The University of West Florida Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The classmates I have at the University of West Florida come from diverse backgrounds, but all are a pleasure to attend school with. I have yet to run into an encounter when someone is unwilling to help me, be it class work or directions to a building. I have met a plethora ofpeople from different backgrounds the give me a wider and more knowledgable perspective of the citizens of our country, and even those from other countries.


Classmates are very diversed in opinion and most are egar to learn.


My classmates are a friendly, diverse, and driven individuals that all have an urge to succeed.


Young and sheltered. When I attended Virginia Tech, the students MOVED to school.. they did not commute to school. Most Virginia Tech students were nearly living on thier own, or ready to do so once school was done. UWF students seem to get a LOT of support from their local families.


My classmates are really cool, everyone gets along very well in class. We all tend to be on the same level when it comes to the level of work we submit in, which i think is a good thing because we can all relate easier to one another. One thing though, is that we don't really talk about the work to each other we kind of just do the work on our own which has its pro's and con's


A diverse group of individuals from all ages, races, and socioeconomic status who are open minded, always willing to participate, laid back, and genuinely interested in the well being of each other and their future.


My classmates are very attentive.


My classmates are fun-loving, yet diligent students who are excited to gain knowledge.


My classmates are curious and thought provoking individuals.


My classmates are hard-working. intelligent, dependable, and I know that they will make excellent teachers someday- I am so thankful to be part of such a wonderful group of people.


My classmates are students who come to learn and pay attention when in class.


My classmates are very determined and focused on their future career goals.


I always feel like I coulde be friends with any of my classmates and its almost like we are one big family.


Very outgoing and willing to participate in discussions.


My classmates are younger and eager to learn.


My classmates are diverse. Most are very nice and helpful and I have made friends, especially through classmates within my major classes full of people with very similar interests as me.


My classmates are outgoing, young, typical college aged students that endeavor to achieve success in and outside of the classroom.


My classmates were eager to learn and very community orienated.


My classmates are very friendly and enjoy study groups to help eachother.


Most are easy to get along with and willing to work in study groups outside of class.


Many of my classmates are older, non-traditional learners who have come back to school in order to get their teacher cetification. The rest of my classmates are generally females who have recently graduated from high school.


Some of my classmates were friendly and helpful, while others kept to themselves or engaged in 'clique-ish' behavior.


The student body represents a lot of diverse views.


My classmates are dedicated and committed to becoming ethical and professional archaeologists.


Interested in doing well, focused, hardworking


Students at my college go from extreme to another. They are either very good students who are focused on school or they are the kids who do nothing but drink and smoke pot.


My classmates are respectful of others views and they interact with the teachers and classmates.


two sorts. te cilled out easy going one that just hang out and liek to have fun, and teh athletes that pasty, and teh fraterntys and sororities that party. basically the smokers vs the drinkers.


An ecclectic group with many interests and personalities represented.

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