The University of West Florida Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Go Argos!


UWF is a school that people should go to if they really want to get a bang for their buck and have the support from teachers that they should have.


The University of West Florida provides a natural learning environment with modest class sizes that allow for a convenient student-teacher connection.


The University of Florida is a local, convenient, and flexible university that strives for excellence in the majors provided and are always there to assist inside and outside the classroom.


Samll and Beautiful campus.


My school is a public university , yet not many students. My school is not expensive like most schools, my school university of west florida is a home-like environment and community. UWF campus is known for its nature enivornment.


an immensley engaging, fun, safe, beautiful, and great place to be with amazing, caring, and all around awesome staff and peers.


The University of West Florida makes their students a top priority.


The University of West Florida is a wonderful university where a student's success-- academically, socially, physically, etc., is the most important!


A small town school with a small town population.


University of West Florida is a good school, whith some glaring exceptions in their staff!


UWF is a college.


UWF is one o the best schools in Florida to go to if your in engineering because of its new state of the art virtual classrooms


UWF is an academically based and beautiful campus that allows students to grow as individuals and as a part of society.


My school is very devoted to it's 1600 acre nature preserve surrounding the campus.


My school has knowledgable, professional professors and a wide variety of courses for everyone. The campus staff is very friendly and helpful. They will answer any questions you may have about your future and will work with you to decide on a course load that is right for you. Many of the courses can be found online for those who are interested in long distance learning.


The University of West Florida is fun and welcoming.


My school has a plethora of oppurtunities for all students. The University of West Florida makes it a mission to provide for students of all backgrounds and persuasions. It thoroughly embraces its student population's diversity. The atmosphere that diversity creates is ideal for a liberal learning environment that allows its students to learn in a discrimination free environment. Students are apt to feel more like themselves, which is shown to improve educational success. The UWF campus is set in a very aesthetic nature preserve which also provides for thousands of outdoor activities, including fishing, conoeing, camping, and rock climbing.


The University of West Florida is a close, friendly, and interactive school.


The university is a place you will have to get used to.


Small and Family-like


The university of west florida is providing me a very enriching education


UWF strives to foster a good education with a small community feel.


The University of West Florida is a commuter campus for the most part, but there is a small amount of campus life for those who live in the dorms. Though campus life is minimal, you do develop fairly tight knit relationships with people because you are costantly running into them around campus.


The University of West Florida is a great place to continue your educational journey.


The university is like a large family.


Not a large school, but great people and atmosphere.


So much potentional


It's a predominantly white school by the beach.


The University of West Florida is a very well maintained campus.


It's fun, beautiful, and intelluctially stimulating.

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