Thiel College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice I would give if I could go back in time is to start looking at colleges earlier. It is never too late to start looking at where you want to go or what you would like to become. I regret waiting around and trying to enjoy my senior year. My advice would be to myself is to not procrationate.


If i had the chance to go back in time and tell myself what I know now, the first thing i would tell them is don't screw off your junior year, focus on your classes and get the grades you need you'll save money in the long run, then i'd tell them even though you love the game of soccer make sure to focus on other aspects of your life to fully develop yourself as a person. Followed by that i'd say "learn how to properly study for big test and finals its an important skill to have in life". Next enjoy the life of a highschooler be sociable don't be a hermit that only focuses on a few things in their life. Then, Enjoy the freedom you have because before long you will be in debt and working late nights on papers and projects and studying for your finals. Finally i would tell them don't let the little things slip by embrass the moments, grow from your experiences.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school senior self I would have loads of advice for her. First and foremost I would tell her that college is a new world, scary and overwhelming, but also one of the best things that will ever happen to her and she should embrace that. I would tell her that it is okay to not have a plan and that she could go to school and change her major and then change it again! I would also tell her that being away from her parents is hard but that the homesickness passes and everything is going to be alright. The reason why it'll be alright? Friends. I would tell her to keep her heart and mind open to all kinds of people because she will make the best lifelong friends anyone could ever imagine. Finally I would tell her not to stress. To be good at time management and do not let her classes get the best of her. I would also tell her to get her work done on the week days so that she could enjoy the social aspects of her new college career.


I would tell myself to be open to new adventuers and to be open to new people. It is important to take chances and try new things because that is how you grow as an indiviual and findout who you really are. I would also tell myself that the rough part of highschool "fitting in" is over. In college nobody cares who your friends with, or what other people think of you. However, in life their will always be people in the world who do think what others think of them and pass judgment on others, but those people have not relinquished the high school mentality. One last piece of advice that I would give my high school self is to enjoy every miniute of college. Embrace every new experience and new lesson because four years believe it or not go by fast and college is the time that you really do learn the most about yourself and find out exactly who you are suppsoed to be in the world.


If I could advise myself then of what I know now I woud tell myself to work on how to write essays well because teachers care about how they are written. I would say to make sure you stay orpganized becasue if you start to get unorganized things will get very hectic really quick. But most importantly keep an open mind about the people you meet, and talk to them and get to know them because you never know when or where youll get to see them again, as well as possibly making a long lasting frined.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to stay focused no matter how hard things get. Try different de-stessor components to help handle your workload.


Self, knowledge can be a building block experience and when you apply yoursef early in the life of this truth, and then choose to participate, you will surely succeed in your lifes journey. Therfore please apply yourself daily in your learning because one day at a time with compounded interest will pay great dividens. This last year of high school in such a formative time in your life is crucial to the rest of your story of education and its building block plan to succeed. Therefore, work this year with your presant and future in education and service to mankind in mind and heart. With study, reasearch, planning, diligent work, and hope, you win and so does our immediate world. With this, you will win in this so crucial time and place of your life because you have prepared the best foundation for success in the building blocks of the educated experience. Thank you, Blessings Michael lr


I would tell my self that you'll love thiel and you'll meet alot of amzing people that will change you for the better, but school is nt cheap and your parents arent going to help you like you think. You are going to end up paying for everyhting , so work harder your freshmen year, dont take tennis, focus on grades and get more scholarships. Start working at the school earlier and make payments your self. Learn to handle your money better and dont give your mom your credit card no matter what, she'll put you in a finacial hole that is very hard to get out of. All in all, learn to handle your money properly and get better grades.


