The University of the Arts Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about The University of the Arts?


My school Did Not have the admissions process down very well. I was told different things by different people frequently.


This school is fairly expensive. The email system on which the classrooms run (classrooms assingments,notes,etc.) isn't very great either.


The Foudantions program.


It is difficult to attain a work study at my school, as the vast majority of students are in competition for the few positions available.


Its is very hard to take electives outisde your own major and it is a art school so you want to explore multiple fields.


Because our school unfortunately doesn't have a student center, there is no sense of community. I think that a student center is crucial in an art university, since many of the art forms that we study require collaboration and I personally as a filmmaker need to know my schoolmates in other different faculties in order to create a good work.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that I would like to major in glass, but that is only offered as an elective so instead I am majoring in metals. Either way, my degree is a BFA in Crafts. The faculty here makes glass feel like a major anyways, even with such a low budget. They have helped me gain many experiences in the real working world of glass and spend alot of extra time helping me. Although it is frustrating, overall it is good that I am able to build skills using both metals and glass.


The most frustrating aspect of this school would have to be the financial aid office. There are some people behind the desk who understand what their job is, but a good portion of the people working there doesn’t know/understand what to do. When it comes to finances in the school, they are tight and precise with the info of who gets and who gives, but when there are some errors, it becomes frustrating for the students who don't understand what is going on. So in the end, the students are left confused and frustrated with what occurred.


The most frustrating part about my school is that during my freshman year I do not have enough classes relating to my intended major of photography.


The most frustrating thing about my school is not understanding why certain majors require academics that do not apply to the career in the run. For example: Why would a performing arts major need a Biology 101 class versus a Math 101 class. How does the Biology look better on a degree audit than a Math class. If colleges and universities are suppose to do so much to keep the students healthy by providing insurance and keeping the student and teacher environments clean why are they not spotless and cleaned on daily or at least weekly routines, too many illnesses.