The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school will inspire you to better yourself and to be that person that betters communities.


Panam is not a very large university, but its agood place to be at. Its also close to home, it takes me about 15-30 minutes depending on traffic.


It it a medium sized school. The campus is walkable. The buildings are all brick and look similar.


Medium sized campus with events occuring almost every day with facilities in good condition and undergoing expansion.


It is a great school that is extremely diverse and very accepting


The opportunities are endless.


Contrary to popular belief, this school surprisingly offers a lot academically and has a lot of fun clubs and activities that anyone can do.


UTPA is a comfortable school where any upcoming freshman or transfer student can quickly figure out his/her way around.


My university isn't that big but offers has good professors.


One of the most satisfying and friendly university for a first time college student.


University of texas-pan american is located in the small town of edinburg and is a great place for a person to buckle down and focus with out having to deal with big city distractions.


My school is fun, entertaining, and teaches you how to be independent in the future.


I decided for the following Spring 2010 Semester, to live on campus, and unfortunately, it is too expensive; but, I am really excited though, to start the 2010 year, because I love my Major (in the Art Department--Theatre) and I also wish that they'd have more classes to let us (students) pick, as electives (such as in Photography 1 & 2, not just in black & white, but also in color AND in PhotoShop Software).


A very cultured academic enviornment in which students hope for a future.


It is great!


The University which, I am currently attending makes a great educational experience to any student that would like to persue a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree. The University of Texas Pan American is a great place to start and finish a degree. The very first time that I enter campus and sign up for classes, I felt very happy to have actually been accepted and to see a big campus . All of the teachers on campus are very supportive and helpful to every student. The university is a strict as institution, but not impossible to achieve and succeed.


this university offers alot of help with financial aid assistance and your future career assistance.

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