To be honest as a high school senior the best news I could have herd is that college is really not that different from high school. Not a whole lot changes other than living with another student. Do not stress yourself out with what everyone is telling you it will be like. It is what you make. There will still be clicks, partiers, drama, and all the other things you experienced in highschool. Everyone willl arrive there in the same situation, a little scared but excited and looking for friends. Its almost a fresh start, but never forget your home town friends. It might be rough but do not drift away from them. Keep in touch. The best part about college is your independence and freedom. Your parents are not there to tell you when to go to bed or wake you up. there not there to help make a decision, its a learning experience in the class room as much as it is outside of it. Money management, time management, you learn it all. Its okay to make a mistake thats how you learn. You will enjoy it once your there so don't fret.


I would tell myself that the issues that I have faced, such as breakups, are not so big in the long run. College is a time for meeting new people, both in a platonic and romantic setting. I would also tell myself that senior year is not the time to slack off, as I still have four years of school left. Just because your goal is close does not mean that you have reached it, and you need to keep working until you've reached and surpassed it. The final piece of advice I would give to myself is to keep my head up and not let minor things get to me, as these are supposedly the best years of my life, and I am the only person who is responsible for my happiness.


I would tell myself to make it a point to be engaged in social activities. The best way for me to have an enjoyable college life is to incorporate a healthy balance of work and relaxation. College is about what I make of it. Also, I would tell myself to havconversations with my professors. After realizing that it is quite easy and enjoyable to talk to my professors, conversing with them made me feel more comfortable. I need to be assured that it is important that I converse with people to not only make them feel better, but to feel better myself. In this manner of talking to people, it would surely take the stress away and help me to show a more positive attitude toward others.


Knowing what i know now about college i would tell myself to be less stressed. Don't take things so seriously. It is important to keep up grades but do not let it be everything. Have some fun. Do not be judgemental because you will meet people who are complete opposites of you and you will love them. Don't be afraid to get out of your shell, it will only help you. Go to class unless you have a valid excuse not too because it will make all the diffrence. You will meet a lot of people but do not depend on anyone but yourself. At times you will want to give up but just remember why you are there and what it's all for. Enjoy your time in school because it goes fast and you will miss it!


If I had the opportunity to speak to my high school self, there are many things I would want to say. The first piece of advice of I would give to High School Senior me would be to educate yourself more on what to expect with college classes. It is important to realize how much bigger your workload gets on the first day of classes compared to High School. Another important piece of advice I would give myself would be to get involved on day one. Do not come on campus thinking that you can wait until next year to get involved, because it is important to build relationships right off the bat. Most importantly, take your opportunities to stay overnight to make sure that is the environment you want to be in. Spending time with students who attend your prospective school allows you to understand what type of transition it is going to be from high school into college life. These people will inform you of all the different things a simple brochure or paid recruiter will not tell you.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to use my time wisely. I would tell myself that time is a very precious thing and once it is gone, it is gone forever. I would also tell myself to focus on school and use my time studying, preparing, and learning. I would say this because in high school, I did not focus on school work and I deeply regret that. I did not spend a lot of time outside of school doing school related things and that is ultimately what led me to have the grades that I did. If I were to have better grades, I could now have more financial aid. I would also tell myself that time really does change you. I would encourage myself to be a better, nicer, and stronger person in order to understand and thrive in my first year of college. I would let myself know all of the things that I needed to know in order to succeed- the one main thing would be to truly focus on grades.


I would make sure that I knew how much it would cost to attend college. From there, I would make sure that I knew to apply for scholarships as early as possible and start saving as much as I could from working. I would also show myself that studying is more important than a social life, so I would try to get myself to make a studying schedule or habit.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to apply for scholarships sooner and not be scared of the fact they might say no. I've applied for numerous scholarships since high school in order to better prepare myself financially, but I limited myself before by being afraid of being rejected. I've learned now that you will get rejected at some point, but it's worth it in the end because the money you get makes a huge difference. I would also tell myself to keep working hard in school and stick to your goal of keeping a GPA above 3.5. I've been able to do that so far in my college career, but the positive reinforcement on how important grades are for moving to the future would always be appreciated. I would also tell myself to have a little fun while you're there because you will never be this age again with all these different opportunites to explore.


