The University of West Florida Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


One of the things that the University of West Florida is best known for, is having one of the top Maritime Studies departments in the country. No other Maritime Studies program in the U.S. is as diverse as UWF's. The program is incredibly flexible, as it allows students to tailor their degree program to their individual interests. Students complete their degree programs with elective courses from a wide range of disciplines such as Anthropology/Archaeology, Marine Biology, Environmental Studies, History, Art History, Literature, Law, Political Science, and Leisure Studies. The Maritime Studies department is one of a kind.


The University of West Florida is best known for their prestigious academics and science programs. If the prospective student is interested in majoring in any sciences, be prepared for a challenging journey, but the medical or engineering field that follows graduation will be a lot smoother sailing, simply because the University of West Florida prepares each science or engineering major for their further education.


Its a large beautiful campus filled with beautiful people, very laid back, students like the beach life, flipflops, parties, and dancing.


Being the only University in Pensacola. Building new dorms on campus to accomodate more students. Expected to have a football team of some sort in the near future.


The University of West Florida started as a small unknown school but it is beginning to expand as more students begin to hear about it. While we don't have a football team, and therefore do not have a reputation from athletics, I believe that UWF is best known for the excellent academic programs that it has. The UWF Engineering program is one of the best in Florida, as is the Honors Program.


The University of West Florida is best known for accepting many traditional as well as non traditional students and for catering to the demands and needs of the primarily military area.


My current school is Capella University and is best known for its graduate, doctoral, and professional degrees surrounding counseling. This particular University has allowed me to get closer in obtaining a goal.


University West Florida is known for having specialized programs that are usually only found at major Universities. The smaller class size helps further the two way communication between professors and students. The student to faculty ratio is 23:1.


I have not been going to this school that long so I cannot really say what it is best known for. But if i had to say something I would say that the athletics at the school are amazing. All the teams are very well coached and all have really good records.


It's marine research.


In my opinion my school is best known for being a campus that is small, where you can get a great education.


The University of West Florida is known for not allowing college overwhelm students. UWF is a small-big school. They keep their classroom sizes to a minimum; so students feel comfortable and get more attention from teachers. However, UWF is still growing tremendously compared to its' humble beginnings.


The University of West Florida is best know for its nursing program, which is extremely hard to get into, as well as its business courses.


Pensacola Junior College is best know for its studies in liberal arts.


Our sports, our nature preserve, and our beaches.


My school is best known for a small, laid back campus, with a low student to teacher ratio and comfortable atmosphere.


My scho is known for their level of education each student can get.


nursing school, no football, beautiful scenery, and quaint


The school is best known for its ability to inspire students to WANT to be successful. The school forces students to work hard. Also, the school supports a lot of student interaction. We all become close friends who help one another. The students at this school have a lot of focus on what they want to acheive.


Not having a football team.




a small family like enviroment on campus. A really good mens soccer team.


The beach and good environment


The University of West Florida is known for its small classroom sizes and one-on-one time with professors. The teachers, faculty, and staff work for the students and take pride in making sure everyone is taken cared of and has everything they need to graduate in 4 years. We are a small school and our goal is to admit the top students and with our diverse programs and activities, more and more people want to atted UWF. Every penny is worth having an education at the University of West Florida.


This shool is best known for being close to the beaches.

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