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The uniqu attribute my school possesses is their caring attitude towards the students. The teachers and faculty make going to school here a personal experience for every single student. The school offers free tutoring in every subject, as well as many facilities to help students personally such as a financial center and a health center.


My school is unique in comparison to the other three schools I applied to in that it has an amazing department for veterans and dependents. I didn’t get to visit any schools because I was stationed in Germany (my father’s in the military), but the University of West Florida offered a Military and Veterans program that would help make my going to school easier by providing me with tutors and access to the Yellow Ribbon program, making it easier to pay for my degree.


The University of West Florida is unique to me because it is a local school where I grew up. It is a pretty big school but it has no football team up until last year when they started to make one. The campus has nature trails and disk golf courses which appeal to me because I like being outside. Not many schools that I looked at have nature trails.


The University of West Florida really cares about their students and seems determined to help transfer students achieve their higher education goals.


I did not apply to any other schools but The University of West Florida offers a great learning environment, surrounded by a nature preserve.


I believe that the University of West Florida is unique because it is a small school. I attended the University of Florida for my first college semester and although they have amazing academics, I did not feel the personal connection with my professors like I do at the University of West Florida. I can see a professor in the dining hall and be able to greet them and get "Hello, Danielle" as a reply.


Our campus is located on a nature preserve. We have over 1,000 acres of beautiful land.


My School is on a nature preserve making the environment very Eco Friendly. All the Buildings had to be built below the tree line and most are underground. My school also owns a private section of beach in Pensacola making it very student friendly. More interesting is the teacher to student ratio because it is so low relative to other colleges, the professors are actually able to know the student to notice if they are struggling.


I used to attend University of Mobile, which I loved, but UWF is SO much cheaper! Also, at UWF, students mostly stay within one or two buildings based on their major, which makes finding classes a lot easier.


I think that my school is unique because it is on a nature preserve and its not in a huge city where it is extremly busy


The surrounding nature is very beautiful. There are many trees still on campus and there is a very nice nature trail. The beach is fifteen minutes away and there are many areas where you can go hiking, camping, fishing, and white water rafting all within an hour away.


This being my second college that i have been to i have noticed that the people that work here are a lot more friendly about helping students out, especially me. Along with that, there are many ways to get involved into different activities. There seems to be a lot to do and i hope that i will be able to take place in some of these things.


UWf is located on a large nature preserve, spanning several acres, and is home to what is perhaps the most prominent hands-on underwater archaeology program in the nation.


Our school is on a beautiful campus with nature trails and all. The buildings and scenery are nice so it is always relaxing. We have great places to eat and hang out on and off campus.


This school is small and easy to navigate and has trees everywhere.


The University of West Florida offers the perfect blend of four year university campus life with community college support for academic curricula. By area UWF is the largest college campus in the nation. However, the student population is small enough to keep the class size comfortable and large enough to offer a plethora of extracurricular activities. Their College of Professional Studies (COPS) is phenomenal, with knowledgeable and caring professors and advisors. The faculty in this department not only has the interest of their own students at heart, but also the future pupils of the graduates of the COPS.


It is a very relaxing setting with great nature areas to relax. The faculty is very helpful and helps to make learning fun.


I love the student-teacher ratio at my school. This was a huge factor in deciding which college to attend. I like to have a relationship with my teacher. That is very important to my success in college.


You have some flexibility in doing online classes and traditional courses. The amount varies by degree program.


It is small and taylor made for most students who require a close personal relationship with their professor.


Has a sports facility for students to keep up fitness. It is smaller than other universities, but the instructors have less students to teach, so you get better attention.


My school is on a nature preserve.


The campus is extremely small and everything is within walking distance.


Interaction between students, factulty, staff and administration.


We are a state university ata fairly cheap price and small class sizes.


Out of the schools that I considered, this one is closest to the beach. Moreover, this school is in another state; all my considerations except for this school are in the same state.


My campus is unique from the other schools I considered in many ways. The campus is a little smaller in size of students that attend the school. The classroom sizes are wonderful, not too small or too big. The campus is a nature preserve, but surrounded by the old town of Pensacola so you get the best of both worlds. We are a green school. Social life is not a pressure problem for the students. I've felt right at home my year of living here on campus and I'm doing well in my classes.


Small classes with barely any lecture hall style classrooms


It was in my hometown.

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