Thiel College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


What I brag about the most is how small the classes are and how I have more one on one time with the teachers. I like the setting of not a lot of people simply because the professor can focus more on you, and actually get to know you as a person.


I brag that we have the prettiest campus out of all of my friends that went to different schools. The campus is generally clean and homey.


I brag about the success rate of students as a result of the dedication of the professors.


I do not "brag". I simply tell my friends that I enjoy this school because of how the teachers really make time for students and how they make an effort to answer each question.


I brag about the pride my school demonstrates.


The staff and the faculty are very nice and helpful.


The best things about Thiel College are the learning environment and the faculty. It has everything a big college can offer with a small town atmosphere. The faculty help to direct you in the right direction and they are positive and offer great advice.


How much fun I have and the great friends I have made


The Communication Department is wonderful. I learned about all aspects of communication. We studied everything from media to interpersonal communication to the history of the field.


I love the people here and the teachers are phenominal.


How many long time friends I have made for life. We have a bond that will always be there


I tell them about the great friends I have made, my woderful advisor and the fact that Thiel has a very good religion department.


The fact that when I really need something from my professors, faculty and staff they do their best to deliver the advice and support that I need. No matter how harsh the truth is, they tell it like it is and they do not try to sugar coat the truth. They also are very understanding and avaliable to helping in both personal, professional and academic stand points of the college experience at the college in the best way they can. Also, they find it better to try to help students with brainstorming instead of giving them the answers.


My friends & sorority, football games, fun and free activities.