The University of the Arts Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Uarts is the creative outlet the teachers give to their students. In any other school I probably would be bored to tears with just reading and writing papers. At Uarts I'm getting hands on expereiences and applying what I learn. Each class give me more information and training for the next set of courses I will be taking. For instance, I'm a scuplting major and I took classes in my major, but also in thearter and in drawing to help me use what I create and give them more life.


The location and size of this school is what initally attracted me to it. With a student body of about 2000 it's next to impossible to go unnoticed by teachers and students. Faculty and students have very close relationships due in part to class size , classes range from 25 people to 7. While at times the close settings can get overwhelming the school is located in the heart of Philadelphia. When I lived in school housing everything I need was within seven blocks of me. You get the convience of a big city with a small school.


The faculty from my major are very rigorous (sometimes a little over the top, but I think that's better than being too passive). They do encourage the students to learn, and are extremely knowledgable in their fields.


The freedom and respect recieved by my teachers and peers which encourages a creative learning environment. Without the boundries of regimented classroom I amencouraged to interpret my teacher's assignments in my own way. Students presents their own creative idea instead of producing the same material an encourage each other's creative process.


The best thing about my school is that there is always something going on on-campus. Students here are very focused in their disciplines and are very passionate about what they do.


What I love best about the University of the Arts is that this school has a very good Screenwriting department. The course I'm taking, which is Writing for Film and TV, has classes and teachers that are specifically for this major. They also are known for having the best screenwriting course is all of the east coast. This is a true fact, not an opinion. Other schools like Drexel have screenwriting courses, but it doesn't fit in well without the creative flow that the University of the Arts offers.


The faculty. I think our school has one of the most professional and experienced teachers in the area (at least in filmmaking department). In my opinion it is very important, since those are the people that achieved something and learning from them as well as just being around them is very inspiring.


University of the Arts is the most excepting place I've ever been and when I'm there, I feel at home. Everywhere on campus is filled with such culture and diversity, but no one is ever an outcast. Being surrounded by fellow artists in such a close environment is inspiring and creates healthy competition, that drives you to keep improving upon your own skills. Never am I at a loss for creative ideas and even when all of my work is done, I still have the urge to pick up my pencil and sketchpad.


It encompasses all the arts which brings a very wide range of majors and diverse student population.


The best thing about U Arts is the structured freedom given to the students. What I mean by this is entering as a freshman and starting back at the basics to correct any misunderstandings. Students may think they know certain creative processes when really they are incorrect. Relearning techniques and limitations help students to grasp fundamental concepts and apply them to their own work. Once techniques become natural they can design and execute their work to its fullest potential.


We have the best teachers/professors in their professions teaching our classes. They all have excellent recommendations and qualifications. I'm proud to be taught by them.


The resources that we have are truly invaluable, from the studios to the equipment offices, it's incredible how much high-end technology we have at our fingertips.


The best aspect about The University of the Arts is the opportunity given to grow into whatever artist you would like to become. College is what you make it, however, Uarts is such a nurturing place and truely provides many options to whatever your major may be. I will be a Ballet Performance major in the fall, but I had the option of becoming a jazz, modern, or dance education major and prior to my declaration I had two years to figure out what major I wanted to declare. I strongly believe Uarts is the best school for me.


The curriculum is very impressive and they very much encourage each artist, whether a performing or fine artist to really be efficient in that particular field. The atmosphere is healthy and inspiring for artist because you are constantly surrounded by some form of art.


The supportive faculty at the University of the Arts is one of the greastest things about the school, they off great advice and are genuinely interested in your improvement as an artist.


University of the Arts allows each and every student to pursue their own creative ideas, even if it's outside of their major.


The diversity and openness. :)


That it is an art school. This is because rather then going to a general college they really have a focus on what we need to learn and they hire professionals that really know about the feilds that we apply ourselves to.


i love that i can be creative and it counts as a class. it halps me become what i have always wanted to be by working hard and training myself.


School helps you get into your career, because in the beginning freshman will have difficulty finding out what they want to do in their career, and UArts will give you basic art courses that are linked to different kind of careers.


the location is the best part of the school because its in one of the safer area's of Philly.