successful person and you are capable of anything.Many have said that before but this time listen to me,yourself.


There are so many things I now know and wish i could go back and tell my self. The first thing would have been to have learned to study. I never really had to study in high school and now that im in college and have to study for ever class its a little more difficult then it has to be. The second thing i would tell myself is dont stress out about getting into a huge university the smaller ones are just as good and cheaper too. Another would be to apply for way more scholarships way ahead of time that way you know how much you will need alot sooner. i would also tell myself to learn how to manage my time more wisley. In college if your not careful one could waste time avoiding home work or studying when in reality its very easy to manage and make time to do everything . And most important I would tell my self to slow down take a deep breath and relax. Enjoy the time you have left as a hugh school student. Have as much fun as possible and live it up and get ready for life.


I'd tell myself to chill out. It's going to be okay. There's no need to worry about getting into every college and getting full ride scholarships. Choose a small one that will pay attention to you as a individual, and also one that won't kill you with debt. Money is important, don't make the future you have less of it because they have to pay your ungodly amount of loans off. Private schools are cute to mention, but your wallet won't like them.


The student and the parents need to go to the campus to check it out. They need to ask questions and search the school's website in order to learn about them as much as they can. THe student will have to trust how he feel when he see the campus and make the decision that is best for them.


My advice to you, is to start the process early so that you can take your time to look closely at each school. It is not something that you can race through. And make it a family project as much as possible, the more everyone knows the more the family will know when the student makes their decision. Oh, and go on as many campus trips as you can. Getting the feel of the energy and the way the campus runs is am important step!


The best advice I can give to parents and/or students is that the college experience can be a very hard and long road but through perseverance and strength one will receive many valuable treasures. From that learned in the classroom and out, the memories and knowledge will help sculpt the person you will become in the end.


The right advice would be figure out how big of a school you want to go to, the cost and the community it is in. After all you will be there for four years.


The advice I would give to students in finding the right college is to do some research. Look them up on the internet or visit the school and take a tour. What I would consider is how far away you want to get from home, how much do you want to pay for school, do you want to attend a university, or a junior college, or maybe a trade school. Also, another thing to consider is do you want to attend a public or private school. Big or small. All these things you have to consider and think about it. Once you have decided then you do your research and find the right school. To make you college experience fun and the best you would have to be positive. Positivity is the key to having a good bright future with a good attitude. On top of that, just be friendly and get along with others. They will be there for you and go along with you on getting educated and making the good grades. You will need to not procrastinate and do things last minute. The last thing you need is stress.


First off, parents, my biggest recommendation in helping your student is not to do all of the work and researching for them. Finding a college is a unuque process, one that they need to do themselves to fully know for themselves that they picked the right college. Sure, they will still need some help, encouragement, and a little bit of pushing every once in a while during this process but do just this: encourage, offer to help, and remind them to keep looking. The best advice that i can students about finding the right college is to start as early as you can and really consider every aspect: living expenses, gas, tuition, in or out of state, class ratios, school settings, etc. College is not only about your education but about new experiences, meeting new people and learning/seeing new things. And once you're at the college of your dreams, don't follow the crowd and try to be someone else. In college everyone is trying to find themselves too, so just be yourself and make your own decisions and mistakes, trust me there will be plenty of them but you will learn from every single one.