Jessica, you will fit in perfectly at Thiel. It is a great choice for you. Remember to be friendly when meeting people. Do not bother going to parties because you do not believe in blacking out and forgetting your whole weekend. Stick around for your friends. Do not spread rumors because Thiel is so small, and people find information out in minutes. Also, do not listen to the rumors or gossip about people because in a small community word gets around quick and everyone knows everyone. So, keep your mouth shut. This is going to be a major transition coming from a larger high school. However, you will do fine.


The advice I would give to myself is to always stay focus towards your goals never give up and always be determine.


In college I was not very commited to academia and I did not take school very seriously. Because of this I received a low GPA when I beleive I could have done so much better. All the time you hear parents telling their kids to work hard in high school so that they can get into a good college. I beieve that if a child was to take any advice seriously through high school this would be the best advice to take. I believe that if I worked hard in high school I would have been able to make it into a more prestigious school and thus a graduate program that offered better financial aid. Although I received highest honors when I graduated this past May, I did not make it into my top chioce graduate program. This has really put me in a stand still since the program I got into offers no aid at all, so I am molding my goals to be able to afford graduate school. If I would have only tried harder in high school I truely think that I would have a better chance at achieveing my dream of having a docorate degree.


In my college experience I have learned many attributes about myself. I have gained the confidence for social interaction, all the while educating my mind. This experience has been a life changing one. College has expanded my view of the world and has driven me to strive to accomplish many life long ambitions. Recieving this scholarship would make these dreams i have so much more possible.


Going into college my life changed so quickly. When people say enjoy your college life for it is the best time of your life that in a way isnt so much true. College in reality is ALL work. It is what truly prepares you for the outside world. And as harsh as it may sound or seem it is very much true. My college experience so far has showed me that if you really want something you have to keep on trying and fighting. College is not for quitters. I appreciate education so much because education is what gets you far as well as your input in learning . Attending college has been extremely valuable to attend. It's what will prepare me for my aspiring career to become the next big fashion designer. Without college i don't know where i would be right now. College is needed and recommended. It is hard work ! But on the bright side you learn so much and your doing something very important with yourself. Right now at this point and stage of my life, college is everything to me. I am taking great advantage of all i can learn.


In my college experience i have recieved a well rounded education and knowledge that can help me in my future endeavors.


I, like most people that would go back, would tell myself to work harder and actually apply myself. I think that I could've done much better with my grades and been more prepared with school. I also wish I would've chose my college with more thought. I just jumped into one school and didn't really get the chance to look around more. I would tell myself to consider my options more and to make sure that I do not commit to one school before i look around.


Be prepared to make adult decisions using a clear mind and stay focused. Do not lose sight of your goals, because it is easy to get off track, especially if you are a small fish in a big pond. You are your biggest friend and foe. Work hard at achieveing the goals you set for yourself and do not allow anything to get in your way. Make friends that have the same interests as you and similar goals. Be willing to engage your professors in conversation about class activities, assignments, and your career goals. Professors can be a huge proponent for you when you get a job or apply to graduate school. Do not procrastinate. Read ahead, start homework early, and show up prepared and ready to learn in each class. This will make the end of the semester crunch time for finals less hectic and less stressful. Enjoy your new found freedom, but keep yourself in check, and do not allow yourself to get out of control. Respect yourself and others will respect you.


I would love to say to myself, "Go to the school/college and ask if there are any scholarships at Thiel College that I might actually be able to apply for?" I would also want to ask either someone their at the college or my counciler in high school, "Are there any websites that I could possibly go on and see if there are scholarships that I would apply on the internet?" If so I just might want to get a head start on them. My reasonining for this is college ain't cheap, espically a private college. Try to apply for as many scholarships as I can and hopefully be able to recieve "free money." So I would not have to take out numerous loans, which I would have to pay the money back eventually. The last thing I would tell myself is not to be too reserve and just enjoy life. If I enjoy life and be open to as may people in my high school as I possibly can. Then I don't think I would be too reserved around different people. Last but not least enjoy and have fun!


