The University of West Florida Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone that is willing to keep a positive attitude and work hard. The means to succeed are here as long as there is some effort put in by the student.


I can only speak for the Maritime Studies degree, but if a person is interested in any aspect of the maritime environment, UWF is the school to attend. From marine biology classes to oceanography, marine archaeology to environmental law, the courses are outstanding. Whether you want to work on the political side of conservation, or in the field, or whether you want to focus on anthropology and ship dives, there's a well rounded curriculum to achieve your goals. UWF is relatively small and personable with dedicated educators and a great student body.


If you want to become part of Greek life, you should go here. The Greek life scene is pretty big and there isn't much to do on campus if you don't want to go Greek. Also, if you are into partying-this might be the place for you. I haven't met many people who don't like to party and people are always going out Thursday-Sunday.


This campus would be ideal for a student who enjoys ruarl settings, a small campus , and a small community of people. Everyone in this school, do to its small size tends to be reconginize each other. Students who enjoy one on one attention for teacher will be please to know the UWF has a student teacher ratio of one to twenty-five. This campus is the perfect campusfor students who do not enjoy the big city life and instead like the family feel of a small community.


Peole that want to have small classes and personal expreinces.


The University of West Florida is an amazing school for students who are down-to-earth, who prefer to be educated in a small classroom setting, and who enjoy having professors that are truly interested in the success of their students.


The best person to come to this campus is a person that loves the outdoors and the environment. There is always something going on outside. There's a nature trail that is beautiful. Also someone who is really into the arts like theatre and music because we have a fantastic theatre program who performs 4-5 shows a year, including two of them as musicals. This school is also a science school so anyone who is into any of the sciences especially maritime studies and marine biology. The labs for these courses are usually done at the beach.


Someone who wants a relaxed but intellectual school. If they want a good relationship with their fellow students and professors, it's the place to be. The campus has a lot of trails, and the beach is minutes away.


The kind of perspon that should attend this school is one that loves a small city. The classes are small but the teacher gets to help a lot more than other schools.


Anyone who wants to attend a 4 year University and be able to have more of a relationship with your teachers.


The kind of person that should attend this University is someone who likes a smaller, more interactive setting in the classroom. A student who likes to study in quiet settings and not in loud groups, this school is very small and the professors interact with the students in a very timely manner.


The kind of person who enjoys a smaller, more lively campus.


Want to get away from home but loe the hometown feeling. Hard workers that love encouragement.


This school is great for any student. They cater to everyone and I know that every person that I know that attends the UWF absolutely love it.


Anyone can attend this school. It is for everyone. It's for people that like creating bonds with people that could last a lifetime.


Anyone, As long as you want to earn a degree and to be driven and helped to get there, this is your school.


The kind of person that should attend The University of West Florida, is an individual that is dedicated to complete a secure step towards their future. They engulf all of the information that all of the professors lecture, and possess the dedication to continue and complete their educational goals. This school requires commitment, endurance, and determination in order to be successful at this university.


person who wants to finish a graduate college and bsn nursing.


those who want to succeed in life


This school is ideal for hard working students. It is impossible to slack off and pass. You must be determined in order not to fall behind. This school is challenging, which in turn provides a great feeling of accomplishment at the end of each semester.


I think that any type of person can attend this particular school. It is very excepting and pride oriented.


A person who wants small classes, and relationships with professors and peers.


I think any person can attend this school because it's inviting for all students from all backgrounds


an open minded kid who wants a way to learn in a small campus situation. we ont have all teh hustle and bustle of big campus', more one on one tiem wiht teachers and students.


The kind of person who's very much into greek life, small schools, beautiful beaches, and the arts.


A prospective student should be willing to learn and grab every opportunity given at the University of West Florida. All of the resources are available for a student who is ready for a challenge to balance school, work, and extracurricular activities. UWF gets a stereotype for being an "easier" school because we are in Pensacola and our school is not really known. Students have to work hard because UWF offers very tough Business, Education, and Health Programs that people will not expect.


Anybody that loves a relaxed atmosphere and no crowds should go to the University of West Florida

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