The University of the Arts Top Questions

Describe how The University of the Arts looks to someone who's never seen it.


The University of the Arts is a very ambitious and talented school.


University of the Arts is a place in which you can find almost any kind of art and any kind of person, this community truely inspires artistry.


It's as dramatic as the theatre itself.


We are all artistic and broke.


The school I attend is a wonderful place to live, learn, and grow not only as an artist, but as a person as well.


Uarts is a very diverse art school focused on the environment and being green with great students and supportive faculty encouraging your success.


University of the Arts is a place where they have gathered artisticly, gifted misfits to be comfortable with who they are and who they can become.


My school provides a welcoming environment and the ability for students to express themselves artistically in an urban environment.


good for my major, but not good for a person who wants to be involved in extra curricular activities


Uarts is a diverse university offering education for both the visual and preforming arts.