I would tell myself; Jessica, you want a small college. A college that offers the major you want. Get into education, you will enjoy that major. You will like the characters you will call professors. Do not be worried about a roommate because if there are any problems you can easily change roommates, but there will be no problems. Most importantly do not choose a school because of a friend. Choose a school because you feel comfortable like its home because it will be your home for the next four years.


My first attempt (I would need several) would be to get myself more organized. I would try to pound it into my head that at that point in time I had absolutely no organizational skills at all. I remember how I thought I did, but really it was just my mother organizing behind the scenes. I would tell myself several times, "Look, things need to be done a certain way, set priorities for yourself, and for goodness sakes remember that money does not grow on trees!" I would probably have to give myself several time outs. I would remind myself that I do not know everything, but that's alright. What I have learned is that it is okay to be scared about the new and wonderful journey that I have just begun. Life is full of crazy and unpredictable experiences. College is an experience that I will treasure and enjoy for the rest of my life. A little organization will not hurt anyone. It will just make the transition smoother and more enjoyable. Besides, Mom will always be there, no matter how far away I am.


You must know if you want a small or large college, if you want the city or a rural area. If you do not know and chose wrongly you will be very unhappy at your college or university.


Do your research, and an overnight visit, get a good feel for your college/university. Don't go somewhere you do not like, it leads to a negative college experience.


Finding the right college means that you shop around. Ask current students of their opinions. Make sure of a place you can see yourself growing and having fun!


I would tell parents and students to make sure they find the college that is best suited for both their personal and academic needs. Also, they should make sure that they find a college that is best for their major and also for their second choice in majors in case they change their mind about their major. Visiting the college, sitting in on some classes in your intended major, and meeting with the professor are all ways to insure that you are choosing a college that will be the right fit for you.


Talk to other student's whom are currently attending that school! My biggest mistake was asking about others' views only after I was attending that college. Had I previously asked, I would have known to avoid it. Also, look at colleges that aren't so close to home. My first college was an hour and half away but I could still drive home. However, when I decided that I should be closer, I applied to the nearest college without touring the inside of the buildings. Big mistake! They were run down with ants everywhere! So please just look a little closer before deciding. College is supposed to be fun and it is but, only if you chose the right school for you. My first school was right for me and I mistakingly thought that all colleges would be just like that. If there is something you do not like at one campus, move on! There will always be one out there that is perfect for you. When you find that perfect school, stay there, you'll never be able to match it again! Good luck and I hope you can find that right school, for you, by your first enrollment!


Make the best decision for yourself and give it your all.


Looking back at College, it is really hard to guage whether or not it was the right school for you. I think the trick to being at the right school is to make it the right school. Most schools have the right venues to voice the changes you want, and in the cases where none exist, it's not that hard to start one. True success at a school is walking out of there as someone you are happy with, and that takes moral and educational growth. Imagine that for every dollar you put into your school, you are investing in yourself. Students are the voice of an institution, and that is the only way that the campus will be able to cater to your needs. Don't be afraid to speak up, it doesn't matter who is telling you to be quiet. What really matters is the one or two people that are listening.


Look into everything, Cost, School Activities, and how well the major of your choice is known to graduate schools.


I would tell parents to go with their gut feeling about a college that they wish for their child to go to. Look at the facts and go with your gut instinct.


I would tell them to let the one who will be attending college choose the college. This is not for the parents to live through the kids it is for the kids to have their own experiences to find out what and who they really are. also i think it is best that the student go about an hour at the least away from the home it is close enough but far enough away from the home so they can make mistakes and find themselves. this is the best eay for the student to figure out what thye want form life and how to achieve it in their own way.


