Thiel College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about the school is the no air-conditioning in the dorm rooms. I feel like to pay all this money for tuituion we should at least have more of a neater place to stay in. Overall, I love the campus and the food.


The cost of tuition compared to the quality of learning. I feel as though I payed too much to go to this school since it is not very prestigious. They try to find anyway to knock down your financial aid after you are accepted.


The thing i find the worst at my college Would have to be the food they serve to the students and professors to eat.


Size- it's very small, but that also is nice for class sizes


The worst thing is the lack of jobs available after graduation.


The professors and faculty do not care about the students what so ever. Advisors refuse to help or listen to your concerns. If you're double majoring, advisors will try to steer you away from your other major. Tests are opinion based, the professors' or else! The work load is over-bearing, you can't have a social life and they quiz you daily on reading! No body cares about you at Thiel. It's all lies. The worst mistake I ever made was transfering to Thiel, because of it's location, from a great school.


They lie to you when you looking at them so once you come its a huge disappointment and your credits don't transfer


since we are a private institution we only receive a certain amount of money so its hard for them to keep the facilities modern. sometimes I feel I know too much about the "inside" of what is going on between faculty and staff and money


The location of Thiel college is its worst quality, because there is nothing to do in the town of Greenville.


Its really expensive!! You get what you pay for, for the most part but I feel that it is still way too much!


The meal plans were not flexible at all and that was annoying. I think that the School leadership was also somewhat lax and that many bad decisions were made but they are now on the right track.


How expensive it is for the little that they do. I feel like its not worth money !


Administration, sometimes the food, no transportation to anywhere unless you have your own car.


Worst thing might have to be the administration, they seem to not be as effective as they should be.