Thiel College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The limited amount of hours to study in the library on the weekeneds. They are only in four incraments and on the weekends that there are football games unless you do not participate in some aspect, you cannot study in the library that day. The library is supposed to be a quiet place for students to study where as most times, it is a loud place. However, if they would extend the library times and or create another building like the Pedas communications center it would be a better enviornment for students to study.


The tests, because you have so many at one time.


Food choices, there aren't many.


The most frustrating thing about my school is all the core classes that you have to take to graduate. Most of the core classes that I take i think to myself why am i taking these classes when I know I will never use the material that i learned ever again. Also the dorm life is frustrating because you always have a selected few that are very loud and up half the night and you can hear everything that they do. That makes me mad because I have early classes and I would like to get enough sleep.


It is a dry campus and it's a little expensive.


There is a mjor disconect between administration anf faculty. The day to day people that a student interacts with are great, but the administration is out of touch with the school.


Dry campus with a ridiculous "Public Safety" team.


Old facilities