Start searching when you in ninth grade, facebook random students from the school and do an overnight visit for like a whole weekend to get a good feel of the school, the students and surroundings. Talk to as many students as you can.


Reserch and ask questions. My parents wanted me to be at a "small school" with smaller classrooms...while I wanted to attend a "big school" that was known for it's history in sports & winning. They won . I have come to realize they were right. It's not about being on a winning team. It's about MY FUTURE~MY LIFE.


Do not go to Thiel. I am transferring next year.


Let their children pick where they want to go parents can not force their child to go somewhere they do not want to go that will make their college experience horrible. Students make sure you pick a school that is a good choice for you if you like little classes and not a lot of students pick a small college or a private college not a lot of students and very little classes. Make sure that you go out and have a social life and make new friends. Making new friends is always a good and fun thing to do.


Choosing the right college is one of the most difficult decisions a person must make. For parents, it is the students choice, so let them make it. Do not pressure your student into a school the he/she is not comforable at just cause you went there, or because the particular school is less expensive than another. The student will be happier and more open to adapt to the school if he/she makes the decision his/herself. As for the students, make sure you pick the school that you want to go to and make sure you pick it for the right reasons. Do not just pick a school because it is a good party school, pick it cause you can have fun but also be focus on getting the grades. Also, be sure to visit any potential school before committing to it so that you are able to decide if you can fit in with the people without changing who you are. Finally, do not feel pressured to go somewhere you don't want to, you're the one that has to live there and learn there, so make sure you feel comfortable academically and socially.


I would tell students that they will know when they are at the right place. The most important thig to look for is accually a feeling. The person will feel as if they have come home. It is also important that the college seem welcome and that they want you. If they do not presue you then it may not be the right place. Take a look at the academics and see if they have programs that intrest you, and also look at the campus ministry groups if you want to be spirutaly fed while there. A good group will be doing service projects and meeting weekly. Talk to other students and see how they feel about their school and to see if you fit in and enjoy those students. A good college experience has to do with both class and with socail well being.


There is a lot of advice that can be given to both parents and students about finding the right college. Parents need to keep in mind that they do need to let their child experience what it is like to be independent and trust that they will make the right decisions. Although you may want your child to go to a certain college, it should be their choice because it should be a place where they feel comfortable and wish to get a degree from that college. For students, visit all the colleges you are interested in and don't just pick the first one you visit. You will know you belong on that campus the first time you take foot. When you get to college, have fun and do not worry about making mistakes. Once a mistake is made, you will learn from it and get back up onto your feet to start all over with the next mistake or experience. Never keep your dorm room door closed, you never know how many great people you will meet. Professors can sometimes be intimidating, but they will direct you in the right direction and guide you to success!


figure out what is important to you, really visit with professors at each school, find what is worth the education money-wise


Most want a college experience that will be fun and memorable. I went to a community college and lived with my parents for my first year. I'll be honest, it was rough - I jumped from work to school, with no social life. When that year came to close to an end, I thought about what I wanted in my college career most - friends and the opportunity to do study education. While visiting new schools for the fall of the next year, I immediately fell in love with Thiel, because it was small and homey. The first couple of weeks were rough - I didn't make friends right away, but once I got involved on campus, I made more friends than I could imagine. I also got the education that most would dream of. My advice to parents and students when thinking about making the right choice for college is to interview current students and alumni, and get involved. The best choice I ever made was to get involved and make a difference. I helped raise money for Ovarian Cancer Research, helped international students feel welcome in a new country, and helped build a home for a family in need.


Multiple Visits and Overnight Stays, Financial Aid Is Important and Strong Social bonds are a huge factor


You have to feel 100% comfortable with your decision! And to make the most out of the college experience you have to be involved... as involved as you possibly can!!


Go with your gut instinct!


Really look at the campus, talk to the actual students not the students paid to give tours, and always make sure the money is the right not to put a burden on the family.