The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The wheather and the environment is very good for activities and experiences


In the criminal justice field there are professors from around the country and that is great in my opinion because we as students can get different views about the same or similar situations. The different variety that exists. In the criminal justice department the professors go from very liberal to conservative to even feminist. Overall I believe that this university provides students with different ways of learning because the professors are from different cultures and ethnicities. This way students can analyze the different opinions of each professor and put them together to make one whole idea of learning.


The campus being small is unique. There are large main events held. A few months ago we had Mario Lopez on campus.


The best about my school is that the professors are very helpful when you have any problems in your assignments. There are many ways to get involved in clubs. My school also has many activities going on by clubs in order to inform yourself or just meet new people. There is also many clubs that you can join from Sororities to an Anime club. This helps many people to make friends and/or connections.


What I consider to be the best thing about this school is the solitude that comes with it in the dorms, library, and other study facilities on the campus. One reason is that since the student is away from home, he/she can have the upper hand in concentrating on study material for the classes he/she is taking. It also helps the student to go to the Learning Center or whatever tutoring services th campus has.


Since the university I am attending is mostly a comutter-type school, I can live at home and no have to worry about paying for a dorm or apartment. I also live with my parents yet have the full responsibilities of being an adult. It's the best of both worlds. Also, since this school is close to where I live, most of the friends I have will attend it as well; this means no stress since I will already have people to talk with on the first days of class.


The best thing in school is the location. Everything is close by! There is numerous restaurants, easy access to shopping centers and is in a quiet neighborhood.


The Best thing about my school are the facilities that are avaliable to students such as the library, student assist center, and Recreation center that allow students to gain what they need when they are stressed out or need assistance on school work.


The best thing about my school is that it has the feel of a public university, with all the resources and opportunities, but it's so small that it feels like a private school with small classes and many research opportunites. It has the best of both worlds plus a sweet tuition, and I can stay close to home!


The best thing about my school is the amazing teachers we have here. All my instructors for the last semester were very interested in the subject they were teaching, and concerned with making sure the students understood the material. They made themselves available to the students and provided a reasonable schedule for tests, quizzes and homework. If a course is taught by an apathetic intructor, then the students will have a hard time learning. I was fortunate in having the opposite experience.


At this university, a student will have the opportunity to get to know their professors better and vise versa; a student will not just be a name on a page.


The general environment of my school is the best thing about it, everyone is friendly and helpful. I also like that there is a mixture of cultures.


I would consider the professors and faculty staff. The professors are nice and really understanding. The professors teach at a good apce and go into detail so that way we as students can understand what they are trying to teach us. The faculty staff are nice and very helpful. Anytime we have a problem with something or help looking for a building, they stop what they're doing and help us. Having such nice professors and faculty staff enjoys the campus even more because I know that I can get help for anything.


I think the best thing about my university is that faculty & students are very efficient, determined, and united when it comes to working hard for classes and in -school activities. There is a lot of school spirit & friendly people that are honest and helpful. I find it easy to get help on campus for assistance with school as well. There is always someone to come to for advice whether it is a student, professor, or advisor. I just believe that this school has given me all the knowledge I need to succeed in the career I am attempting to pursue.


All the fun new intresting experiences.


The class size is very good. Small classes allow more interaction with professors and other students


the diversity there is so many different races .Its a huge eye opener to learn about evertyone on a different level aside from just learning about it from a class room. All the different activites the university has really provides its students with the opportunity to learn more than the classroom can provide.


The best thing about my school would have to be the numerous amout of computer labs avaliable and the extended hours of operation. I also enjoy our lab classes. I feel that our labs are taught on a advanced educational level and for the most part the professors and TA'S are very involved in the labs. The labs are also very interesting and fun to do. We have all the equipment we need and usually finish the experiment within the alotted time.


The friendly people. It is very easy to meet and befriend people at UTPA.


The cost. A lot of people in this area struggle financially, so the cost is amazing because it provides a good education for a low cost.


The best thing about my school is its emphasis on phylanthropy. The engaging clubs at my school are always working on the next big project to raise money for charities. Their enthusiasm is breath-taking, inspiring, and contagious. They hold brisket plate sales, book sales, food donations, and clothing donations. They also make weekly trips to certain parts of the valley where the neighborhoods are mistreated and help clean them and donate their fundraising to people who need it. Their patriotism for this school is evident and makes me proud to be called a bronc.


The best thing is the atmosphere. Very Comfortable :)


The best thing about my school would have to be the research teams and academics that are involved.


The price, the tuition is cheap considering many other schools that offer about the same thing.


Teacher try their best to teach the subject

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