The University of Virginia’s College at Wise Top Questions

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The people at UVA at wise care about you and they want you to do gaet things with your life. It has a down to earth fill about the place. Class sizes are small there for there is more one on one with teachers and staff. The people here want to go to school and you met a lot of great poeple at the same time. That is why this college is the best.


This school, really, again comes down to the people. No other school I considered was so close-knit. This is a small campus and most people know eachother. If you don't know someone though, most people don't seem afraid to come up and just introduce themselves. Even the professors go out for coffee with the students. I've had large groups of friends go out to study at the local italian restaurant too. Everything here is people-focused.


My school is in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains and the academic programs are amazing.


it was close to home and didnt require local students to live on campus saving a lot of money for myself